Chinese Ramona & Joy (YoYo) fs on a massage table for $160

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    souds like a good place.
    how did you hear about them?
    when i call i like to saw saw your ad wherever.
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    anyone ever told u ur nagging?

    reviews have lots of details, though quite some drama


    Should I have made this bbbjtcimnsnq review a new thread?

    Should I have made this bbbjtcimnsnq review or "heads-up" an addition to this thread (as I did) or should I have made it, it's own thread?

    I ask the question because before I added it to this thread I was wondering what the right thing to do was... and once I was done writing it in a in text program I "cut & pasted" here before thinking or deciding what I wanted to do.

    I was motivated to write it because I wanted my fellow utopia's to be able to find a girl who does bbbjtcimnsnq if that is what they like as it is something I am always looking for but almost never find. So based on this I think I should have made it a new thread, not an addition to this thread.

    What do you think?
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    Regardless, great review. I might have to check them out. Set up sounds related to this place I visited on 51st/9th Ave a year ago. They had a second location on 45th/9th Ave. Had a great girl to bbbjtcim. Claimed the same innocence, etc., but it wasn't the same girl, since mine was a lot younger. Still, always a great find. Thanks.
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    it's real hardto imagine that she was Brand new at bj's, based on your review. hard to imagine that she chowed down so soon. also, you mentioned that the other girls don't like her 'cause she will doanything for money. seems to reasonshe has done bbbjtcnqs before. knowing that you pumped and dumped in her mouth makes me less eager to try.
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    Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol

    So thats what he meant!!!!!!


    Deep throat


    Deep thought


    BBBJTCIMNSNQ from Chinese Misty @ Ramona's

    I am writing this review for those who would like to find a girl who does bbbjtcimnsnq.

    I found an OK Chinese girl in Manhattan named Misty or Missy who does bbbjtcimnsnq.

    Before I continue let me inform you of the reasons to not see her.

    #1 - She was not young, maybe late 30's to early 40's?
    #2 - Her massage skills will not inspire any return customers. Too much nail pinching and it was just not good.
    #3 - 160 all inclusive (no tip) for 45 minutes is too much to pay considering # 1 & # 2.

    But she did say two cups OK, she was thin and I think she was more attractive then the typical Chinese massage providers.

    If you can produce two shots within 45 minutes then it may have good value for you.

    When I say she is more attractive then the typical Chinese massage provider that is not a great compliment from me because I do not find many Chinese girls appealing. I am only talking about the Chinese girls found in massage joints not real girls in the real world. So yes she rate's higher then what I see at places like W.26th yet I have seen 1 or 2 better when I was going to 405 Bway.

    We had a minor dispute about tips right from the start. I quickly made it a major point when I put my jacket back on and gathered my stuff to leave. I said 160 is allot of money. She had left the room to let me get myself together to leave. She returned and said it is was bad luck to let a customer leave. I said I was afraid to stay because I was afraid she will ask for tip for everything. I said again 160 is allot of money. I said I would only stay if she does bj without condom. She said OK.

    I got naked and got on the massage table face up. I was expecting to be told to face down. She was also naked because she had just come from the shower. She started to massage me but I stopped her from doing the massage because I said I wanted to come two times. She said OK then a second later said two times should be a tip service. I said again 160 was allot of money and if I pay for 45 minutes I should have all of that time to cum 10 times if I can. She did not mention the tip again. At this point I was not sure she was OK with me coming in her mouth but all signs said "go". She was pleasant and was trying to do a good job. She said she was new at this and I needed to teach her how to do it right. Well I am glad she said that but she was doing deep thought before asking me to teach her. She would stop allot and I told her keep it in her mouth, breath threw her nose and always continue. She was a good student and did as I said. She was fine with me pumping her face. She was out of breath but kept up the hard work. I told her the most important thing was to keep sucking the top half after I come and to not stop until I say it was OK. I told her to sit on the table and I stood up. I was fucking her face slow and steady. Even pretty deep every few thrusts. Then I told her to lay down. I put her face at the very end of the table. I was standing at this end pumping away. At one point I told her "you do". She went wild. I was now almost ready. Every time she would deep thought it, it felt much more erotic so when she did the deep thought I would indicate that was good and to keep doing it. I exploded in her mouth and kept pumping away. She kept up the sucking while I was cuming while she was gaging on my cum in between her continued sucking.

    I said OK and she stood up.She must have swallowed most of it because she tried talking to me and I saw no signs of it in her mouth. But she was still choking and gaging and she was completely out of breath. I reached for my half finished Gatorade and gave it to her. She fixed herself with a few gargles and spit what ever remained into a cup. She said that was the first time someone did it in her mouth.

