Bush's hollow promise

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    Today, George W. Bush landed in Afghanistan and told a crowd of soldiers that “the United States does not cut and run.”

    Brave words.

    The only problem is many soldiers who are in harm’s way in Iraq want to do exactly that.

    Today, polls show that 72 percent of the U.S. troops in Iraq believe all U.S. forces should be withdrawn from that torn apart country in 12 months. Among them, 29 percent called for an immediate withdrawal and 22 percent said the force should leave within six months.

    According to the survey, only 23 percent say U.S. troops should stay in Iraq "as long as they are needed," which is President Bush's policy.

    Only 23 percent, folks. That’s less than one in four. It does not matter what Bush says. The troops who are in Iraq, the ones who are fighting and dying and being maimed every other day, want to come home.

    No longer can the Pro-War crowd claim that those who want the troops brought home are doing a disservice to those men and women under arms. To the contrary, we are siding with them.

    Voice of America story

    A story from a newspaper in a Red State

    Support the troops. Bring them home from Iraq.

    Because, now, the soldiers want to do just that.
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