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Discussion in 'Europe' started by remarkable, Jan 24, 2003.

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  1. remarkable



    Thanks to my fellow hobbyist's for their advice here.

    Unfortunately, my trip has now been postponed twice, and with the current international "climate" I'm not sure when it will be rescheduled.

    When it does happen, I'll be sure to post my experiences.

    Thanks again.
  2. Rufus_M

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    "While caressing her, I felt a scar and said so. She told me that she was cut and beat up but the Russian mafia on a lot of occasions. Needless to say, what she told me brought me down. "

    Unfortunately in eastern europe this may be the rule rather than the exception...fewer white slavery victims in the Netherlands and Germany, but even there...
  3. Kman67


    I wish I was in Prague right now

    Hi Remarkable.

    Sorry - Been up to my eyeballs in work and moving apartments, so I have not got around to posting anything

    Prague is a fantastic town. I have always had a great time there (culturally and otherwise). Too bad that the dollar is sinking right now. Things have gotten a bit more expensive.
    You have done your homework though. is a good place to look. You can also get a copy of the erotic guide at any newspaper kiosk as well, and you will find coupons for free drinks, etc.

    First off, you need to find out which section of Prague you are staying in, and then you can guage yourself from there. I believe that Prague has 9 or 10 districts.

    BigBucksNYC is right about the taxi situation. They all get a commission from the brothels there. So the idea is to do your homework beforehand. Two other things regarding taxi drivers:
    #1 - A taxi ride is not for the feint of heart in Prague.
    #2 – ALWAYS negotiate with a taxi driver for the price of the ride before you get into the taxi.

    On the whole, Prague is a cheap place. I was drinking ½ liter beers for the equivalent of 25 cents each.

    As for hobbying, I have had an experience with a couple places. Basically it is the same routine in each place.

    I have gone to Club Appolon, Club Laura, and K-5 Relax. Some nights are better than others, and sometimes it is better to move around a bit.

    My first experience was at Club Appolon, which wasn’t great. I got to the place with some friends, and we had to pay a USD 15 cover charge. You pay another $15 to the bar and you start a tab.

    Basically, my friends and I did not know what was going on. They said that there was a live strip show, but it was only 1 girl (not one of the working girls) who danced to 2 songs every hour on the hour. We got into our boot, and there was nobody in the place except for 1 other table (They were also Americans who had no idea what to do). Anyway, it was girls on one side and us on the other staring at each other. The girls will not come to you, you have to go to them.

    When you finally decide on a girl, she comes to your table and you buy her a drink. Just be forewarned that if she wants champagne, it will run you $200. You can say no if she wants that and offer her another drink. She will come over with a menu, but what is on the menu is the type of room you will get.
    I chose a Czech woman named Martina, went into the deluxe room and it ran about $100 for the hour. While caressing her, I felt a scar and said so. She told me that she was cut and beat up but the Russian mafia on a lot of occasions. Needless to say, what she told me brought me down.

    I went back another night and saw a Ukranian girl named Olga, and she rocked my world. Whatever you want is on the menu. I ask all the girls what is allowed and what isn’t and have always been told that everything was allowed.

    But I also agree that once the 60 minutes were up, (shower time is included in the 60 minutes, so wash quickly) the phone rang and we had to leave.

    In the clubs, you can pay for the girls with a credit card, but the bar bill has to be paid in cash. Watch the bill. They will add extras to it.

    My favorite spot of the 3 I have been to however, is Club Laura.

    Otherwise, you may want to try your hotel as well. In the better hotels, you will find girls down at the bar that will run you $300 for the whole night.

    Prague is one of my favorite towns. Too bad you are going during the winter. Summer months bring out the good looking women. The girls there are all thin and wear mini skirts and high heels in the summer.

    Good luck over in Prague. Let me know how you made out!
  4. BigBucksNYC


    Prague Brothels

    When i was in Prague about 2 years ago I went to place a on the outskirts of the town - it was the only brothel I've ever been too. It was an extremely slow night and me and my friend were the only ones there but they still had about 10 women to choose from...everywhere from 4' to 8's. I ended up having a great time and it was one of the best sessions I've had. The only bad part is that the house calls the room at the exact moment time is up to "not watching the clock" doesn't exist.

    You can find ads for most of these places in the phone book or, better yet, with the taxi drivers. Just be careful because the taxi drivers get paid by the brothel if they bring you there so if you want to go to one but the driver says "I know a much better one", don't believe him.

    I am sorry I don't have the exact name of the brothel. But, all in all, it will be very easy for you to find some good places. Also, seach yahoo and I am sure there are a few message boards pertaining to which ones are good.

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  5. remarkable


    I've got a trip to Europe coming up soon, and will be hitting a few different stops. As luck would have it, getting over to Prague for a weekend might be in order. I've done a pretty extensive amount of homework already on hobbying in the Czech Republic, including the vast resources detailed at

    What I'm wondering is if anyone has any specific recommendations based on first hand experience? Any providers and contact info? Any spots you would put on the ripoff/avoid list? I wonder if Kman67 is still around, as he offered up sharing some experiences in an earlier thread.