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    Thought I would start a thread for Colombia...Mongering paradise on this side of the Pacific!

    Anyone had fun there?

    I was in Medellin the last week of incredible women! And not just in the whorehouses jaja

    I already wrote in another thread about my first Colombian Whore. Basically to re-cap she was a sexy 19 year old who fucked my brains our bareback and demanded I cum in her pussy 3X!! lol Perhaps not my smartest move but when she does not leave your cock alone and thrusts her sexy young latina body on you again and again what choice do you have? ;)

    The third whore I had was in also one of the w-houses in the seedy part of town. She was a very petite blonde named Brenda. She was standing at the entrance when we walked in and had this cute little "come fuck me" look on her. We sat down and had a drink. This time I did not have time to taker her home so we went to the back for a $25 quick fuck. I got back there and the room was disgusting. She came over and started a cbj. She pulled down her pants and we started fucking. People kept opening the door and I did not feel very comfortable. I lost my erection and stopped after a few minutes. In my bad Spanish I told her I cannot have sex in the place and I cannot feel anything with this condom. She told me to call her the next day and she would come over and that I could fuck her without a condom. She said she had a cousin who was available too. I gave her a tip and took her number. Called the next day but she made some excuse up about her mother not wanting her to head out. Too bad as she had a very tight little body on her...about 4'11" 90lbs. Beautiful girl.

    The next whore I had in Medellin was (I think its all kinda blurry at this was Juliet. She was a girl my friend had told me I would fall in love with. he had seen her in a nicer whore house 6 months previous and 2 of our mutual friends had fucked her. Maybe I was expecting a goddess because of the way he built her up " will want to marry this one!" but when she got out of the taxi in Parque Llares I just wasn't all that impressed. She was about 5'7" 130. Pretty girl, nice ass...but she wasn't stunning.

    She joined us for dinner and we had some good conversation. She was actually out of the whore business and now worked for a paper. We went to a night club and had some drink and danced. We were having a great time. I invited her back to the apt and that's when it happens. We get to my room and she say "Did Willy tell you I charge?" At that moment she went from a gf to a pro and I lost my interest in her. We had a basic fuck, no real kissing, I gave her 100,000 COP and sent her on her way. She lost her soul in the whore-house. I was going to call her again but I wasn't in love.

    I think that was it for whores on my trip. Of course I wasn't in Medellin just to whore...i was with my best friend and his gf so I spent much time site seeing and trying to meet a non-pro. Went on 5 or 6 dates during my trip besides the whores.

    Of all the woman I met...and some were one comes close to my Paulina. She was the second whore I had in Medellin. She was my soulmate and I would marry this whore. I wrote about her extensively in another post, but let me copy and paste because she is worth it LOL...

    ....I had been whoring it up a bit with these beauties and met some legit women, but no one I had a connection with...until one night when my buddy Will says we need to go to the whore houses. The closest thing to Thailand I've been in.

    We pass through a few in downtown Medellin while I look for something I want to take for some fun. Finally, as we leave one I see this petite girl with amazing legs walking into the next club. I knew I wanted her. We followed her in and then I saw her. Absolutely least in my eyes. She was about 5'0", maybe 90lbs soaking wet. 18 years old with a 2 year old son. She only spoke Spanish and I had very little under my belt, so I used Jibbigo on my iphone to communicate. I was told it was 50,000 COP (around $30) for a short time, but I had to take her out of there. Paid 50,000 and took her back to our place for the night. We showered together and then we made love in my room. It was more than an usual sexual encounter. I would look deep in her eyes and we deeply kissed as our bodies bonded. The whole time I was thinking to myself "This girl is the one, I love her".

    When we finished, we spent the next 2 hours talking using google translator. She was so incredibly beautiful inside and out and I truly felt I connected with her soul when we looked into each others eyes. Dark hair, gorgeous face, petite frame, cute raspy voice and adorable smile with a few crooked teeth. Totally lovable. Here was a girl from a very poor family who had a rough start...but I could see a very beautiful soul in there that needed someone to love her. In the 3 hours we were together I felt her leave that awful life and start to live again...she told me about her life and dreams and how she wanted a new life. I told her about living in NY and how I wanted to help her.

    After 3 hours, she told me she had to get back. Her birthday was the next day and I told her I would take her out. She had no cell phone, but gave me the # to the place she was staying. I got her a taxi and felt a deep pain as I watched her drive off.

    The next day I had my buddy Will call the number and was told no men were allowed to call. Very odd. We ended up going back to the whore house the next night and I explained I had tried to reach her with no luck. For about 30 minutes we talked before I had to leave for a dinner party. I gave her my friends # and asked her to call.

    The next day I did not hear from her.

    On my final night, we stopped by one more time. I saw her and she acted a bit reserved with me. I decided I wanted to take her from that place for the night but she said she could not leave. She said her "ex" was from a gang and she had to pay him in a few hours. I tried to plead with her that I wanted to take her away from that awful place but insisted she could not go. She gave me her email and told me to please write her.

    Leaving her that night crushed my heart and I still have much sadness inside because of her. Its not so much that I fell in love with a hooker from a low end whore house as much as i know how her story will end. If she is "owned" by this pimp then her life is over. A beautiful soul that will become hardened over time..she'll most likely become addicted to drugs and end up dead from that or some disease or violence. I've sent her 3 emails since the end of March and have never heard back from her. She had no phone so I have no #. This girl touched my soul and I feel like I was supposed to save her...but I tried and was not able to. I would have given her unconditional love and support for her and her child. I would have changed her life and saved her from her awful circumstances. Yet i was not able to.

    When I think back to our first night, I still remember exactly how she looked up into my eyes with such a sweet innocent look of helplessness. I just wanted to hold her in my arms forever, kiss her softly, and tell her I will love her forever....but it seems like that will never happen.

    I have dated many, many non-pro's and had my fair share of pro's. I've never been married, but have come close a few times. I know many on this board can relate in some fashion to meeting someone who you truly connected with only to know it would be impossible to be with. In my 38 years of life, I can honestly say I never felt a connection like I did with her. Someday I hope I'll find my Paulina again, but I doubt that will happen...all I can do is hope and pray that she gets out and has a better life