Coconutz in AC

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  1. zarathustra88


    Over-priced water, higher priced laps, cops and guns would rub any monger the wrong way. But try going before six (and no cover 'til seven) when cold Amstel's or Heinies are coming in at 3 bucks a pop (more effective attutude adjuster than H2O) and the girls are still allowed to do laps @ twenty. Based on Dooley's report and my own first visit luck here, I've been mining this place for hidden gems over half dozen daytime forays. It's a fifty/fifty prop in the back-hit with a young WOC Tues. Played a little nip 'n suck, then she got handy, and before you know it I lost it (and my finger). On way out she implied extra-curricular possiblities. But a couple other daytime fixtures have been strictly conventional. And no doubt about it, it's a rough hood and could take on a whole dif complexion after dark.
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  2. madvex


    Coconutz downhill

    Stopped in CCNTZ last weekend on the usual AC recon mission.

    Found that they have installed a new, larger stage up front which you now sit at w/ dancers above as well as all new ,low chairs around that stage with the bar logo embroidered on the back. The back area is not changed.

    I guess since they laid out the cash for this they decided to recoup it everywhere else... a 6 oz. bottle of water is 3 bucks. Not 10 or 12 oz. (like usual) but SIX f'in ounces! Tiny little fucker. I have never payed so much for water in my entire life (not even in the middle of the Sahara!)

    More importantly... regular laps are now $30 per song and the "champange" room is now $150 - these are up from $20 and $100 respectively. The worst part... for ALL dances the bartender collects the cash.. so if you find a gem and are getting into it - forget about it when time is up, no paying the dancer direct or getting a 3 for 1 deal - you have to physically get up and go pay the bartender again after every song for regular laps... unreal.

    So.. awhile back this place could be fun... that seems to be over now.

    Lastly... when I tried to go the place was COVERED in cop cruisers w/ lights going and cops everywhere out front. The road was basically closed to all traffic. I did a few drive-bys at either end and went down and around the alley to get a look. Seemed they had a few guys out front and a huge crowd of both cops and regular joes under their pink awning. When it was over (over an hour later), the parking lot was MUCH lighter and inside was dead. I asked the bouncer wtf was going on and he said the cops were taking sum1 out of the Playground.. ummm.. BULLSHIT. Later I asked a slightly fucked up dancer and she told me sum1 had a gun inside.. wonderful.

    Scratch this place off yer list - I already have.
  3. alphagod


    Was at Coconutz last Saturday. Day shit was extrememly slow... There were about 4 girls there and only 1 guy at the bar. Girls were desperate to get some cash... I got a dance from a very hot latina.... I don't recall the name though. She said she was available or take-out. I'll be back in the area for labor day.... Hope she will be available.
  4. bomber6989


    I've been to International Spa several times. Never a bad experience. F/S every time.
  5. hobbyman08401



    The peep show places are so not worth it in my opinion. Unless someone has had better experiences, mileage stinks there. Its big bucks for touch yourself and look at her touch herself...wahoo...boring

    Now qualify I only went to one place on Atlantic near International spa, one time. It stunk so bad never tried another.
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  6. Dooley


    Zara, The cover on Sunday night was $5. I don't think they ever close earlier then 2am. Off topic, but I was just reading my report that I wrote, and damn I can't spell! LOL. So if my writing doesn't make sense, just keep in mind that I didn't pay much attention in high school, and never went to college :0

    Anyway, looks like I'm gonna have to go nights now, and frequently due to personal (wife) issues. BTW could someone recommend any other clubs in AC that offer extras? I'm not into picking up streetwalkers, even though there is plenty to be had here. I was thinking of going to one of those peep show places. You think I could get lucky there? I don't know, I guess I'll have to try myself, and report back to you guys. I don't mind going on adventures. LOL. I'll get back to you all soon. BTW, should I be reporting that in this thread, or should I make a new one?
  7. rcbball


    Anything else going on in AC area

    I am in OC this week and remember a few places out on Rte. 40. Anything still out there worth visiting.
  8. zarathustra88


    Dooley-great reports. I think I had the pleasure of the same Carib few months ago-she was so good I only lasted half a song with her-and never got to your point. I found communication impossible with her-couldn't get a name or price-let alone a schedule. Gone back 3 times (all days-can be deserted but like the cheaper LD's and privacy) and never struck gold again. Routine dances from a beautiful young Asian and yesterday from Tiffany-a skinny and personable girl who was the only dancer on the premises at five o'clock. You are right -there are six opposing and spacious cubicles and you'd only have a prob in the unlikely event a pair were directly across from you. Btw, I don't think a manager 'peeping in' for any reason is cool. In spite of my lack of success last three visits, I'm going to keep trying 'til I'm sure there's nothing I'm missing. Btw, what kind of cover did they hit you for on Sun nite? And were they closing that early?
  9. Dooley


    *Sunday the 30th around 10:00pm*

    Thanks flabber, will do.

