Calling all BBBJTC Lovers

Discussion in 'New York' started by candie, Jul 6, 2001.

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  1. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Candi I hate to sound conceited but.......

    Sounds like me, If you do not believe me ask you know who!
  2. paladin



    Not you? I thought all along that you were writing in the 1st person about yourself. But then, if it says what you feel then use it. It was a beautiful description of a very pleasurable action. If it applies to you, so much the better and who cares who wrote it. Woohoo! What a feeling...
  3. candie


    Wb mercy!

    I didnt write that but thought it was a good real post. Not that I would know ;)
  4. mercydancer


    Candie my love,you've done it again.
    Finally a post that is educational and pleasurable at the same time.OOOps, I got to go wash up now.
  5. fishfry



    You know Faye? She's a well-known provider in Santa Cruz, California. That's an hour south along the coast from where I used to live.

    Faye is a regular on some of the west coast message boards.

  6. candie


    Calling all BBBJTC Lovers!

    It cracks me up to read who is better than the other, kissing, bbbjtc but does anyone Really know DATY?

    nahhhhhhhhhhh I no longer do bbbbbbbb's ,
    I now do wbtLnS its never failed me yet! <No I can't explain as its so very naughtyUMMi!

    Oh and those that need training here is some tittie bits from Faye Desiree: <you can Not know this skill enough>

    There's a couple of clients - not anyone a woman would turn her head to look at twice - who take me to heaven with oral and leave me there! It is so amazing~!

    So, what is it they do? I think they're both real sensitive to the energy of the clit when they're giving it suckie. And I can't tell you whether they're sucking on it, lickin' it, or what they're doin' - but it's neither too hard, nor too soft, nor too "violent." (too aggressive) After awhile they add a finger to the G-spot (found at the entry to the upper mouth of the cave, not way inside). But I think the main reason it works so well is THEY KEEP AFTER IT! They don't just do it for a few minutes, then kinda give up - not enough goin' on, kinda thing. They just keep grinding on me!

    And after about 5, maybe even 10 minutes of them workin' on it, I just lose it! And the orgasm is SO intense that my leg muscles clamp around their head, like I've got 'em in a vise. My muscles just completely freeze up; I can't even relax. Now the main clue here is: THEY DON'T GIVE UP! Lotsa guys, after a woman orgasms, kinda back away, I guess figuring that a woman is like a man - she orgasms for a few seconds and it's over (this is one area where life is not fair!). But these guys keep on it! And I just lose it! I ejaculate all over the place - I mean everything gets wet! And they can keep me at a state of orgasm for 10, 15, 20 minutes: whatever! Till I can't take it anymore! I even try to push 'em away and they just won't push away! I'll squirm all over the place, push myself into the corner, off the bed... and they're right on top of me.. or my pearl, at least!

    Anyway, this is just FYI. If ya wanna try it sometime, you may get the same results! Remember to bring an umbrella!

    xo Faye

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