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  1. TheRicker


    Every20, if you put "Australian" in the search on Brooklyn bp you will see a pretty white girl who does hj for 150 nude. Sheactually is in bed ststudy area though. But the white urban pioneers from the Midwest have a strong presence in her area. Pics are her.
  2. every20


    Hi Guys,

    Any intel on the Williamsburg / Greenpoint area. I live there and see tons of hot ladies, somebody (>1) has to be offering FBSM.
    Thank you for the help.

  3. ereuben


    Bueller again --- AGL is now IGL, 4223 2nd Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11232 .... no idea if any change. I intend to go to 1abovespa but still curious if any intel on agl/igl.
  4. Banacek


    Maybe a good rule of thumb would be for mongers to avoid any provider stupid enough to ask the "Are You A Cop" question. It's amazing that there are girls who believe that the police aren't allowed to lie.

    Haven't they seen any cop shows? If I had a dollar for every time I've seen plot point about a cop lying to get info, I'd have enough money to treat the entire UG membership to a session.

    Hell, it's even okay for us to lie to LE. Just not to the FBI. At least that's what I've learned from Brenda and Fritz.
  5. howmuchtakeoff


    1 above spa 718-676-7171

    Ive tried 2 girls here...Yoko and May. Both are accomodating and offer an extra special treatment (the 100-120 tip kind) and do a good massage. Rooms with doors, Big place saw 3 girls working here. The spa itself is very good with a Jacuzzi even!
    So I would rate May as the prettiest one here...a really pretty face and body...shes a talker though.
    Yoko while not as much a beauty as May, does have a hot body and her massage skills are PRO quality. So Yoko wins in the therapy massage arena.
    I would give each of them an equal score but for different reasons.
    As I mentioned both are acomodating , so ST and what comes after are both good.
    Ive had FS, cbj and nude bodyslide from both. Oh, and a massage too. They both are very open to FS, probably because of the extra $.
  6. trumpetbarry


    It's mostly black girls in Brooklyn, which isn't my thing. Cruising BP Brooklyn gets frustrating.
  7. trumpetbarry


  8. ctaylorp


    Disregard previous thread I just read HTW is only for Asian guys apparently u can't get in unless your Asian
  9. Cheezewhiz


    1 above adv in BP all day, check there for # and addy
  10. ero.saka79


    I google it and found
    address at
    1891 coney island avenue, brooklyn, NY 11230

    phone: 718-676-7171
  11. TheRicker


    Where in BK is this place?
  12. themandude

    themandude Joanne gave me herpes

    1 above spa new cherry , new menu

    Seems there's a full menu here now. 60 house and tip. I did Cherry. She's not the petite cherry that was there before, but a taller Korean girl, attractive , pretty face. It was pretty quiet when I went friday, 2 other girls working too. They still have the Jacuzzi but I did the TS. New Cherry was fun and did more of a bodyrub sensual style, then we agreed on 120 tip and she got comfortable. Nude bodyslide, CBJ, FS. She was attentive and seemed into the fun.
  13. TheRicker


    Cant believe its this dead in Brooklyn.
  14. krzys99


    HTW yesterday. Angie, a fair skin , 5'4" tall Mexicana was there. probably B-C cup. Pretty face to my standard . unenthusiastic, regular pump &dump but got the job done. papasan was busy on the phone.
  15. MeThrillSeeker


    Took a gamble

    Was really curious about this place because of the mixed reviews. Decided to give it a shot yesterday so I can provide my fellow monger friends some additional insights. Looks like I lucked out - got the Malay spinner girl!

