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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by Photofinish61, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. aroused


    Does anyone know if Christina is still around? I haven't seen her posts on backpage since they censored things.
  2. << FWIW Retired to lurking , But......
    Sometimes things just beg for me to comment. Like when a guy revives a thread, to ask if she's around but then simply to state he has no more interest in said provider.
    Just seems very puzzling??
    My .02
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  3. Norm


    Green eyed girl still around.
    Have seen her a few times over the past two years. Gfe kissing bbbj covered FS DATY. 120 HH 180 Hour. Small bbw clean neat. Face 7. Used to be great lately rush you out. Also way to chatty! Farmingdale Bethpage Oyster Bay location's fine. I am done do to rush and blah blah bs.
  4. thetips


    Called her yesterday and she picked up and said she was shopping could meet me in about 30mins. Was directed to motel in Bethpage area and said to call when I got there for room number. Called again and got room number but said could I wait a few minutes she was just getting settled. I parked near the room and actually saw her getting stuff from her car and bringing it into the room so I waited a few minutes before going to the room. As I walked up to the room the door was wide open and I didn't see her I knew she was in there so I knocked and walked in as she was coming out of the bathroom. She was wearing yoga pants and a tee shirt looked very average imo but still no bad at all. She asks 100 questions which I found odd considering she left the door wide open anyway wasn't a big deal I think she just can't help but talk ! Gave her a hug and a kiss which turned to dfk which was nice as it kept her from yapping lol. honestly she talks a lot even when we got undressed and she started bbbj she would stop to start a conversation kinda a mood killer but I quickly realized if I put something in her mouth the talking stopped ! I had asked for bbbj SS. and she quoted me $70 which seemed high for only bbbj but I had been trying to see her for a while so figured what the hell. The bbbj quickly turned to fs with no question of additional donation so I definitely got my money's worth ! Overall it was a nice time aside from the yapping she is a wonderful provider imho. Total damage $70 time spent over 30mins would definitely repeat. I would rate entire experience a solid 7. Oh yeah she mentioned biz has been down lately and she thought it might have something to do with a bad review that actually said she was le. Obviously she is not le. And hopefully biz will pick up for her !
  5. steveoo1970


    Nice woman, older than what she states . Probably upper 40's Small Spanish chubby curvy, long curly or straight hair. Met her at the good ole Hollywood motel on rte109. 120hh she is a little chatty. But I can deal with it. She started by massaging me lightly. Then massaging mr Johnson. That went into bbbj. Lfk mish for a while 10 - 15 minutes. Released while she was pushing herself into me harder. It was nice. Not awesome! But nice! She said she would give up the Greek in the future but I would have to let her know ahead of time so she could cleanse herself. If In a pinch and in need, I would visit her again.
  6. Slinky Bender

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  7. Norm


    Seen her a few times $180. For hour. Kissing, bbbj, 2 pops, GFE, Incall Hollywood rt109. She was good but a little too chatty.
  8. holla7


    I saw her late last year for the half she was very good imho hadn't seen her before that in over a year she put on a little weight but that doesn't matter love my women with a little meat on them personally. Very smooth skin and always smells good. She just came out the shower I helped her dry off and we had some small talk then the fun began. She started with a nice slow bbbj nothing crazy or sloppy but like a regular BJ a girlfriend would give no porn star activity here fellas lol. Didn't want to finish yet so I asked if we could do some D'S this was a sight to behold not huge by any means but round and fluffy which was just right for her frame and size. I asked her turn over for some standard Mish this was good as well she got a little wet and had that glazed look in her eyes. Then requested rcg boy could she ride at this point couldn't hold back anymore pulled off the bag and let loose on her ample bottom. I was spent stayed a little bit over the time but she wasn't clock watching and didn't seem to care. Some small talk as I got my things and I was out the door. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said come back soon and don't be a stranger. I said sure and smiled while walking out. Thought to myself why did I wait so long to see her smh.
  9. pilotman


    $60 is for BBBJ only, but she's very good at it. FS is $120 half. Not sure what her hourly rate is.
  10. OpenMind


    Thank you jrr88. Keep us posted and next time I'm in LI, I will try her out as she seems really nice and that's a good price.
  11. nyg5577


    anyone know what her 60 speacial or newbie speacial is? saw her post on BP this morning
  12. jrr88


    Her recent add says 60 ss, I will try and confirm
  13. ModernDayCowboy


    I wish she worked during off hours. I'm taking some days off in December, would be nice if she was working those days.
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  14. pilotman


    After a bunch of failed attempts, I was able to connect with Christina toady, and I'm happy to report that it was definitely worth the wait!