    I said that the second orgasm was not needed but I said give me massage. The massage was not good but it was great to come in her mouth and have her keep sucking.

    Her name is Missy. Ramona said the other girls don't like her because she will do anything for money. I get the feeling she will do anything but once it was clear that I was not going to pay more then the high rate of 160 she was fine with providing what I wanted.

    I don't want to think that I'll be paying 160 for a bj and bad massage again but this time I was very much hoping for the bbbjtcimnsnq and I got it. I even had the chance to go for a second cup. I am satisfied but not enough to repeat. If she was young like Ramona I would return. Ramona said they will have a new girl Saturday or Sunday. I have walked in a few times and left after seeing that I did not like the girls so I may go to check-out the new girl Sunday but I am sure I will not stay.

    See the first post in this thread for Ramona's number and the hours they are open. Ask for Misty or Missy.

    But the new location is 61st & Park.

    Ramona does not work any more but she always answers the phone.


    No more Coco's.

    I had a working number last April. It must have been a personal number because she was suprised I had the number. She said she had nothing going on but to call back and check in. I called again in October and the number was no longer working.
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    r u saying coco's is still open? after reported bust, i never tried call again.


    On the phone Ramona had said that I could choose between two girls.

    When you walk into the apartment it seams like a one girl apartment.

    So when I arrived I asked if she was the only one and she said yes.

    When I was done I was asking allot of questions about the other girl who I missed. She said you want to see her? I said yes and she opened the door to our room and opened a door right next to our room and inside was Joy (aka Yoyo).
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    Is it 1 girl per apartment, or is there a chance there are other mongers there at the same time?

    One thing good about Coco's (used to be up around 59th and Lex) is that its 1 girl per apartment so theres little chance of LE.


    Rereading mousetato's comments I see I missed the fact that he said more good things then bad things. I got stuck on his negative take on her age, and his questioning her newbie status.

    I was not impressed with her skills as mousetato said "she was good at what she does", I just liked the dumb-girl, non-pro feel I got (the phone calls came after this impression was established).

    That is what I disagreed with mousetato's comments on.

    She is definitely a newbie at what she does. She told me the fake tit option came about because she had a kid when she was 16 and her tits became gross (her opinion, not mine) so she had to do something to make herself fell good about herself again.

    I really liked her fake tits. Soft feeling, full upstanding natural shape but without any sag.

    She was not a great escort or AMP girl, she was not a glamour girl but I want to fuck her again because to me she felt like a real girl. The whole time I felt that fs was not an option but in fact was easily available with no hassle and no hustle. This must have been the largest factor in creating my "real-girl" feel. Just wish it was 40 to 20 bucks cheaper. And she was hotter then 90% of the Chinese AMP girls I have come across (a limited amount, 405 B, and 26th, and just a few midtown spots are what I have seen).

    I also disagree with the comments about her being booked up or over booked.

    This is not a well know place yet, but I think they get allot of calls because they have the number advertised in several pro-sex papers or pro-sex sections of papers. I have called her several times since my session just because I think (I hope) I can get her outside the place of business for free or for much les$ and every time I call I get the feeling that she sees 1 or 2 guys a day.

    Also I found out more info today when I called Ramona.

    Ramona does not work weekends, she was only filling in when I made my appointment. She told me a nice girl named Bebe works on the weekends. Ramona said Bebe is sweet but has a small ass and small breasts.

    Ramona said Joy (YoYo) won't do anything extra without tips. Even licking anything will make her say "tip". Ramona also said I was correct about Joy (YoYo) being 36 not 26. I thought she looked okay for such a place, much better then the staff at 26th.

    If anyone decides to go check this place out I would suggest you tell them before you get their that 160 is all you have. As far as Ramona goes she never mentioned money after I told her that 160 was all I had and I got almost an hour.
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    Let's get back to the point of the tread.

    I disagree with mousetato's comments!

    Maybe he had Joy (YoYo) or maybe had a different girl all together?
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    who's got a tissue?
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    Aren't we the ones that bitches when newbies starts posting all over instead where it should go and we would flame-broiled them about it ?

    First, I didn't shot down LD review when in fact, it was great.
    Second, I ask "should it" politely, never demand or make it so.
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    Since when is it a rule that we put all reviews in Midtown under one thread? Its annoying. We used to have every place under its own we have threads that are 25 pages long.
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    I guess the bitches aren't just limited to the AMPs.