Brooklyn Provider (incall) please help

Discussion in 'New York' started by jbatch2000, Sep 4, 2001.

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  1. NYCBoy


    So it appears that however nice a hostess KS is and however good a kisser she is, she will never again be described as "beautiful 22 y/o blond, dancers body Polish/Russian". Why can't women understand that for a lot of guys, it 's about fantasy, looks, and getting someone who may be out of your league if money were not being exchanged. And flowery shill reviews lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointments. Isn't better to have detailed, honest reviews and expectations that are met? And hurt feelings are part of having a public persona. Put up a website and get your name bandied about on the Internet and surprise, not everyone will have something good to say. Think GW is happy about being compared to a chimp? Thanks dogstar.
  2. nj george

    nj george

    kelly was great! saw her once in the spring. apt is easy to get to convienient to the brooklyn bridge. very slow and sensual, great kisser. serves wine and snacks then on to appitizers on the sofa and then the feature presentation in the bedroom. the movie was so good she allowed me to see it again as well. no she is not model thin but she has nice round soft curves in all the right places.

  3. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Whats the problem!

    Although I have never seen Kelly S- I know at least 10 guys who have and all of them rave about her. Your never going to get 100% approval for any one provider. However when I do get the chance I definitely will see Kelly- because everyone does agree she is an excellent Kisser.
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    You mean you didn't even check the "classified" section here ????
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  6. OCharley


    Kelly Sweden

    Ok Guys... where is the link for Kelly S.? I have been looking for a downtown Brooklyn provider for a while..... help...
  7. littleguy

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    The problems inherent on a "mixed" board such as UG are obvious and have been stated ad nauseum, so I won't bother to repeat them all. Just as you stated some guys will kiss ass, others will be objective and still others will slam a lady for no good reason.

    When ladies hear criticism, and BTW I think your original post was not unkind AT ALL, the 2nd one may have been a tad much, again, as I said, for a "mixed" board. If it were guys only, it merely would have been laughed at and just been considered YOUR opinion.

    What's beautiful to me may be a dog to you. Everthing's relative....

    Fact is, 2 of the BEST ladies I have ever seen wil no longer see me because I talked about them on a board and the ONLY things I ever said were VERY POSITIVE. Go figure. But, on balance, I profit FAR MORE from these boards than the occassional loss of service or availability from the few ladies that may be offended.
  8. jbatch2000


    Sorry to have started this thread

    All I wanted when I posted the question was an honest review from clients whom have seen said providers, not just re-hashed opinions, heresay or qoutes taken out of context.

    Anyway I did happen to chat with Paige on TBD, she seemed very nice.
  9. dogstar



    Damn I was bracing for a flame storm. Nice to know im not the only one that thinks this way
  10. skagen


    Gotta agree with dogstar: a lot of shilling is going on and sometimes its even more direct quid pro quo - a different kind of barter trade.

    But yes, if the lady in question is going to see the review tactfulness is appropriate. Still, the positive/negative facts have to be known for the review to be useful: too many reviews spend 95% of the content of flowery indirect stuff and really tell you nothing about what you get or dont get and what you see or don't see.
  11. Geezy Muldoon

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    Hear, hear. (Sound of gavel pounding.) Right to pan is enshrined in the Constitution. Truth be known, there are quite a few women out there who, on their best days, can only pass for cute or ordinary (nothing wrong with that) but are routinely described as beautiful or pretty. Guy (any guy) gets his motor running and its quite possible for a shrieky voiced harridan to get elevated to the ranks of goddesses if she rings his chimes and makes him think he has come like he never has come before. Clearly, more objective standards for reviews are needed. And more critical distance from the objects of our desire.

    Would propose that beautiful and pretty really mean that from now on: Beautiful=top runway model; Pretty=Somewhat flawed (e.g., Ordinary Playboy Centerfold); Cute=More flawed (e.g., really hot girl you had in high school look); Ordinary=Exactly What it Means; Homely=Exactly What it means.

    And that's just for starters.

    Again, kudos to dogstar for stating his opinion. No malevolence that I saw in his statements.

