Chippendale's for the new millenium?

Discussion in 'New York' started by Candide, Jul 21, 2001.

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  1. JohnJ

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    Woman who want sex......

    simply get an account on AOL and then start talking in the local chat rooms...

    They go to one of the local bars that has chat room gatherings and sees if anything grabs her attention...

    Being that the gals tend to be between age of 35 and 55... any male under the age of 40 is a good find.

    I spent many yrs going to these places hence never the need of calling a provider... I was very lucky to be early 30's and compared to some of the guys that used to show up.... not that bad looking....

    Most of the woman there were for sex.... some for a relationship... but all because they were lonely or in need of something more...

    The parking lot consistanly had bobbing heads late at night.

    My point is there is always a market out there for a woman because guys always are willing to give it away... woman on the other hand hold onto it and sell it only on an as needed basis.... maybe if all of us guys held out sex... than maybe...just maybe we could charge for it....

    John J
  2. oknemo


    I think the gigolo thing is very much alive among a subset of wealthly (and worldly) ladies who, say, were in the jet-set crowd in their younger days. Especially if they're lonely in middle-age and still enjoy sex. Also quite sure they don't get on the net and order up a hunk-to-go, they have longer-term deals not unlike the classic mistress situation for guys.

    I agree the middle-class escorting net-boom hasn't grabbed the ladies much as far as demand-side. This might change over time, but I suspect the whole swing thing (still very much alive) soaks up a lot of potential demand by the ladies for male escorts. An older gal can still get action at a swing place...not quite so true of the middle-aged single guy - hey I know about that I tried it once. A halfway smart woman can always get sex if she wants it. But if she wants it with a young guy half her age, well she's going to have to pay just like the rest of us, unless she's still a babe at 50. I bet we'll see more ladies ready to pay for what they really want as time goes on...and sooner than a "few hundred years" for sure.
  3. Candide


    Well...that's what Chris Rock says...but I'm wondering if it's really that or if it society at large. Chris Rock said that even the plainest woman gets hit up 5 times everyday for sex by guys and that is what women are thinking guys want whenever guys are nice to them. How much is testosterone level and how much is culture. Reseachers say that women who work (any kind of work) have more testosterone then women who stay at home. Maybe in a few hundred years the tables will turn - who knows!
  4. ew

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    Because it's easier for women to get sex?
  5. Candide


    I think those male models are for guys. I know there is that image of the older woman hiring a male pro (i.e. Midnight Cowboy) but I've never known of that to happen in real life- I just wonder why :)
  6. Phantom


    I've come across some online NYC agencies that also have male"models" pictured on their websites. Haven't seen any indies, but then again I'm definitely NOT looking for them either.
  7. Candide


    Okay the original "girl's night out" type place didn't last long. It was a speck in the time line of history. As far as I know, male dancers do some birthday or hen party work but not much. Now Twilo's is shut down. The Tunnel and The Limelight are hanging on the edge, and venues like KGB's - where they have young up and coming poets do readings are becoming popular. I just read that D.J.'s are "producing" independent parties in Brooklyn and the Lower East side rather than start new clubs - and Rudy's henchmen are cracking down on the night life scene as hard as on the sex for pay scene.

    That article in The Voice on the independent "party" scene reminded me of the grass roots movement in escorts that the web has sprung. Sort of like a creative enterprising individuals take on the entertainment industry.

    I say more power to the independents...maybe the U.G. bashes can be seen as part of this social migration out of formal venues. Hmmmm Slinky's G2G's Incorporated....who knows?

    Why is it that gigilos(sp?) don't advertise on the web? Or do they? :)