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  1. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    Head of IT here. :)
  2. lamont5123


    If anyone chats or uses an alternative forum such as UG from their workplace, unless they're the owner or in IT, they risk not only losing their job, but theft of service charges.
  3. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Hasnt been anyone new....saw AATRs girl Alanna, enough reviews about her.
    nothing new in my life. Im getting too jaded to enjoy too much of this anymore.(the hobby, not the board)
  4. FrankM61962


    Speaking of cybersex..and phone sex for that matter...back in the days, when internet and long distance wasn't nearly as cheap as you can get it nowadays...sometimes spent hundreds of dollars per month online (aol had time limits per month as someone already mentioned here) and being married I was buying long distance phone cards to hook up with my internet girls in Buffalo, Arkansas, was an expensive "hobby"...married chat rooms were the busiest and the easiest to find these women, and there were always many willing participants...I think the high cost might have kept the riffraff out....those were the
  5. manohgod2


    I miss your reviews dude...
  6. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    hooked up with a bunch of fat ugly broads......they sithome and sign into married and flirting all night long.
  7. lapper


    The other fun with chat rooms is cybersex. When the internet was new I was able to have chats with first timers who would express amazement that they could get excited by staring at a computer screen. Many got off during the chats. One gal was using a vibrator and got so carried away she fell off her chair and it poked her inside, hurt like hell she said. She was pissed because there was a holiday weekend coming up and she had "broken pussy" as she put it. But recently these chats have been hard to find. Does anyone know of a good site with willing ladies?
  8. manohgod2


    That goes to show you that you should not mix Business with pleasure, or in this case work.
  9. superwoman01


    A guy who was married with three children was bi on the side and never told his wife. He use to chat on MSN messenger while he was at work. He would chat about having sex with other men and so on. Well to make a long story short. He and his family moved to a new house. The new owners of his previous home received a priority envelope addressed to there address with no name and no return address. The envelope had about 50 pages of his chats. The cover letter said, I wanted to let you know what your husband was doing while he was at work!
    Being the computer geek, I am. I am assuming he was on a network at work. Someone who had knowledge of the Network printed out all of his chats. It just makes you think!
  10. RuffToy


    When AOL was in its infancy & I used to play in the chat rooms for hours at a time. (The good ole daze) AOL was on dial-up and charged an hourly rate. My monthly AOL bills exceeded 300./month back then.
    So maybe I didn't pay for the hookups directly but indirectly AOL was the pimp and got my $.
  11. travis13



    How many of you remember or used Mirc... it is actually still out there.... I have not used in a long long time...... sounds like the same story that has already been told for AOL and Yahoo.......... had many great, and free well relatively free did not pay for the service but of course paid to entertain......... but got laid on a regular basis.............. I never used AOL dabled with Yahoo about 4 yrs ago but the Bots drove me out.............
  12. rob load

    rob load

    Chat rooms were great for hook up several years back...Now...too many 'bots or men/women ratio is a joke.......But have had moderate sucsess on yahoo personals but it became pay a few years back
  13. gern777


    I too - back in the day (maybe 7 or so years ago) picked up a couple of gals via Yahoo Chat. One was a total nutjob that became obsessed with me (thankfully I visited her while on business in Indiana - she never knew my real name or even where I actualy lived). But there were 3 others I hooked up with that were all nice gals ranging in age from 25 to 40, attractive, fairly secure and a great time in the sack.
    That sort of thing seems all in the past now. These days, with all the bullshit, you couldn't pay me to spend 10 minutes in a chat room.
  14. riskybiz42



    I'm afraid there is no routine to get involved with anymore. Those days of meeting real women on AOL and being selective in who you opted to continue a relationship with among those you met is long long gone. I sure do miss those old AOL ads with real women behind them. Interesting that as the net developed with significantly more and more users the ability to contact real people has diminished inversely. What a wasteland its become. The lack of real women out there is one of the reasons I discovered hobbying and eventually this site.
  15. FrankM61962


