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Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by Kvetsh, Feb 12, 2003.

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  1. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

    Bucks County is not the best place as the LE likes to clamp down on these activities (not much else to do in this county). Whether its Bristol strip joints or Hatboro MP's they eventually find out and bust 'em.
  2. ginny1


    When are you cumming to town? Be sure to bring warm clothes its frezzing here? Are u going to be in bucks co or in trenton?
    depends where your at i may be able 2 help ya
  3. redleg609


    I should mention - non of the MPs mention by name are FS - although check out the early thread on Princeton Junction.

    The Willow Grove area AMPs are.
  4. redleg609


    In princeton Junction - PJ pain relief center
    Burlington - china accupressure, Sunnys
    do a search for here for info on above.

    also see http://utopiaguide.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10765 and henry d's post. Those AMPs are near Willow Grove NAS.

    Bucks - Green Salon - on biz RT 1, bear right when exiting from south bound I95. Comes up pretty fast on the left.

    Indie providers: See ads here for
    Betty_SNJ who does incall in the area.
    GreekGirl who has a New Brunswick incall planned - New B is an easy drive from trenton/princeton.
    CoyoteGirlJosi - planning a princeton visit
    see links to their websites.

    Also, check the Ambiance ad. They are in the area, sorta, you might have to travel to Cherry Hill area.

    All have reviews here.

    Happy Hobbying.
  5. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    hiya kve

    there are some agencies but im not sure what county trenton or those other towns are

    some ladies in the nj section have ads

    also look at the banners for what u maybe looking for

    i dont know much about mp in that area or any area for that matter but before taking the plunge i would ask these guys first

    good luck welcome to the board and enjoy the cold lol
  6. Kvetsh


    I'm visting from Tucson, AZ and would like to knohw of any recommendations for reputable MPs or incall providers in the Bucks County, Trenton or Burlington areas.