    I went again on Sunday night as I said I would, and got to do a "dance" with a girl named Alize. I only remember her name because I have had that sickly sweet red drink before. Alize is a light skinned black american girl, with a juicy butt, red braids, and a cute face. She was very friendly, and seemed willing to please. She ended up giving me a nice handy after she worked me up at the bar for $80. Mind you the dances at night are $30, and day shift the girls can charge what they want. That's what the manager told me. BTW, he did peep in, but just to make sure the girls ok, and if she gets another dance. He seemed to be real cool, and laid back for a manager.

    I did see that pretty caribbean girl that I had fs with, but I missed her as I was going out. There was also a cute thin Rican girl with long black hair, and a birth mark on her butt, that danced like she could be willing. Guess I'll have to try next time.

    I do what to point out on the negative, that it might be a little harder to get extra's if it were to get busy in the back because the couch dances all take place in one area. They can't see what your doing from the from the sides because the booths are tall, when your sitting, but if there were to be someone getting a dance across from you would kind of be able to see, If the dancer wasn't carefull.

    Going earlier seems to be more cost effective, even though the pickings are slimmer, and I know that YMMV because the first girl told me they call her names, like cheap ho. Damn right she is! I thought that was a good thing! (LOL) I keep you all posted.
  10. flabbergasted


    Dooley, great informative first post. Please let us know how you make out on your subsequent visits. Most of the joints in AC are rip offs and good to hear that there's a decent one now.
  11. Dooley


    *Tuesday the 25th around 4:00pm*

    To my surprise this place is not bad. Figured I try this place out, since I haven't been here in over a year. they still have treir own large parking lot which is great. As I step in side I noticed the club has been remodeled, with the front stage now triangular, and long, with seating around it, so that your able to tips the dancers, and get sneak peeks. The side and the back stages are pretty much the same.

    Ordered a beer, and saw three girls. One was a tall, way to skinny white chick, the other was a tall very nice build light skin black girl with great tits. The third one who was sitting by herself looked to be either a pretty black, dominican, or a tan brazilian, who was short with large breast,

    Watched two of them perform, then the short dancer walks over to me to say Hello. Very pretty face, and seemed to be young. She also had a thick accent, but I couldn't tell where it was from. She told me " I dominican n hatian" "you?" Wasn't really in the mood for small talk, so I pulled her on my lap, and she starts grinding me, and reaching behind her back to grab my manhood. She then turns to face me and comes close to my ear and makes noises, and moves like she's fucking to say " uuh uuh uuh" licks her lips and then says " let's play" She continues to play (discreetly) with my manhood, when the white dancer yells that it's her turn to dance. She goes on stage for two songs, and by the time she's done, the white chick, who I'm not at all attracted to is all over me, then grabs the stool, and decides to make her self comfortable. Now I don't know about you guys, but I can't freakin stand it when dancers do this. It's what you call COCK BLOCKIN, and it pisses me off to no end. So I tell the girl, that I was waiting for the girl on stage, and thank God, she has enough sense to leave.

    Anyway, soon as the short girl get's off stage I ask her for a dance, and we walk to the back of the club where there's a seperate room for couch dances, and there is also a room for VIP dances. She told me one dance is $20 so I was like great. No bouncers watching or anything. She sits on me cowgirl style at starts to grab my cock. I'm trying to pull down her top, but she won't let me all the way, because she says that the other girls don't like her, and call her bad names. She keeps her skirt on and pulls my cock out. I push her head down to signal I want a bj, but she says "no! fuck only". I ask her how much, and she tells me that I just have to pay for the dances. ($20each) wish I could be so lucky to pop in one song for only $20

    So she grabs her handbag, and pulls out a condom. she then slides her thong over, gets her pussy wet by licking her fingers, and then rubbing her fingers across her pussy to get it nice and wet, by this time I'm so ready for this. She slides thre condom on, then moans as she slide me inside her. When I'm done she cleans me up with baby wipes, gives me a gracious kiss, and says Thank you. Total cost $60 for three dances, and I tiped her a extra $20, just because she was so damn sweet. Asked her, her name on the way out
    (LOL ) and it was something like Lutessa. I don't know, my mind and body was in shut off mode at this point.

    As I was leaving, I saw another spanish girl, and a black girl. I didn't stick around after I released, so I didn't really get to see the other talent and potential. I will be stopping by here Tonight because she did say she works on sunday nights as she was cleaning me up. Will report back to test other dancers. BTW, there was only about three customers in the place, I guess cause they just opened an hour before I came. The white chick told me, nights have more girls, and more customers.