    I was also once an aol addictee, I was married and met several lovely ladies in my travels throughout the finally caught up with me when I got involved in a LTR with a lovely out on eastern LI and it ended my first marriage...nowadays, I wouldn't even think about starting up that whole routine again especially with all the phonies out there and god knows how many kids are messing with you, I found a few internet chat sites that seem to be real people but since my hormones aren't raging as they were a few years ago, I'm not looking to hook up with anyone that will cause any inconvenience in my lifestyle...somehow now, since I'm remarried also, it seems easier to try and pay as you go rather than get involved the cat and mouse games out there (first *****s correspondence, then phone chat, etc...).
  16. lamont5123



    Yahoo is very aware of it.

    But chooses not to do anything about it.

    If you go to Yahoo's main page, you will notice that Chat is no longer listed in their list of main offerings.

    You have to click on All Y Services now.

    Yahoo chat rooms used to be the shit.

    I mean it. They were perfect pickup rooms.

    However, ever since voice came in and then all the young kids with their one-upmanship and insults discovered them, real women went elsewhere. has chat rooms you pay for.

    But I decided not to subscribe.
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  17. gideonmandoma



    I used to use the yahoo rooms, and then i was away for maybe 2 years, and I came back and the change is unbelievable. The number of bots just exploded. And I believe that there is NO way Yahoo is unaware of this. And it is hard to believe their programmers couldn't put a stop to it if they wanted to, seeing as how it has ruined the whole idea of chat. So, I surmise that Yahoo must be getting kickbacks or some sort of fees from the bot companies, and they are a silent partner in the whole thing, purposely commercializing the chat rooms. I read an article about a law suit against their personals site, and it was very shady as well. They hired women to contact guys to make the guys think the site was legit. In reality, there were very few true single women on the site, like so many things in our world, it was a big scam.
  18. lamont5123


    I used Yahoo chat rooms a lot before the bots took over.

    And I met quite a few women on there.

    I had one from Thailand come and visit me. She was in Detroit on an overseas job assignment when that happened.

    And I can tell you that there are lots of police pretending to be 13 and 14- year olds in chat rooms.

    Now, I've met quite a few young people on chat.

    The difference between me and the pedophiles is, I never asked them for their photos or the name of their school.

    I always asked how they were doing in school and what their favorite subjects were.

    Some would offer me their addresses and phone numbers.

    But all I was interested in was how they were doing in school and what hobbies they enjoyed.

    I imagine cops looking for a pedophile quickly deduced I was not one.

    However, the upshot is that for about four years, I counted several young women from Maine to Georgia who *****ed me and sometimes called me on my company's toll free number just to talk.

    Most had fathers. But the commuinicaton between the two of them was poor.

    So I guess I was the cyber substitute.

    Oh, yeah. I also met a 16-year from Massachusetts about five years ago.

    We used to IM each other whenever we were logged on to Yahoo chat.

    When she won a scholarship for college, she came to stay in New York for a summer a year and half ago.

    We met for dinner. She came to my place and I shot five rolls of her.

    (I'm a photographer).

    She loved her photos. And I put one of them on my Web site and two in my mini-portfolio.

    I never hit on her. And she told me that's why we she liked me so much.

    But I can tell you there are lot of really stupid guys out there.

    They see a 14 or 15-year old in a chat room and they make a bee-line for her.

    That's just dumb.
  19. RuffToy


    I remember those days well. When I joined AOL there were only 200,000 members compared to what 30 million now. It was very intimate, real and exactly what AOL was meant to be. I had a number of liaisons with pickups from chat rooms back then. One of the only hurdles was qualifying you were engaged in dialogue with a real women, not some guy being a schmuck. Some very interesting times in those formative AOL years.
  20. wheninvegas2005


    It seems the same is true for the Yahoo chat rooms...nothing but bots and porno sales.