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  1. Mr. Wet Wooly

    Mr. Wet Wooly

    What is Ms. Frisky now, like 50 years old?
  2. sallysts


    Some people like fat ugly girls...Who knows what he looked like...I think he just overspent by about $80....
  3. HotKarl


    I think you overspent by about 140 roses.
  4. njman2



    Am not able to post in CL.

    Met up with Alyssa after work today. A traveling woman - she was working out of the Holiday Inn on Rt. 1 North (border of South Brunswick).

    Alyssa isn't good looking; she's got a gut; she made me wait half an hour in the parking lot.

    That being said - she offered a shower - appreciated. After cleaning up, I walked out naked and she was all over me. I pretty much lay back and let her go to work. She kissed/carressed all over and then started to pay attention to the boys. This went on for about five minutes and she slowly started bbj. She's pretty good at it. Obliged me for some Italian and then tried to finish me off russian. This was not working - so she nqns'd me to completion. I was there for about 40 minutes.

    Looks - 4
    Service - 7.5 (the wait thing aside - she was good and had a good attitude)
    roses - 140
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