Club Risque, Philadelphia

Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by reddy4uu, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Aegis911


    Extras WERE available at one time. I've had just about everything upstairs - but this goes back several years. Once management finds out what is going on they fire the girl.
  2. TheJokerXYZ


    Club Risque rocks...

    my fav in Philly. Get to know some of the dancers, massage girls, shot girls, bartenders and waitresses that have been there awhile and you'll have a blast - and they wont hound you for dances, they'll just sit and hang out. Never had a bad time there.
  3. DoNotDisturb


    I've been to the one in Bristol, PA too. Not going to get extras in the club, but take-out is possible. There are some dancers that work at both clubs. Bristol seems more like a neighborhood bar ( with the addition of the semi-clad ladies walking around ). Philly has a nice setup - bar and stages.

    Having been down there in a couple of years, mean to drop in with a buddy that lives in the area
  4. reddy4uu


    I usually peruse the AMP scene downtown, but with the current heat making me uncomfortable, I went to check out one of my favorite strip clubs, and was generally not disappointed.

    At 4pm, there were plenty of girls, most in the 7-8 range, smaller amount of patrons, no cover, free snacks, and cheap drinks. Also, the barmaids didn't hassle me to keep buying. Instead, they were happy to provide if I needed, but weren't pushy. There are always two girls up, rotating from the back to the front stage, and then around the inside of the bar for the tip parade, and finally going outside of the bar for lapdance prowling.

    When I was there, it seemed to be the pre-dinner rush break time for the girls, who were quickly taking breaks, eating, etc. I have to say, all the dancers were very friendly in a casual way.

    I did want a good lapdance, and after an hour of patience, saw Ebony on stage dancing away. Up on the platform, she seemed passionate, playful, and sincere - three qualities that I look for. I'll take a "real" girl anyday over one that is surgically enhanced and has an attitude to match.

    Suffice it to say that my dance lasted two songs (20 per dance), and was quite fulfilling. I've never had any extras at Club Risque, but I have always had excellent laps with lots of roaming and contact. You be nice to them, they will be nice to you. Enjoy.