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Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by Richie, Feb 28, 2001.

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  1. woodman


    Been a while since I've been to a high mileage strip club with all the extras. Tattletales South here in Philly was the last that I know of . Guess it's about time for an excuse for a road trip. Now I just have to come up with a good reason to be going to Conneticut.

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  2. tomatch


    to pitman

    I think the webiste you were referrng to is NOT tuscgl as you put. It stands for The Ultimate Strip Club List.

    Actually i think the site you found - stripclub - is much more informative for NYC area. Neither really gets updated with any useful info. too often. And of course, we have a strip club board right on this site which is also rarely utilized to its full potential. But also keep in mind that clubs in NY at least there is not much extra action. As we've all heard "there is no sex in the champagne room" a little teasing - yes- and rare opptys like the one posted recently for Bare Necesseties in Island Park.

    Maybe after Rudy's term and with LE otherwise occupied these clubs will once again become a viable option for us hobbyists. Also thanks for you advice/response to my post in NY for Mature Gabriella. I'll take your suggestion but also take one for the team with the older lady. Will report back soon.
  3. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I won't even get on the subway to Gravesend for "no extras". Well, maybe if there's pizza involved.
  4. justlooking


    Not when you can get on the subway to Gravesend.
  5. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Drive to Bridgeport for "no extras" ? Not in the cards for slinkybender.
  6. pitman_nyc


    BTW - no extras were available, I asked both girls. No curtains in dance area so it was kind of open.
  7. pitman_nyc


    That's exactly what I did - I went to

    I was stumped before, as I was looking for the old "".

    All the girls at Ruby II's were Brazilian. Got a warmup dance from Milana (or something like that) which was ok, but nothing to write home about. Tall, black hair, bad eyeliner, probably 35? Decent body.

    But I was holding out for this small hot blond, Daisy. I did notice the guys who she was dancing with were returning too quickly, so I expected she was not giving quality. I observed her on stage and she was very sensual, finger her clit, opening it up, touching her anus etc...but just moving so sensually, I just had to have a dance with her. I was right, her dance was hot, full of contact and grinding, just short. So, I splurged for the 2nd dance and did what needed to be done to leave satisfied but that one was even shorter.

    So, expensive quality - watch out guys she's a shark. 5'3" without heels, died blond hair, skinny tight body, small breasted, even with implants - they're perky with nipples that portrude straight out. Tight ass. 28 yrs. old - claimed it was her birthday.
  8. Thorn


    No D.C.

    Dangerous Curves, as I recall, has been padlocked for back taxes.

    News is that when it is resold it will not be allowed to be reopened as any form of adult entertainment.

    Seems there is the beginnings of a "Rudy" like mayor starting to show in Bridgeport.
  9. JackStraw


    That's why god made mapquest

    Go to and find the club. There's a mapit option that will let you get door to door directions via mapquest. couldn't be easier.
  10. pitman_nyc


    I'm making a road trip to Bridgeport tonight, but need the address of Ruby's II and Dangerous Curves...if anyone has it, please post.

    I'm also looking at R Place Cafe and Keystone Cafe...haven't decided yet - I have to look at a map to determine what's possible. Don't need the addresses for these, as they've been posted here already.

    Reviews to follow...anyone have any updated info, besides what's been posted here?
  11. misterxyz


    I dropped my wife at the Bridgeport side of the Port Jeff Ferry and had a long drive to the other side of town to get to the Keystone. It is not a quick trip.
  12. jras


    Directions from the Bridgeport-PJ Ferry

    hey gents,

    In the mood for a daytime trip to Bridgeport via the B-PJ Ferry. I would like to go over as a walk-on, so no car when I arrive. Any places within walking distance that provide predictable "extras" in the afternoon? Or maybe a quick taxi ride away?

  13. zach

    zach Bronze

    Bishops Corner

    Went to Bishops Corner..Seedy and kinda quiet..Celeste was dancing and seemed kind of indifferent..Anyone have private dances with her? If yes, what does she offer? Thanks in advance..
  14. Thorn


    Samantha @ Keystone

    Yeah Forbin, that's her.

    Good FS [$60] and/or HJ. No BJ, she says its too intimate.

