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Discussion in 'New York' started by jomal, Sep 11, 2001.

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    Littleguy, to quote Kurt Angle, "It's true, it's damn true!"

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    Chantel really has the best body you've ever seen ?
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    Maybe I'll see her again for my birthday, or maybe I'll see a certain somebody.
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    Great review and post. It appears that you had a grand old time.
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    I saw Chantel on Tuesday. She has the best body I've ever seen. Only Cherish's body may be as good, but I heard on *** that she may have put on some pounds. Chantel was dressed in her street clothes when I got to Julie's at 1PM. This wasn't a big deal for me because lingerie doesn't do anything for me. We went downstairs and when she saw how big I was, she said she hadda get some KY. She left the room wearing only her shirt and I got a great look at her unbelieveable butt and legs. Giovanna was sitting nearby watching TV, so I sung my "Monster song" to her which made her laugh. Chantel came down and I sang it again. She came in and took off her top to reveal her also perfect boobies. I kissed her, but she doesn't DFK, then I kissed and sucked her boobs and then went to DATY. She liked this and also told me what she likes, she said I should lick her clit, but keep it dry so she'd feel it. She gave me a BJ, then we did some "69", then onto the show. I was on top, then she did cowgirl like a madwoman! Then we flipped over so I was on top again. We later went to doggy, then she finished me off orally and with a HR. I also got to meet Erin, Sara, Giovanna and Beverly while I was there and brought enough perfume for all the girls. Too bad the boss wasn't there, but she e-mailed me to let her know next time I'm coming down.
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    Great post jomal! New bed downstairs, huh?
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    Note: This is a copy of a post I put on Julie's member board. I just thought the good news should be spread around.

    I am a VERY part-time hobbyist, and I rarely post to any board, but I just have to relate what a great time I had at Julie's this past Friday.

    I should point out that this is a somewhat long post - and not at all a "laundry list" of services rendered. I am going to go into detail on the whole experience rather than simply focusing on the juicy details.

    When I called to make my appointment, Bev was juggling several calls and my cell phone kept cutting out. Eventually we made the arrangements. Since I so rarely get to play, I didn't know any of the girls on duty, so Bev said I should just come in and meet them.

    All the girls were downstairs when I entered, but someone was in the living room (feeding the turtles I believe). It turned out to be Julie herself. I immediately recognized her from the website - but my god - she is stunning. We had a second to get acquainted while the girls got ready downstairs. Julie is the consummate Madame - she made me feel right at home, engaged me in some idle teasing, and then personally introduced each of the girls to me.

    I chose to spend my hour with Chantel. WOW. Chantel really took care of me - and I don't mean just physically (which btw was amazing - details later).

    First of all, when we were led downstairs she whispered to me that the bed in that room was not the best. I didn't know what to do - but Chantel spoke up. Bev indicated that it was the only room open at the moment. Julie came down and asked the girls' opinions of the bed. Apparently none of them cared much for it - the frame rolled around or something. Julie then said that she had recently pulled the frame out and placed the mattress and box spring on the floor to fix the problem, but would get a new bed if the girls wanted. They all seemed to want that (tip: new bed in downstairs room). Julie took me into the room to show me how comfortable the new "floor" arrangement was. She got on and bounced around a bit, inviting me to join her. I've got to admit the room was a bit small and dark - but if the bed was not comfortable, I wouldn't have noticed. Rita then came in and joined us - flirtatiously chastising me for not choosing her (which I must admit was a tough choice). She proceeded to show off her best assets - both above and below. Julie's response was to do the same (at least above). Let me just digress a moment here to point out that I was now alone in a room with Julie and Rita, both of them half dressed and flirting. If I wasn't so stunned I might have actually done something. (note to the curious: Rita is far more attractive than her pictures would have you believe. She is built much like Julie, similarly blessed above, and with a shapely rear view - which she seemed to very much enjoy showing off).

    Anyhow, while this was all going on - Chantel was nowhere to be seen. About a minute later, she came in and told me that we now had a room upstairs. She had been getting this arranged without my even asking. When we got upstairs I appreciated what Chantel had done. The room was not much bigger, but the bed was larger, and there was more light (and I really like sunlight on a woman's body).

    We started to get acquainted. Chantel was wearing a very sexy outfit - which I asked her to keep on for a while. I really liked it. And her. As much as I was thrilled before to be in a room with Julie and Rita, Chantel is really more my type. After a few minutes I realized that I had been running around all day in the heat, and was really in no shape to get intimate with a beautiful woman. I asked if I might grab a quick shower. As I was putting on the robe, Chantel asked if I would like a drink. I thought a vodka would be nice, so I went off to the shower while she fixed me a drink.

    Upon returning to the room Chantel informed me that they were fresh out of vodka. So I opted for a whiskey - also out. Julie sent someone to the store, and Chantel brought in a couple cups of water to keep us hydrated. The drink was going to be delivered as soon as it arrived. Room service at Julies. How appropriate.

