Charlie from Jersey*******

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Prince, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Couple of weeks ago called Jersey******* and asked for a recommendation. They suggested I try Charlie. Evidently she was with them before under a different name and then took an extended break. Looked up her reviews from the past and they were OK, not great, not bad, just OK. Since I was horny and didn’t want to travel much I went with Charlie.

    As I was on my way, I called again to let them know I was within 15 minutes of arriving. Got to the hotel, called and the phone girl gave me the room number right away. Went upstairs and was greeted with a huge smile and a warm kiss from Charlie. Charlie is a little “big-boned” and probably a little more than what I normally liked, but she was so sweet and so friendly I decided to stay and play.

    Gave her the donation and we began to play. Straight off we got to some DFK and petting. She’s a very sensual woman and enjoys sex. Pushed her onto the bed, started sucking her nips and got her moaning right away. Firmly, pulled her panty to the side and went down on her, She had her hands on my head and was holding me right where she needed the attention the most. Once that was determined, she massaged my head while I dined. She O’d and then I laid back for reciprocation. She started by licking behind the twins, then sucking and licking the twins, working her way up the shaft to finally devour Big Jim. Jesus – this girl gives the best head. I almost exploded within a few minutes of her technique – and I almost never blow this way. Incredible BBBJ. Time for a ride. She covered me up and told me she can’t ride today because of some ache or pain. No problem, lay down and I’ll start on top. Went at it mish for a while, then asked for doggie and went at it doggie until I blew. Rested and while doing so she went and got a hot towel for me. Nice.

    Very nice girl, a little bigger than I like (sorry, I like ‘em thin). Awesome BBBJ (one of the best – she could give lessons).