Business sucks!! i am dropping my rates

Discussion in 'New York' started by MikitheMilf, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Ozzy


    No... They're the ones racked with guilt, shame and regret. So long as the Jew gets a good deal he no care.
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  2. curious


    You telling us she doesn't see Gentiles?
  3. Ozzy


    There is absolutely pussy worth 400 or whatever one is comfortable paying for something they'll enjoy.

    That said... the list of those who've paid Miki 400 isn't going to hapen for a few reasons.... Jews in NY never admit to paying retail for one, shame or regret being the others.
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  4. bigdaddyjim

    bigdaddyjim banned

    Have to say I agree completely. I would not pay Miki's rate to see Miki.

    On the other hand, you have to hand it to her. She found a market and guys willing to pay that astronomical amount. Who could blame her for taking their money?
  5. vermeer


    The beginning of the end?

    only a matter of time before they find her in a urine filled bathtub and a needle in her arm

    will leave many dissapointed that their fave five dolla holla is gone
  6. neilz


    On the other hand, I have had sw's who have sucked more dick than Clinton's white house aids, give a lousy bj. Age doesn't mean anything when it comes to good head.
  7. nychelsea



    You should charge whatever you want or whatever the market will bear (bare?). Keep up the good work!

    To all those who have been criticizing you, remember that you can meet some fine ladies through Miki. Her meet and greets are a great addition to the hobby!

    Keep smiling,

  8. Pathfinder360


    What is the world coming to?
    Miki, you seem to be a really cool gal but i would never dish out 400 just to stick my shlong in your oatmeal for 10 minutes.
    Thats just ridiculous. This just doesn't apply to miki, but every other pro out there. No pussy is worth that. Might as well go to the bar and throw $80 worth of drinks at soem college girls and get them back to their place for some r & r.
  9. ricarddo


    Business sucks!!!!! (or is it “do I suck at business?”)

    Last Monday I had made an appointment for today with a provider I had not seen before and she tells me to call her today morning at 10:30 to confirm. It was to be her first appointment of the day at noon. When I call her, she sounded half asleep, almost as if I had awakened her, then she does not remember my name, then she asks me to remind her what my ***** address was. She finally remembers the appointment, but in an excusatory tone, asks if I can come by at 12:30. I say ok. Once I hang up I realize that she had completely forgotten about my appointment and that she had booked someone ahead of me when I had specifically requested the first appointment. I conclude that if this was the way she ran her affairs, there would be nothing positive to expect from the session. At 11:45 am I call to cancel and sure enough I can only leave a message on her voic*****. Obviously she was busy polishing someone else’s knob. At noon during my lunch break I purchase a several music CDs to add to my jazz music collection, for a fraction of what I would have spent on a poor session.

    Makes you wonder when providers claim that business is bad, how much of it is self inflicted due to their poor business and ethical practices. The most amazing part is that they do not realize how much more money they could make it they treated their customers in a stand up manner.
  10. MikitheMilf


    You are entitled to your opinion..apparently I am getting my price...

    There is no reason for you to come out here and blast have not seen me in a long time....i do not look the same and even if I am not your type thats fine..its a free market and I can charge what I want...and you can think what you do not have to be mean...
    PS maybe it was not all that because you are not all that..
  11. trigger


    Dahmer-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I respect Miki and any other provider to get whatever they think they are worth. I personally would not use Betty, Miki, Kim etc, because I happen to like younger women. If I live to 80-something and can still pitch a tent than I probably would go for a Miki, etc. Bottom line---people see providers for different reasons.The above-mentioned providers must be doing something right because they are still in business. In other words, they do not need our money (referring to Dahmer and me) to keep them going. They have other guys dinero and cocks to keep them going and coming! He-He.
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  12. dahmer


    I was not going to post, but I have just read some disturbing info.

    Miki, you are charging 400 an hour???? Are you serious??????

    You claim to be the Picasso of cocksucking?? Sorry Betty and Kimmie are both better. I have had you as well and it was not all that. Even at the old rate(150 or 200) I was not willing to try it again. Your pics were not a good representation of the actual product. 400 an hour is absurd. No way is there anyone paying you that. I could dig up a ton of streetwalkers that look and perform 100% better and they would be thrilled to suck and fuck for 200 an hour. Do you see what kind of escorts charge 400 an hour????? I mean seriously, do you??? You can not hold a candle to them. Part of the high rate is performance and the other half is in looks. A smokin hot, full GFE/PSE could and will get 400 an hour. But while you might provide the services(or so you claim) you definitely do not have the looks(body or facewise)

    Let's be realistic-you are a provider that some guys seem to like. Maybe it is the dirtiness. Maybe it is a sick fetish thing. But no matter what it is, it is NOT $400/hour worth!!!
    Sorry about the rant. Could people who have paid Miki 400 an hour please come on here and post???? I want to believe the impossible.
  13. MikitheMilf


    I am perfectly manicured

    and we will have sooooooo much fun
  14. blknailman


    The sale?

    I know I'm a johnny cum lately but I will definitely test the waters at your regular price if your nails are nice and sexy.
  15. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I visited my sugarbaby this morning.
    When I used to see her once in a blue moon years ago, I thought her bbbj was ok, good, nice job, I was always happy.
    Now Im her only client.
    So now I know, its attitude.
    Not art, attitude. The willingness to please one beyond his wildest dreams.
  16. whitelightening

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    Again that should read housing ATM's. Meaning your house was your bank acct cashing out equity
  17. whitelightening

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    hat should read housing ATM's not the typo above
  18. whitelightening

    whitelightening banned

    I will agree that the mkts are slow due to the financial squeeze all are facing in the NE from gasoline, heating oil, natural gas and holiday trips.

    Just go to the strip clubs, nothing there, places are empty,even 20 dollar lap dancers are hurting.

    Anyone that says differently in an biz is full of shit.

    Your housing ASTYM has crashed in your face. Houses are sitting on the mkt longer than they ever have. Condos only in Manhattan are moving but not with the price wars they had on the bid up mkts.
  19. Daddycool



    Also another point, since you seem to think you are such a business woman, ever think that the market is just slow and has nothing to do with the price you are asking? A real business person doesn't change thier whole corporate pricing structure just becuase of one slow month.
  20. Daddycool



    If you think you are expensive, what are the 2000k an hour girls?

    And honey, please do not take this the wrong way and I am trying not to be rude here, but you are more like a Charlie brown or Outback Prime Rib as to The Palm Prime Rib Or a RuthsChris Filet.