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  1. April

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    Oh yeah...she'd have it over your head forever. You also gave her a reason to get even.

    As I said "IMO" if there are children...assets..and otherwise things are ok....she'll get over it.....you'll just be at her mercy for a bit. Only YOU know how forgiving your wife is. I'm sure you've pissed her off before. This time it's to the extreme.
  2. cindyq11


    Thank you, as Brutus told Caesar, "Speak, hands, for me!!"

    Sorry, but my previous condition of "employment" does not make me more "understanding".

    Could go on, and try to rationalize this, but like one saying, the heart has reasons the brain never heard of.
  3. nabbeun


    don't believe april that the sentence is for one month. to varying degrees you will be serving it for a lifetime. some would say a quick divorce would be the kinder of the two...
  4. April

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    Happily married women don't usually leave their husbands because of hookers.

    An affair.....now thats a different story.

    Tell her how dirty and disgusted your feeling and that it's been bothing you, and you've wanted to admit all but were so afraid of loosing her yadda yadda yadda. If she has evidence just admit to what you KNOW she knows. We HATE being LIED to when we know it to definitely be a LIE.

    A WIFE

    (who'd make her hubby's life miserable for about a month and make him buy me presents.....make him sleep in the guest room for a week...allow him back in, parade around naked.....not allow sex for awhile....but divorce? Nah too messy and expensive.)
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  5. Smoke&Mirrors

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    I Plea, I needed a BJ..

    St. Fleur’s hubby caught in sting: Busted on charges of soliciting prostitute

    By Michele McPhee
    Boston Herald Police Bureau Chief

    Tuesday, August 8, 2006 -

    The husband of state Rep. Marie P. St. Fleur, who says he is separated from his wife, was arrested in a prostitution sting in Roxbury late Saturday night after he allegedly offered an undercover female cop $40 for oral sex, according to police.

    Jean Baptiste Lauture, 47, of Dorchester was arrested at the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Woodcliff Street, police said.

    “This event is not connected to and is completely unrelated to my wife,” Lauture said in a written statement released by his lawyer. “This has been a very difficult year. My wife and I are presently separated while we work through our marital problems.

    “I apologize for any ill feelings or embarrassment this story may bring to my wife, my children, my extended family and my community,” Lauture said in the statement. “I expect to be exonerated of all charges once all the facts are revealed. I ask for your prayers.”

    Lauture was arrested on a charge of soliciting sex for a fee and booked at Roxbury’s District 2 station. The booking sheet indicates his marital status as “separated” and his 1993 Infiniti was towed, according to the police report. His lawyer, Ernst Guerrier, entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf at his arraignment at Roxbury District Court.

    Lauture was ordered to stay away from Blue Hill Avenue and Woodcliff Street and released without bail restrictions, said Suffolk District Attorney’s Office spokesman Jake Wark. Lauture is due back in court Sept. 5.

    The bust was part of Operation Squeeze, a crackdown on prostitution in the hot-spot neighborhood that netted four other men over the weekend.

    While St. Fleur’s neighbors on Hartford Street in Dorchester expressed concern for the state representative yesterday, they also welcomed the idea that Boston police are tackling the increasing prostitution problem on Blue Hill Avenue. St. Fleur, who was not home, refused comment through a State House spokeswoman.

    “I feel bad for her. She’s trying to do her best for the community. She’s trying to stop stuff like prostitution in the area,” said Arnold Berry, 50. “But I’m glad the police are finally doing something out there. The females are wild out there. You don’t need to approach them. They rush you, then their johns try to rob you. They needed to do something about the females out there.”

    The family’s financial woes nearly sank Attorney General Tom Reilly’s gubernatorial campaign earlier this year, when it was revealed within a day of St. Fleur’s announcement as his running mate that she and her husband were swimming in tax liens and debt. She then quit as Reilly’s running mate.
  6. nabpo


    final note. as long as you dont break rule one, you will not only have protected yourself, you will have also protected the girls and other friends and acquaintances you may have made.

    tell them anything that want to know about you, you have nothing to hide. but everything else is hearsay or what someone else told you.
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  7. nabpo


    first bust contd...

    rule 1: dont admit to being there for a sex act.
    they will ask you many times from a lot of different angles in a lot of different forms: (how much do you pay for a blow job? 100? what did they tell you you could get? i dont care what you did. we all need it. just tell us what you did and i promise well let you go. how much money do you have on you...you would pay that much for sex?)

    rule 2: have an excuse. rule 1 of course raises the delicate question of what are you doing there. in places with a sauna, you have a built in excuse. without one...think fast.

    rule 3: be absolutely truthful in all that you can without breaking rule 1.
    they will ask you many questions to calibrate how truthful / cooperative you are being. they have the power to do whatever they want if you piss them off, including taking you in and booking you on obstruction, trespassing, whatever. they can and may 'investigate' every piece of info you tell them for truthfullness. lying on anything can cause them to book you if they like.

    everything you tell them must be consistent between rule 2 and rule 3. but even if you realize something is not adding up...never, ever under any circumstance break rule 1. and this is not as easy as it seems, because you have to tell them something and it has to be plausible and match all youve said.

    they will try to intimidate you. in all cases they are looking for leverage over you:

    they will ask you what you do. when you answer, they will tell you 'not anymore'
    they will ask you if you are married. if you say no, they will press you. and they may check the truth.
    they will threaten you with being in jail overnight, to see if time is working against you.
    they will make fun of you where they can to get a rise out of you
    they will run the good cop / bad cop routine on you
    they will look for your car thinking seizure / impound. dont have one.
    they will want your id to check out for a record. if you have a record you are toast. if you dont have an id i think theyll take you in on principal as they have nothing to verify and check your story against. having an id that checks out against the identifying detail you gave them when first asked i think gives them a comfort about you that they know your story and on that comfort they can make the call to throw you back as a little fish.

