Discussion in 'New York' started by jeffc126, Sep 9, 2001.

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  1. bige


    Why even bother being in the hobby?

    No GFE
    No PSE

    I feel you have been wronged my friend.
    I don't think she's leaving her current agency. Based on her performance its more likely she was pushed out.

    Imagine having a girl like candice at Julie's?
    I shutter at the thought. She would see the door within the first week.

    Do yourself a favor and use the reviews provided to avoid these situations. Your review was appreciated and let's us know to avoid this girl.

    Keep reading, you can do way better than that.

    Big E
  2. Phantom


    Lets see,

    NO Kissing,

    NO DATY,


    Let me think about this for a while.

    OK, I've thought enough,

    Sorry, I'll pass on this one.
  3. jeffc126


    I saw a girl candice today ,she is leaving the service she works for to go it on her on with some friends.She was on time ,in fact she was there to my room in under a half hour,was about 25 yrs around 5 foot 7 and near 130, had a nice soft body,was very friendly.She wouldn't let me do daty or kiss but was into being there and did oral with protection ,you might want to give her a try or a friend of hers.She is at 516 994-0200.