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Discussion in 'New York' started by Aristotle, Sep 25, 2001.

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  1. marquez156


    The enjoyed the car rental analogy. Sorry thats enough "anals" around here.
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    first Sedona now Kayla. I'll start calling you the prince of ass, Xerxes remains the king of ass.

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    reference of the day

    Now this is the last place i expected to see a Miss Havisham reference...........way to go judge.
  4. Geezy Muldoon

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    All in the nature of the search for DFK (Desparately Frightened Kittens). By the by, am curious as to why commercial sex workers consistently tout themselves or are touted by various agencies or brothels as being much younger than they actually are. Don't really see the need to prevaricate in this regard if the woman is competent and desirable.* It's getting quite laughable with some women. Fully expect to pcik up the Times some morning and read that some poor john burst into flame while embracing Miss Havisham.

    *Also see no need for misrepresentations about breast size, weight, beauty, etc.
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    <shaking head at Da Judge> No, you can't do the cats!
  6. Geezy Muldoon

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    You could do the cats.
  7. Aristotle

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    Well I finally got to meet the Kat. I have heard many things about her. Good, Bad and really Bad. But I had to try after many years of lurking in the bushes. Feeling stressed out over the WTC and loosing a few friends I had to purge the the stress from my mind. So I need someone who did not mind Greek and could take it.

    I happened to be looking through Eros-NY and there she is Miss Kat. I called and got her voice mail. Left her a message. came back the next day and she left me a message. She listed her rates and said she was available anytime. She qualified that because she lived near the WTC she had been displaced to a hotel in Times Square. I called and made an appointment for that day. I was surprised that her usual tough security background checks was not in place. I later found out that she did not have her computer and for what ever reason she trusted my voice over the phone.

    So I go to her hotel. I arrived at the street locatiion she told me about 20 minutues early. I called and left a message the the hotel on the street was not the same as she told me on the phone. I calls me back and she calls me back in a snotty tone and says "Obviously, you copied the wrong info from when we talked on the phone." Oh Boy. I don't need this. Finally I make it to her hotel. I knock about five times no answer. I am now saying what the hell. Finally she opens the door, of course an employee of the Hotel is walking by and sees her in a teddy letting me in.

    My first reaction was the smell of the cats. If your sensative then don't see her. We sit and talk. I mentioned that she has blacked listed me in the past. She thought my name was familiar but she did not have a computer to check if I was under her blacklist. I asked if she had her computer would she have denied me the chance of seeing her, she said yes. Right about then I felt like bolting. But I was horny, stressed and she was very attractive. Not as attractive as she was in her pics. She is about 5-7 years older, and 20 pounds heavy. I would rate her body 7, looks 7. So I dispense with the cash formalities and she ask me to shower. As I go to the bath room and take off my clothes cat hairs all over my clothes. I shower and dry off. She remarked that she new I was not shy because I came out of the bathroom naked and had a hard on. She stated most men either put on the underwear of keep the towel on. I remarked I am here for one thing that is "to fuck the daylights out of you". We proceed with some DFK, she does a covered bj. I ask if she 69's. Yes she does we spent a few minutes there. After she ask if I am ready to fuck. Yes I say. So we start missinary and then with her cowgirl. Fucking, kissing - it's good. Then she looks at me and says "Are you ready to for some greek action?" Its better to do it while your at your hardest" I mumble something like yes. She get on all fours so it's easy for me into her. Anxious as I was I wanted to stick it on so fast that I probably would have it thru her tonsils. She tells me to take it easy and let her body adjust to my width. Ok, it's in and she ready, I start slow and after a couple of minutes she is urging to fuck that ass like I own it. Well I'm renting it now. I thought of Avis. When I rent a car , I just hit every fucking pot whole I can find. As I stroke and pump as hard and furious as I can I finally explode. I just fall on her back and say "Wow". Now she was a little cold that she did not remove the condomn. She hands me a tissue and I took it off. I went back showered. Had somemore DFK and BJ. Before you know it my times up. We talk and I tell her I was happy I finally met her.

    All in all I would say I had a good time. Expectations of her are not what they are all cracked up to be. I would not see her again for many reasons including the cats. She is nice but, what more can I do with her.