    As we continued to get comfortable I started noticing all sorts of wonderful details. First of all, Chantel has a couple of very nice tattoos. Not big colorful ones. They are simple and elegant. And she had a bit of jewelry in her navel that sparkled enticingly.

    In my line of work I spend a lot of time with dancers, and I could tell right away that Chantel has trained. Her body is very firm and supple.

    She also has a slight French/Canadian accent, which I found absolutely sexy. And I was even more delighted when she began speaking in that "special" French dialect without the need of a translator. I wanted her to go on and on and on forever - which she almost did. I had to stop her because it was just too much for me so soon. And as hard as it was for me to ask her to stop - it took a bit of coaxing to convince her that I meant it.

    I was at the edge.

    We slowed down a bit, and I started to explore her more in detail. We talked leisurely about ourselves. She is a hairdresser in her "other life," and her lovely hair shows it.

    Eventually I found myself at the hem of her black lace panties. I asked her if I might go farther and she seemed very encouraging.

    She was sweet to the taste, and very fulfilling. There is nothing sexier to me than a woman who feels sexy, and Chantel was definitely in a good mood last Friday.

    I'm not sure how much time passed as I indulged myself. Chantel seemed quite happy however, and after a particularly vigorous interlude she said something like "I want you in me. Now."

    I needed no further invitation. The usual precautions were taken care of gracefully and I found myself experiencing a whole new sensation.

    As I said before, I spend a good deal of time with dancers - and having dated several I can say that one of the great advantages of a well toned body is the particular muscle control a woman can develop over time.

    Let me just say that Chantel does her Kegels. If you need to ask what that means, then you need to find out.

    Earlier in our session when I had asked Chantel to stop her oral dissertation, I had mentioned that I "definitely" wanted her to go back to that tactic if she was willing. She seemed fine with that option. But here I was now facing a wholly unanticipated sensation, and my ability to withhold was running out.

    Chantel sensed this and started to play with me - oh god. Then I reached that moment where some sort of decision has to be made - the exact moment where all reason is gone - and I was helpless. It was all up to her, as she teased and stopped then teased, and I tried to stop and did for a second, then couldn't, but did, but it was just too damn good, and...

    Anyhow, I never made it past the desire to stop.

    God bless her.

    I guess I'll have to wait until next time to experience her oral talents again. I can live with that.

    Afterwards we lay there for a bit and unwound. We then both noticed that my drink had never arrived. She zipped off to see what was up. A moment later she came back and said that they had not gone to get any more supplies yet. She said she was dying for a beer, and asked if I'd like to share one with her. It suddenly dawned on me that that was exactly what I wanted.

    She came back with the beer and we leisurely sipped away and continued to get to know each other. As we spoke I told her how difficult she made it for me to decide how I wanted to finish. She said that the standard for an hour-long appointment was two cups, and thus no need to decide. I said that sounded great, but I doubted we had enough time left for another round. She laughed. Apparently our time had been over when she went out to get the beer, and we had just been hanging out since then. I looked at the clock and realized that it had indeed been an hour (from when I returned from my shower, not from when I arrived). Tempus Fugit.

    Well, she got my robe again, and I had another quick rinse. Then while I was dressing she came back to the room and said she realized after I got into the shower that she needed one too, but was a bit shy of barging in. She seemed to genuinely regret not doing so, and I definitely regretted it. I told her to never be so shy in the future.

    On the way out I saw Julie again in the kitchen. She had a stack of photos of the new girls. She showed off a few, and we all joked around for a minute, until Bev pointed out that the photographer was hiding in the bathroom until I left. That was a funny moment.

    As I left the building I realized what a fabulous time I had just had. I was truly blessed.

    I read this board often, and I recall the recent flurry of messages regarding Chantel and her attitude. I'm sure that these opinions are all valid, and based on true experience. I, however, could not imagine a more sweet and generous girl for a companion. Perhaps we just "clicked." I know I felt so. Perhaps what Chantel and I had last Friday was a great connection, and this may not always be the case - but if you are only half as fortunate as I was, you will be happy.

    As a side note to the PSE seekers: we did not engage in anything beyond the basics. They were just great basics. Anything beyond that I have no idea, and I really couldn't care.

    My one regret is that I am not a rich man. In fact I am rather poor (alright, so I work around dancers a lot - good fringe benefits). I came to Julies knowing how much it would cost, and I had that much in my pocket. I knew I was not going to ask for anything special. What I didn't count on was how special things would be. I was thus unable to tip Chantel in a manner that expressed my gratitude, or at all for that matter.

    I wrote this posting for two reasons. One was to share with others the great experience I had. But the more important reason was to share how great an experience for me it was with the woman who made it such. Thanks Chantel.

    I may be poor - but I'll be back.