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Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by seeker6591, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. handjive


    The boycott posts were sooo annoying. What a waste of time. I'd rather the guy spent half as much time writing a real review so I could decide who to spend my hard earned money on than wasting my time with that boycott nonsense.
  2. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I think that both sides misunderstand what it takes to have an effective boycott. Not all that dissimilar to monoply issues.
  3. buzz99


    I just think we're lucky a reverse boycott didn't happen. If CL providers decided to cut off supply for, oh, a week or so, prices would jump. I can only imagine where prices would be if they kept it up for a month.

    Of course, there would always be the same collection of skanks and rock stars...

    I notice none of the agencies raised or lowered their prices. But I guess they'd be a little more worried about a boycott, real or not, than most.
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  4. jruder


    Boycott never did make sense

    I never did understand the boycott.

    I kept waiting for someone to threaten to cut off his dick if the providers didn't lower their prices.
  5. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

    At least I know that if I ever need JL all I have to do is compare commercial sex to food service and he'll come a running.
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  6. justlooking


    Nah you're missing the point, uppercuts.

    If all the people who don't go to Le Bernadin cuz it's so expensive got together and agreed never to go there, Le Bernadin would have to lower its prices to the same level as Nedicks. It only stands to reason.
  7. uppercuts


    Never did figure the boycott out

    It seemed like a weird concept actually. I mean you can buy lunch for $1.00 or for $5.00 or for $25.00 depending on the kind of restaurant you patronize, and no one expects every restaurant to charge the same price. So why apply this idea to escorts and hookers? If I don't like the price I look elsewhere. So what's the big deal? I just don't get it.
  8. P.S.
    Amy I've got an Elf outfit I can't wait to put on you. And a Santa one for me. Can't wait to give myself a Christmas treat(YOU!)
  9. <<< agrees with Amy.
    Jimmy is like vermeer and adds something to that board in the same manner as vermeer does here.(wether you like him or not)Actually Jimmy's rants are at leats informative , while vermeers though possibly more entertaining are just that.
    billyS << I don't see any need for you to bring thoughts of seekers identity into this thread, while I do agree with your comment about newbies not doing research and paying too much for those reasons.
    and lastly, it would be pretty sad>>>ricarddo if your mind could truly be boggled by the idea that people like Jimmy really do exist. Are you from Kansas or something. There are millions of people like Jimmy in the city and even the burbs.
    Just some quick thoughts ...Hey Maybe I'm Jimmy LOL
  10. ricarddo


    My favorite part was the line that read "Jimmy Hoffa has left the building". If this guy thinks in the manner that he writes, then he truly is pitiful and beyond repair. Can you imagine the type of woman, whether a provider or a civilian, that would be interested in a clown like this? It's mindboggling to think that people like this actually exist!!!!!!!
  11. miss1971

    miss1971 <b>SILVER</b>

    its a free forum...if you no likey you no looky....i myself love jimmys posts...and thought that the so-called boycott was highly amusing....there will of course be one in another 3 months...same dude same shit...
  12. billyS


    Right, thats why you felt you needed to start this one. If it was long dead and no one cared then why did you bother to give us a fucking update of your buddies bullshit boycott?

    I see, which one of us is re-posting spam from a retard?
    No but I play one on TV.
    Good, that means I got the last word.
  13. seeker6591

    seeker6591 banned

    1. that thread is long dead,,,where ya been?

    2. your off topic

    3. the only one degrading the board at the moment is you

    4. are you now the moderator?

    5. my comments to your off topic comments are concluded!
  14. its_mousey


    That "boycott" was bullshit. It didn't go anywhere, except clutter up CL w/the same idiot(s) self-posting in an attempt to make it look they have a following.

    Bunch of (cirlce) jerkoffs.

    It's probably the same idiot who went by the very lame (and thoroughly gay) nickname "shades" a couple of months ago (who's probably the same fool who called himself "boycott master" before that).

    Whatever. -_-

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  15. seeker6591

    seeker6591 banned

    who's vermeer?
  16. billyS


    Then why do you repost his shit here?
    I don't understand why you feel we need to be subjected to his CL posts. No one cares. If we did we'd read CL. You are just degrading this board by posting his rants here. JMHO.
  17. seeker6591

    seeker6591 banned

    To Billy S.

    1. Let me clue you in to something...he's black and I'm not so...nice try tho.... ! lmao.

    2. If you like CL the way it is right now...more power to you. I prefer the old format where there was a nice mix of pro's and non-pro's with reasonable expectations.

    3. Your quite right...the boycott was a joke...and prices are much higher now than just a month ago. Whats left is mostly skanks, converted streetwalkers, pimps, and fake ads.

    As I said in the first post, the boycott was a joke and its worse than ever on CL.
  18. billyS


    The boycott was a joke. People take Jimmy Hoffa about as seriously on CL as Utopians take Vermeer. Ho's come and go on CL so even if you boycotted a few some other ho wil post a pic and some newbie will throw money at her.
    Two other things to consider Jimmy, um,... I mean seeker6591:
    1) Some guy will always want to believe that the girl in the ad is real and worth the money.
    2) Some guy will always feel that his experience will be different no matter how many bad reviews a girl has.
  19. seeker6591

    seeker6591 banned

    no boycott...just higher prices and even more noise. lol

    i think 200 is now a floor rather than a ceiling
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  20. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

    There was a boycott on CL?!!