Columbus~VIP Veronika~1/13-1/16

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    "Apres Vous...slightly more than most but so worth the difference"!

    ~ VIP Veronika ~

    #561.393.8780 or 1.877.230.8900

    "Meet Me In:"

    Columbus: Wed. Jan. 13, 14, 15 & AM of the 16th

    Hair color - Platinum Blond

    Eyes- Brown

    Height & Weight- 5'6, 125

    Measurements- 36c-24-36 natural

    Dress & Shoe size- 6 / 9

    Implants- No

    Ethnicity - American with a twist ..I'm a mutt : )

    I Love - .Fine wines and dinner, snuggling ; ) , traveling..just returned from the south of France , was amazing. I love to be pampered and pamper as well. I am a very outgoing person not shy in anyway so conversation always flows with me.

    Favorite animal- hmmm..not sure..I am an animal lover

    Favorite flower- Gladiolas

    Favorite time of the year- In Florida where I reside its always hot so I love the winter here , warm during day but cool at night , absolutely perfect

    Favorite sport - Football..major fan, and yes i understand it !!

    Diamonds or Pearls? How about both together...pearls took how many years to grow in that oyster?? so I think they should be appreciated more.

    Girlfriend Material- Of Course

    Smoker - Almost quit

    Tattoos or piercings - Yes on ankle and back (small)

    Favorite drink - Pinot , sauvigon blanc,mohitos, list goes on.....

    Hobbies - I love to roller blade gives me a good physic, boating...I am a avid fisher woman (largest fish caught was a 34 pound black fin tuna)

    What you will like most about me-
    I am beauty and brains together..they should clone me..just kidding..I am very outgoing, usually put other people first before me although not always the best .Have an amazing sense of humor. I love going boating ( I can be your 1st mate) Any sporting events ..I'm a die hard dolphin fan and love going to the games as well as other teams and sports like basketball, hockey , baseball. I have traveled to many places in and out of the country and learning other cultures amazes me. Basically I'm the girl next door with something extra special.......I grew up in a small town still have that in me with a big heart...xoxoxo

    Spoil me with- I love flowers, spa gift cards, bebe , Marciano and of course you!

    Favorite Quote "Within you I lose myself. Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again"

    "Special On Tour rate"

    1 hour $400.

    2 Hours $700.

    Local in So. Florida - $500./hr.

    #561.393.8780 or 1.877.230.8900