    Like I said, she is going to burn out quick. She already has a loser BF and has taken to hanging out with him at the bar in between sessions with clients.

    Anyone who knows the S-C scene knows that a derilict [and man does this guy look the part] boyfriend on premisis is an invitation to a major problem.

    Still, I did the FS thing and no problems from him other then glaring. Glaring I can stand. [It never ceases to amaze me why they will allow their GF to do this if it troubles them so that they feel the need to glare menacingly at their clients].

    To the guy looking for Keystone, if you were at Bishop's Corner you were only three blocks down the side street from Keystone. They are on the same block.
  15. forbin


    Keystone Location

    Keystone is located off exit 28 on I95 northbound,
    bottom of the ramp make a left onto E Main St (I think)
    keep going down till you hit Barnum Ave, make a right onto Barnum Ave and Keystone is about 1.25 miles down on your right, same vicinity as Bishop's I believe as a matter of fact two blocks down the road.
  16. remarkable


    Where the heck is Keytone?

    Happened to be in Bridgeport last week with a buddy from work. Finished our business early and decided to indulge in some downtime relaxation. Had some real trouble trying to find Keystone. Can anyone provide some more specifics on the location?

    We ended up at Bishop's Corner. Late afternoon, 7-8 dancers, all 4's or 5's I would say. Joint could serve as the definition of seedy I suppose, but the crowd was friendly and totally non-threatening. (Note: Fortunately I took my tie off and left it in the car).

    Dollar tips to the girl dancing earn you a reasonably extended gaze at what's under her g-string, but don't expect a "brain shot" so to speak. Private dances are $20 to the girl only, with no cover for the bar. I indulged with a 25 or so y/o named Dee. She might have passed for a 6, and had a very friendly personality. It was only her fifth day dancing, so I didn't expect much, and really wasn't interested in much either. Private dances occur in two rooms in the very back of the bar. 3 walls and a bead curtain for privacy. I ended up getting about as intimate as I wanted with her upper torso, but that was it. She was new, and mentioned she promised her boyfriend she wouldn't do anything bad. All that was fine with me, as I really just wanted to sample the atmosphere for one song.

    My buddy wasn't quite so reserved though. He ended up with FS from an OK black chick who was up for the day from Brooklyn. Killer bod, but might stop a clock if you know what I mean. He said he paid $60 total and I tend to believe him. They were in and out pretty quick, couple of songs or so.

    I talked with one of the dancers, Brazilian, up from the city. She said she has been coming up there for years and it is absolutely the best place in the tri-state area as the girls can feel open to do whatever they want in the back rooms (thus maximizing income potential).

    I'd go back again. It was entertaining and the beers were only $3. 'Still like to sample Keystone though, hoping that the talent is higher on the scale. So if anyone has directions I'd appreciate it. I'm probably spoiled from my days of living in the Detroit area where strip clubs are a way of life like no where else I've ever been, and you can find anything you want as far as action and look of the girl.

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  17. forbin


    More Keystone Info?What's, Where's Interboro??

    Hey guys what's up, went to Keystone Thursday
    night 8/2, what's said about Samantha above is
    true, if its the same girl I'm thinking of, blonde
    big nips, nice ass, provides only HJ or FS both
    being covered of course, she works mostly days,
    but I happened to be there at night ton 8/2, got
    smoking GFE FS dance from Mocha, probably
    22yr old, from Trinidad, looks almost black, unbelievable I'm trying to set up an outside meeting with her,
    doesn't get any better than the KStone as far as mileage for you $, so what's up with the Interboro, where is it? Any info would be appreciated, hope
    I didn't break any posting ettiquite as it my first post,
    have more info, mostly on CT, willing to share if
    someone has more CT info fo me too!!!! Thanks.
  18. Anyone willing to tell me more about Interboro offline? Do I need a voucher to get in? Sounds like a great little place...
  19. hobbymaster


    pinga, we can always call keystone and ask. What I like to know is what she provided and for how much since the girls at keystone really is YMMV. Interboro has a 23 yo Greek blond named Apirl who bbbj and dfk. She will be there all week including the weekend. Victoria is leaving this Thursday.
  20. pinga


    which day of the week was she there?