Can You Handle Us?

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  1. curious


    Some of the most offensive four-letter words I've ever heard have come out of pros's mouths.

    Can't... Don't... Won't...
  2. rough1


    Dirty talk only.
  3. wet_diamonds

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    The lovely ladies of Soggy Lumps of Coal Under Extreme Pressure are looking for all of the big, strong men of Atlanta to come and tame us. Who is up to the challenge?

    “Eve” is the model of the week, [​IMG]

    “Pearl” needs no introduction,[​IMG]

    “Pleasure” is just 19 years old, [​IMG]

    “Carmen” is still holding the championship belt. [​IMG]

    “Ms. D” is a beautiful 24 year old [​IMG]

    So who thinks they can tame the wildcats of Soggy Lumps of Coal Under Extreme Pressure ? Give us a call to see.

    Visit our website: Soggy Lumps of Coal Under Extreme Pressure to see pictures of these ladies and call us at (678) 970-7333 to Come and Handle Us (if you can). There will be a slight screening process, and please do not use any appropriate language during the call. Ciao!!!

    In order to cater to all clients, is always looking for new beauties to show off.