Chelsea Asian under new management (?)

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by risman, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. clyde


    That was an ISO post. Wrong forum.

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  2. stonemanvip


    About Lilly

    Had a session with Lilly last week, she gives a good massage & is very slim. As far as being young, I would put her at about 35+, although she is well preserved and has a pleasant face.

    Her personality is excellent & she let the "globes" fall out with little prompting. Her technique was skilled enough to make me reach a finale before further limits could be tested (hate it when that happens!).

    Seems that the place is under new management, but it is basically the same setup for years. As always, a decent option but rarely spectacular.


  3. risman


    Try Jenny. She was simply great.
  4. farishta


    I was actually thinking about this tonight...and he's right. It's something that I have to get more ballsy about, but I think a lot of newbies get so caught up in finally finding a place that looks hobby-worthy that we forget that we have options.

    Ask for the may also be a better signal to them that you aren't LE
  5. nabbeun


    my experience is if you ever hear mama say 'let me pick girl for you', smile and decline. you will always get the least busy girl (which would mean worst)...or girl that happens to be her favorite at the time.

    either way, she will be saving her best girls for her best customers. unless you fit her 'best customer' definition, you will not be taken care of to your liking. word of mouth travels quickly, and the best looking girls will always have more business then they can handle...
  6. ViagraMan


    i had posted in the li amp thread that i recently returned to this place after a long absence. it was the monday before the strike.

    saw lily. young, pretty, slim body, good massage, great finale. didn't try to touch the goods anywhere.
  7. risman


    I know they changed the management in May, but I don't know if they changed again. When I called them a few days ago, I was told that it's under new management, and everybody is young and new. I was skeptical, but tried anyway. Mamasan asked me the names of the girls I had seen before. I said Eunice (Her name may not come out right in this posting), and she said: "Ah, Eunice. We had lunch together. She may come back next month. You like her?". I said she was my favorite. Mamasan asked me to try every body because everybody was new. I was assigned to Mimi, and unfortunately she was the oldest and the least attractive one of all at the time. Her massage was not conventional, but was great nonetheless. HJ was standard: "No touching inside, just outside"...That was all she could say. Damage $70 + 40 tip.

    The girl who opened the door had a very pretty face even though her body was a bit heavy side. Another girl whom I ran into as I was leaving looked great. I wonder how good she is.

    I should have asked for their names, but I failed....I will eventually find out their names and will report.
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