Comin' to DC and Philly!!! YIPPEEEEeeeeeeee!

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by Amanda Witherspoon, Mar 3, 2001.

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  1. robnotbob


    May, huh??

    Since I won't see you when you're in NYC. I gotta get down to philly. Toss me an email, wouldya (new one is Make my 2 1/2 hour drive, worth it....
  2. What a happy camper I am. :D I really miss it up there, but I wasn't sure when I could make it back. Sooooo....I cleared off my lil' calendar from hell and *poof* there was a lovely free week in May.

    I have created a new website since I was last in either Philly or DC, and I'd love for you to come check it out (you can book your session there, too...! HOW CONVENIENT! LOL!) and let me know what you think!

    I'm also going to NYC and Boston in April, but my Boston trip is booked. If you are wondering "Well, what's so freakin' special about HER?!?!", maybe you ought to come down to the Houston boards and find out...

    If you already know me (robnotbob, LOL) and love me, then you better be SEEING ME when I'm up there or I'll hafta beat ya upside the head. No, better yet I will just get my goon Roberta to do it...:p

    Seriously, I'd love to have a wonderful trip and seeing you guys would definitely contribute to that!

    Have a grrrrreeeeeaaattttt weekend!

    Amanda :)