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  12. mij317


    Kudos to Dogstar for the courage to voice his opinion (with exception to the fat uglier sister comment)

    If these ladies consider themselves "service provider", then it is implicit that they expose themselves to criticism the same way that any "service provider" does, whether it be a restaurant, attorney, telecom, etc.

    Taken constructively, the criticism can help to improve the service. Although it is difficult for the provider to become "prettier" she can certainly lose weight or do other things to make her appearance more attrative (this is not directed at any provider in particular).

    In any event, this board is for sharing information in order to allow consumers to make educated decisions in connection with how to spend their hard earned dough and freedom of epression, provided it is not mean spirited, is essential.
  13. dogstar


    Well, allow me to retort.

    OK, It was my impression that the purpose of this board was for clients to share info and reviews on providers. So as to know where to spend our hard earned money? Am i wrong? Kinda like a consumer reports for escorts. If this is the case why is it that everytime somebody posts a negative review about someone, they are automatically mean spirited or evil. This may be cold but this is a fact. You provide a service. Albeit a very personal service its a a service all the same. A large part of that service is your appearence, plain and simple. Its shallow, but true.
    I mean i see phrases like GFE and "such a wonderful person" fly arround this board like there is no tomorrow, and i really wonder do they mean that or are they just kissing the providers ass to get better service next time arround. But lets call a spade a spade if it really was GFE then you wouldnt be paying for it. Now i understand different strokes for different folks and all that and i think my earlier statement of "your perception may vary" really does ring true. I know Kelly Sweden is very well reviewed, but the majority of them are from the same 3 or 4 guys. I do not doubt their sincerity, to them she may be a goddess, to me she clearly was not.

    I recieved an email form Kelly angry about the "mean spirited" and "hurtfull" things i said. Well, if they hurt her feelings i am tryuly sorry. It wasnt my intent. As a matter of fact if read my first post i talk about how nice she was. My intent was to give my opinion. honestly. Mine is not the only opinion and im obviously in the minority. Really though, if she has been in this line of work for any amount time she should really have a thicker skin by now. My comments were not mean in spirit (in retrospect maybe the fatter uglier sister thing was a bit over the top). For that one I'll apologize, but by no means should posters refrain from an honest review for fear of hurting someones feelings. That hurts all of us.

    This is a direct quote from her email -----------"but why if you can't say something nice about someone why say anything at all. "-----------I guess that says it all, no more negative reviews. Lets make the whole board about happiness and fiction.

    anyway thats my $0.02

    I wonder if Roger Ebert gets hate mail everytime he pans a movie.......ahhh he probably does.

  14. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    Oh, Ohhhhhhhh !!!!
  15. mint julie

    mint julie

    To all my friends...

    I believe that everybody has a right to freely express their opinions; however, I do subject to hurtful comments on any board and would like to express my own feelings of disappointment after reading
    " Dogstar's" comments regarding Kelly Sweden. Kelly is a very beautiful, intelligent and sensitive woman and has an impeccable reputation. No provider can please everybody ( the same way that not every men can please us !!), but it is my opinion that a true gentleman would refrain from posting anything that's meanspirited and potentially harmful...

    Mint Julie
  16. robnotbob


    I went to a Coney Island incall a couple of months ago 7182591607. I believe Maria answers the phone. I will let her tell you the location. 160 FS I saw Ilona, beautiful 22 y/o blond, dancers body Polish/Russian all covered......very nice.
  17. nytoad


    Becca in Brooklyn

    who is becca? any pics or info?

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  18. nycjohn25


    How is Becka's service? What does she charge?
    I heard some good review of her. Something about her being a screamer ( although fake).
  19. skagen


    lets be frank here: other than Becca, Brooklyn incall indies will tend to be overpriced for the services and age that they offer. Some are even of questionable gender, but that's another story....

    The only decent looking incall offerings in Brooklyn used to be the Russian incalls - and they are being hunted out of existence So either the Brooklyn LE is not on the take or they are not being offered a good enough profit share.

    If Becca is not your type, spend the energy to find a russian incall or go see an Indie in Mnahattan.
  20. heffer123


    dont bother

    i can tell you who not to see 1 pamela page 2 jill from eros