    then after youve been answering questions a while you will realize they know more about you than you thought:

    they will have been watching the place, and they probably know when you went in and how long you were in there.
    they will have had an undercover person inside probably once. not enough to know all the details but will have looked for exits, general setup, difficulty getting in.
    they will have cased the outside for where the cameras point and try to approach unobserved for as long as possible.
    they will be asking other guys these same questions. the answers you give had better match. at least on the basics. and you will have to be very careful to phrase your answers with enough of the question in it so that you dont tacitly confirm the assumption of sex they will have built into the question

    in the operation they will have upwards of a dozen officers. they will have battering rams and other assorted devices to get in. they will be armed - dont do anything stupid and get shot.

    they want to find narcotics. never have any drugs on your person for any reason. or you are hosed. totally.
    they want to find illegal aliens and signs of human trafficking, a new political hot button.
    they will want to get mama or papasan. the management. or better yet the owners. they will ask you questions about them. they will try to determine if you are one of them.
    they will want you to tell them how the system/operation worked. how many girls. if they did get the owners, i suppose they will use this testimony against them and they will draw you back to testify. i imagine telling them about it is also an implicit admission and breaking of rule 1

    so it is a delicate balance you must strike to the end. be cooperative and contrite enough so they feel you have been mostly forthcoming with them, yet coy enough not to implicate yourself, nor any others. fail in the balance and youll be booked. they may hate the paperwork but if you piss them off enough with stonewalling or uncovered lies, theyll take you in im pretty sure.

    the whole event from contact to release took a little over an hour. i saw one other guy walk. i saw one being taken in in cuffs. good luck. may you never have to live through the same. my first bust...may this be the last.

    for all you readers out there, this is a complete work of fiction i dreamed up after watching a korean movie by Kim Ki-Duk and a rerun of CSI. Also note: standard dragnet disclosures apply.
  8. nabpo


    My First Bust.

    since i dont want to start a whole new thread im hijacking this one.

    i have had many close calls before. false alarms. hearing of busts an hour after i left. but this time they hit the nail on the head. this happened to me 2 weeks ago at an utrfs place in NH never mentioned here. yes ive been holding out; consider this my act of contrition.

    over the years ive read a lot of what others posted on how to behave during a bust. ive also read the news stories of busts and who got taken in - those who admitted going for sex - and those who didnt. so the playbook seemed simple.

    the reality is more complicated. still very fresh in my memory, this is a practical guide to surviving the bust.

    the first you will know of a bust going down is the running of many feet. wherever you are when the alarm is first sounded...by the monitor watcher or by the first 'BANG' on the door, the following is the quick thud thud down the hallway of running feet. i always tell girls in the amp never to run. since the false alarm i experienced many years ago, i always get a heart attack at the sound of running feet in an amp. i heard many running feet.

    what i had heard/read previously was important...the most important tidbit. in essence, dont admit to anything and theyll let you go.

    but there are caveats.
  9. NJmasseur


    Ask yourself these questions:

    1) Do you want to continue with the marriage? I assume yes or you wouldn't be so upset.

    2) Does she? I assume yes, as the "threatening divorce" implies it.

    3) Figure out what it is you get from providers you're not getting from home, then figure out how she can provide it.

    4) Sit down and have an honest talk with her about your addiction, and what she can do to help you. If she really wants to continue in the marriage, you two will work something out that satisfies you both.

    If you can't do ALL of those things, get yourself a good lawyer and prepare to be ass-raped.
  10. kicksave


    lol...........good one I gonna save that for a future get out of jail card!!!
  11. treizecisisase


    SHE HAS NOT SEEN HOW MUCH SHE MEANS TO YOU? Tell her that if you didn't love her anymore you would have dumped her long ago. Point out you have different hobbies. She likes to to try on LOTS of shoes and you like to take off LOTS of shoes. SEX ain't LOVE baby, IT'S A SPORT!
  12. scoochamenz1



    if you decide to go this route, make sure to give us a good review and contact info
  13. Aegis911


    Rent her out so she sees that variety is good.
  14. kcdark


    ask yourself if you want to continue with her. if you do then you will give this hobby up for a very long time.
  15. lepke


    There is no real good advice bro. A woman cannot handle their man fucking a hooker on many levels. You should figure out why you do it and lay your cards down (ONLY IF SHE KNOWS FOR SURE)....Good luck..
  16. cindyq11


    Go see a lawyer and get some good advice on "asset protection from divorce".

    Good luck.
  17. fairemily


    It's true I can picture anyone else having a bodyrub or more except for my dear old dad.
  18. Slinky Bender

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    Now that's funny

    (and ironic: SO yes, dad no)
  19. fairemily


    This might be controversial but your wife doesn't know how good she has it. You loved her enough to marry her. There are far worse things you can do to your relationship then being a hobbyist. My ex boyfriend of 4 years started an affair with a woman who claimed it was just casual. Well casual turned into poly-amorous and then they told me it's okay if I stick around. All that time and devotion down the drain not including the humiliation I faced in from of his family and mine. You don't plan on leaving her for a provider. Sometimes seeing providers is the kindest thing you can do for your marriage. It's far better than having an affair, no hang up calls, no worrying if you are going to have a "fatal attraction" on your hands. All men need variety except my dad since I can't stand the thought. Your a good man just to be worried about it in the first place.
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  20. kicksave


    lol but seroius fellas!!!!!! How the hell does she have evidence......OH NO dont tell me......the dreaded credit card!!!!!!!!!!!!