    Had a rare weekday off today, and saw her ad on BP first thing this morning. I called and as usual it went to voice mail so I left a message. I was about to give up a couple of hours later and arrange to see my old standby when the phone rang and it was her. She was at a well-known place by the airport on Route 109. Typical two call system and she gave me the room number (right by where I parked) when I arrived.

    I will say that she was shorter and a bit heavier than I expected, almost a borderline BBW, but she still manages to be very sexy regardless. As others have noted she is very chatty, but really not in a bad way. Off come the clothes and she goes to work on Pilotman junior like a champ, with lots of attention to the boys and good sound effects as well. Then we started making out like a couple of teenagers for a spell, and that was really hot too. the on to some 69, and she was clean and tasty, and really seemed to enjoy herself. On went the cover, and it was CG, sideways CG (new one for me with a provider), and some pounding mish. She could sense that I wasn't going to blow in the bag, so off it came and I subsequently got the BBBJCIM to end all BBBJCIMs. This girl's skill set is insanely good! I blew a colossal load (and thought I was going to pass out) and she took it all until I was fully drained. We spent some time chatting after that and went about 15 minutes over the half, and she never watched the clock once.

    Christina might not be the prettiest girl you'll ever see, but she way more than makes up for it in other areas. If you like super thin girls that are younger (she told me she was 44 which was fine with me) you might want to look elsewhere, but I think it might be the best $120 I ever spent. Will definitely repeat.
  15. Li631


    Had a break in the schedule today and decided to try Christina after never being able to connect previously although many months ago. Been out of the fs for many moons and decided to dip the feet in again. Gave the call and was called back 10 mins later with time and location, 1 more call for room number and here we go.
    Some chit chat (alot of chit chat ss stated before) but in a pleasant way i must say. Then the get comfy part i lay on the bed as she exposed her naturals for some play while she strokes softly to get the blood flowing after a looooong week at work and personal issues.
    On to a great BBBJ with ball play and dt not choking but enough. Then some 69 and straight DATY at her request as my tongue was her toy. After 10 minutes i figured she wasnt going to have one so was stopping and she looked smiled and requested more... Didnt have to ask twice i love to DATY with the moans and all and finally her O or faked O who knows but she was slamming the bed and grabbing pillows and trembling all over the place below so who knows. She asked that i keep going a little more as she appeared to be real sensitive but pulled me back in for another couple minutes until super sensitive.
    A little stroking to get the blood flowing then some more BBBJ then the cover.
    Mish while she tensed up and moaned again then just before i blew i recalled previous reviews about "the position". Knew i wanted that going in and she did not disappoint. The side cowgirl is worth going for. She got me like a tree trunk til i couldnt last any more and blew in the bag, she rode and rode to get every last drop out of me and into the bag (almost got me up again honestly as fs has been awhile).
    Wet wipe clean up very good (again almost too good).
    Definately worth the 120 hh investment for a heavier (not bbw) woman that goes the extra mile.
    Would definately repeat if my options are limited due to ...
  16. trigeek


    Better keep her mouth full because if u don't she never shuts the fuck up.
  17. OpenMind


    I would love to try Christina based on these great reviews. Does any of Christina's regulars know what her bj only quickie rate is for new customers?
  18. Quint


    In my experience she only answers when she has posted an ad on BP that day. And when she is not with a client. Good luck.
  19. Thomasspa


    Calls go to voice mail, how do you reach her?
  20. lovelight


    I've been trying to hook up with Mandy lately but I just can't get to her because of my schedule and my mongering has taken a weekday only Nassau /western Suffolk kind of turn. Called Christina today and left a message figuring she'll never call back but to my surprise she did about ten minutes later.

    She sounded like a real sweetheart on the phone so I made an appointment for an hour later.Farmingdale area,bit of a drive but I had extra time .Quoted me 120 HH and gave me location. Typical two call system.
    I arrived exactly on time and she picked up my second call without delay gave me room number and off I went.

    I was greeted with a smile and I gave her a kiss and dropped the donation on dresser.She never looked at it ,ever. I started disrobing as the clock was ticking already. Started with her playing with Junior and the boys followed by a nice slow long bbbj with lots of attention to the boys with her tongue and hands. This went on for a good ten minutes,her skills are exceptional in this department!. Went into CFS,cowgirl,some sideways cowgirl that she seemed to really enjoy ,doggy ,mish . She felt great moaning and really getting into it and I was ruthlessly pounding her which she duly noted. Couldn't bust with the cover for some reason so we went back to BBBJ,another 7-8 minutes of great BJ skills with CIM and she kept on it until I was completely drained.

    Well worth the price of admission,no nonsense provider with a great attitude and skills . I enjoyed her company .