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Discussion in 'New York' started by April, Aug 28, 2001.

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  1. littleguy

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    I guess I like Julie's description best, but what I would suggest is FORGET USING GFE. It means too many things to too many people and therefore becomes a source of misunderstanding. I don't know about the rest of you but in my case, ANY misunderstanding (almost irregardless of how minor it is) has the potential of ruining a session.

    When I (re)joined the hobby 2.5 years ago, I understood GFE to mean DFK. What few ladies there were (especially after that fucking Pretty Woman movie (grin)) that DFK'd were seemingly hard to find, but they WERE around.

    I personally just want to hear the terms, DFK, BBBJ(TC,NQBS,NQNS), DATY, Greek, Asian, etc. If you want to add that a lady has a "girlfriend like" attitude I guess that's fine too, but frankly, IMO, if any lady does a halfway decent job of DFK'g, that is what a girlfriend is about to me.

    After all, some girlfriends will blow their boyfriends, some will not. Some will fuck their boyfriends, some will not. Some will allow their boyfriends to eat them out, some will not. Same thing with Greek, Asian, etc., but I never heard of ANY girlfriend that will NOT DFK their boyfriend. (Hence my older assumption that GFE=DFK.)
  2. Jimmy69

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    Here's the real deal ...

    GFE includes:

    1. DATY
    2. DFK
    3. BBBJ (TC is a plus)

    but also, the session has to be with a girl that is not watching the clock, is affectionate and can connect with her client mentally to an extent.

    Girls with barriers, none of the 3 points above, can in no way be GFE. Affection (to some of us guys) comes via the above.

    An above GFE or PSE includes, rimming and she must be a nymph to a degree.
  3. pitman_nyc


    I like Julie's definition of a GFE. I am looking forward to getting there one day...
  4. nj_buck


    A long time ago ...

    When I was very young and full of cum. I once happened upon a streetwalker that swallowed!

    Its about as rare as finding a dodo in downtown NYC, and it scared the sh*t out of me for several years worth of tests.

    I stick to my cover now.. so for me GFE is all about attitude.

  5. Bill Furniture

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    I like girls who like extra mayo!!!!!!! :)
  6. Julienyc



    Hi April,

    When I offer GFE I am offering a girl freind like experience which means BBBJ , DFK, all the things that make a guy feel like he is with his girl friend.

    I say Pro , if the girl gives the CBJ, and does not kiss but offers a full service.

    But ,You are right , in one way ,everyone has a different opinion when it comes to a GFE. It is so nice to have GFEs to offer to clients and they really make things easier than the girls who want to (hold the mayo) hold the mustard).
  7. Chernov


    GFE clarification


    I have not yet experienced the pleasure of your CLPC gals, but look to do so in the near future. You are obviously striving to fulfill the needs of your targeted market clients, and should be lauded for those efforts.
    In reference to your GFE question, it appears as if all respondents chosing to detail their preferred venues of sexual intimacy possess the same desires, and arrive at the same equation;
    DFK + BBBJ + DATY + Great attitude = GFE
    Easier said than done unless you have a physically varying selection of humanoids stored in the warehouse awaiting programing. The key advisory contribution I can offer is one you are already aware of; hiring the right person(s) who will enjoy exceeding your clients expectations.

    Good luck,
  8. misterxyz


    Before I was married, I dated and bedded a number of women. The first sexual experience, usually within the first date or two, included DFK, BBBJ, DATY and FS with a good attitude. That is what I would call a GFE.
  9. JohnJ

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    You forgot to mention...

    Constantly asking you for cash to go buy stuff and then getting your AMEX bill at the end of the month and seeing that they truly don't have a credit limit on your platinum card and still tell you she doesnt want you to cum in her mouth.....

    oh wait..... I thought we were talking about a WE gal.... the Wife Experience gal...
  10. nj_buck


    too much ...


    Headline reads:

    funny sh*t!

  11. Slinky Bender

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    You guys are all leaving out one key ingredient in the GFE: when you call April up again and see another girl, she has to call you at all hours of the day and night, leave nasty messages on your answering machine, put sugar in your gas tank..........;).
  12. jgd


    GFE = BBBJ, DATY, DFK and an overall pleasant attitude
  13. Phantom


  14. nj_buck


    GFE Clarification

    It is easy to see what a difficult position you are in with this question. Coupled with what you 'absolutely cannot' say, this is quite a dilemma.

    Is it possible to ask, "Are you looking for a girl with a great attitude, or for a full girl friend experience?"

    I mean could phrasing it that way get you into trouble?

    ~Semantic Disection Consultant.

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  15. hazmat



    Wow this is a tough one..

    Speaking only for myself of course here is my take :

    GFE = DATY + DFK + BBBJ + big smile and great attitude
  16. April

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    I always strive to give accurate descriptions of a gals service (in round about terms of course) That dam GFE question gets me every time. If a guy asks me for a gal who is GFE and she does DFK and DATY as well as non rush with a good attitude I will suggest her. Then I have girls who have the "girl friend attitude" but no DFK, or DATY non rush also, I usually say she is GFE but she might not be as accomodating as some others. Then there is bbbj is that a needed element of GFE? I'm sure this has been rehashed numberous times on here, but it would not only help me but also ensure that you guys get exactly what your looking any thought or suggestions would be appreciated, also is my "criteria" correct. I do understand everyone has they're own definitions but I'd like to get a feel for what the majority feels would be accurate.