Central / South NJ Provider needed

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by jgd, Dec 5, 2001.

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  1. biggod

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    you should give shorewife@yahoo a try. A review is on another thread.
  2. Gunszzzzz



    Documented in the other thread, but...:

    Well, Valerie was a complete mess to get ahold of via email. she would say that she emailed me in regards to a date, but i would never receive it. then she'd say call me. I'd call her, leave a voicemail, and then she'd say, "i never got your voicemail, and i had my phone on the whole time. Good bye!"

    so that was the end of that.

    Sheryl, who is very cute, and who is also documented to be terrible to get a hold of, gave me such a run around, first saying she'd meet me by email, then when i'd call her to confirm, she'd act like she never heard of what i was talking about.

    the coup was that after our second "misunderstanding" I was talking to her on the phone, making little "love talk" and such, and how she said she'd "make it up to me" and then saying, "so give me a call when you want to get together" and I said," well, how about 7pm" and she said,'well, give me a call" and I said,"well, i just gave you a time, how's that?" and she said, "well, just give me a call".

    uh, what?

    so i just said, "ok, talk to you later" in a polite voice, and she said,"goodbye" and thinking I was off the phone, then says in a disgusted manner, "GEEEEZZZZZ!!!!"

    so i called jessica of Elegantencounters the next night, and had a great time, thank god!
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    Great links.

    Valerie is cute. Is she F/s ?

    What about Sheryl ? (sexynj)

    Anybody ever seen these ladies ?
  4. larry1017


    Bronze what was the deal with those 2 girls?Valerie and Njcutie.Thanks
  5. Gunszzzzz


    jgd--I'd like to find one too!!!

    this has been discussed in previous threads with basically the same title as yours:

    slim pickings, over all.

    two girls were just too freaky and unreliable.


    one girl i've thought about, but just didn't get around to:


    ElegantEncounters.net does service Ocean county, so try Jessica. She's hot but a bit fast on the clock. Taylor would be my next choice if i ever get the chance, as I heard she's pretty good. There are two other girls there too, that are pretty hot that are new, but sadly, no info on them, as much as I beg for the intel !!!

    NJE will send girls down, but of course, and not that i blame them, there is a "delivery" charge too, which is not unreasonable.

    Good luck, and please tell us how you did.
  6. jgd


    Looking for an Independent or Outcall provider for the Toms River area. I will be there on business for a few days and would like to enjoy myself.
    Please help.