    411 on her:

    * Definitely petite. Didn't bring my ruler with me LOL, but I'm guessing about 5'2" 100lbs max.
    * Nice figure with a boob job.
    * Face is cute, but has bad teeth.
    * Age can pass for mid 20's, but I'm guessing 30.
    * Belly is flat with some stretch marks, possibly from a pregnancy.
    * Can take a pounding for sure - verified :)


    Signed up for the 100hh. I passed on the massage, small talk, and CBJ - wasn't in the mood. Went straight to the f**king. In summary, it was hot and slamming - we we're doing it like wild teenagers. I slammed her in all kinds of positions non-stop ferociously. Most of the time I had her lifted up in the air - spread her legs wide with shoulders, wrapped my hands around her, and held her up by supporting her booty. Even though she's petite, she took even inch. Gave her 40tip, so total was 140.

    BTW, their phone girl that does their BP ads is young and decent looking too. Will try to tap that a$$ next time LOL.
  16. MeThrillSeeker


    Intel: Looks like I got lucky

    This mysterious gray door place got some mixed reviews: ranging from old fart po-po to hot spinner type. As a team player, I took a gamble with this place today so I can provide my fellow monger friends some additional insights. Plus I was really curious about this place and would like to see what kind of mileage I can get for 100hh in 8th avenue.

    I rolled the dice, and I think I got what was referred to as the petite spinner Malay girl on this thread and what TER referred to as Mandy (reviewed under Amanda's profile). She is cute. For 100hh, it's a bargain.

    Some 411 on her:

    * Definitely petite.
    * Didn't bring a ruler with me LOL, but I'm guessing 5'2" under 100lbs.
    * Very slim with a boob job.
    * Okay face with a lot of makeup; bad teeth though.
    * Age-wise, she can pass for mid 20's to an American, but actually may be 30.
    * Belly is flat, but with some stretch marks...possibly from a pregnancy years ago.
    * Soft skin - overall in good shape.
    * Can take one hell of a pounding! Consider it verified :)

    Session with her:

    Overview: hot and "slamming"...did it like we were young tanagers. I was going to do the 130h, but was short on time; did the 100hh instead. Passed on the small talk, passed on the massage, and passed on the CBJ - wasn't really in the mood for those today. Went straight to good old fashion f**king. Blasted her non-stop. Pounded on her like there's no tomorrow: fast and furious. She's petite, but had no problem taking every inch. Highlight was doing her while I lifted her up in the air: spread her legs wide with my shoulders, wrapped my arms around her, and held her up with my hands holding up her booty. She was light enough for me to hold her in that position for a while. ...also she was distant at first before things got heated, so YMMV.

    Total damage: 100hh + 40tip = 140

    BTW, the phone girl that runs their BP ads was okay as well look-wise. Probably early to mid 20's.

  17. bohica


    Must have been day off... Ferris
  18. mingatola


    Classic Day Spa

    I came here for the Nuru massage. This is a Russian joint and they were surprised to see a chinaman thug walk through the door. The blonde owner gave me a price list which was cool to see. I went for the nuru thinking she was my attendant. I was given to this Ashley Judd looking woman with huge tits. Massage was weak which I didn't mind since I wasn't there to loosen my back. This place uses real Nuru gel which was nice. The girl did a good job using her bare breasts to rub all over the back if me, then front. The Release was not bad plus she used her boobs to slap it while jacking me. Definitely never get this at the Asian joints. Total damage was 180, and I tossed her 40 bucks more because she was a good talker. She was happy, so was I. I would go again to see the other women they have. Not in the budget for now.
  19. mingatola


    1 Above Spa

    Coney Island Avenue between Ave O &P. This place is directly across from Staples, don't bother going though. They charge too much for too little. They advertise big boobed bikini girls, but really you never get that. It is a typica korean spa that asks 125 for a VIP body slide. Don't go here thinking you will receive nuru. They just lie on top of you and drape their hair all over you. No nude body to body contact. Typical korean robotic hand release ending. The girls are not the same as the ones in the picture (at least the ones on the day I went) Does not look like FS is available, and the ground floor location is a bit of a turnoff also. Typical korean money upfront, typical everything. You've been warned.
  20. ereuben


    ... Bueller?