Close Encounters in East Stroudsburg

Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by Boss Hogg 1980, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. NigelWick


    cams still around...a little pricey for HR, but there are times when the selection is very good. it's good if you have some quick time on your hands. making appointments with some women/agencies on short notice can be impossible. can't say enough nice things about Lexi.
  2. bigcecil


    I used to live about a mile from this place. I never went there, only because I heard lots of bad stories. High prices, not much bang for it. Cams in the rooms and lousy selection.

    Maybe times have changed?
  3. NigelWick


    I've usually been pretty happy there. There used to be a dynamite redhead, Lexi...and a brunette, Asia. Both were very pretty women and great fun to be with.
  4. Boss Hogg 1980

    Boss Hogg 1980

    It has been almost ten years since I have gotten a massage. I usually go to strip clubs, but milage is often hit or miss (or extras are quite expensive).

    I am home on vacation, and decided to get a massage at the place I did years ago, Close Encounters in East Stroudsburg.

    I went during the afternoon, which probably wasn't the best idea, since there are probably more women to choose from at night.

    There was exactly one woman available when I go there. Tanya was a decent looking brunette, probably in her late 30's.

    I paid $160 for a mutual massage. She made pleasant conversation and was flirtatous. She ended with a HJ.

    I can't say that I would recommend this place based on my visit. The fee I paid seems to be a little steep considering the services offered and lack of choice in women, especially considering what I have read is available at AMP's for similar prices.