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    In theory Copenhagen is a good prospect, becuase prostitution is semi-legal. However, in fact, quality is low or least that was my experience in two trips there, totalling about 4 weeks. Supplement

    The welfare system is such that do not need to resort to jobs such as prostitutes in order to to make ends meet. And with the high taxes, theres not enough disposable income floating around to make prositution lucrative for the girls themselves on a mass scale.

    So you're SOL if you're on the hunt for hot, young, fresh Danish girls. The few Danes in the biz are mostly heroin addicts and the like. Not kidding you. There are several main types of providers/sex workers:

    a) low-end "massage" (read full service) places staffed by illegal immigrants, primarily from Asia, Eastern Europe and occasionally Africa. Often run by organized crime elements who bring in the girls and "run' them. The area on and near Istedgade (the street behind the main train station) is the prime territory for this. They will typically have a red light and some sort of oriental logos. Open just about 24 hrs a day.

    b) Street girls (HIGH percetage of skanky addicts) on Istegade at night. Saw lots of them, but I passed on this option - it was too depressing. For other areas of street girls, check the website if it is still up.

    c) The sex shows/strip clubs (very toursity). You'll overpay majorly if you get sex here at all. But hey, that's the strip club rule of thumb in most places.

    d) Danish Indie providers scattered around town. If you read Danish, looka their daily papers or the equivalebt of the Voice. If your having trouble figuring out which paper to get, go to a newsstand and tell the newsstand guy what your looking for. Even if you cant read the ads there are phone numbers in the ads. Most people speak good or passable English. At the very least, it'll be better than your Danish! The Copenhagen Daily News is an English language paper that also has a website. I trashed the url a long time a go, but I'm sure you can find it, with some work.

    e) Mid-range Outcall agencies that target businessmen. This is hit or miss. When I was there (1999), they didn't have websites with pcitures for you to browse. Again mostly Easter European girls, a sprinkling of scandinavians, but few and far between. Plus they try to pass off the easter Europeans as Danes, thinking you don;t know the difference.

    f) high end outcall for the well off - this is done by personal contacts rather than by Glamou Rores-style on the web and will have a few Danes and some Eastern Europeans. If you have business contacts of friends there, you may get some word of mouth, but be prepared to pay major amounts.


    I've never experienced it personally, but word on the street is that it's quite good. It's either legal there, or simply tolerated. You might try the World Sex Guide (the one run by someone called "the Banker", and not the other one of the same name which doesn't seem to have been updated in about 4 years or so).

    You might also try posting on the message board, which is a site about Amsterdam. Maybe someone'll be able to point you in the right direction (I know, it's a long shot).

    Furthermore, an Internet search with the words "Copenhagen", "sex", and "escort" (or some combination thereof) might reveal some useful information.

    I know this isn't much, but hopefully it'll help in some small way.
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    Need info for Copenhagen. How is it over there?