Cops raid Lodi massage parlor

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  1. murman36


    What a waste of $$$

    If I were a Lodi resident, i'd be pissed that my tax dollars were being spent on a "months long investigation" Cost tens of thousands of dollars. In the meantime, no doubt the police force is complaining about lack of resources, lack of manpower, etc. and need more $$$.
    Get the drunk drivers off the road!
    Get the drugs out of the schools!
    Get the guns off the streets!
    Just my 2 cents
  2. Jack_Maehoffer


    Except their own.
  3. northtime


    Yes, and they will publish the customers names in the paper too.
  4. dberns


    during a raid like this would the cops arrest any customers?
  5. MassageManiac


    Yeah - just say you're rehearsing before you roll tape.
  6. northtime


    The busts early Tuesday capped a months-long investigation, Schrieks said.
    Yeah, I'm sure Lodi's finest had to sample the merchandise many times before the bust. Hypocrites! Remember how many cops were in Ultima when it got raided? And why is it called "art" for a porn star to get paid to have sex on film but it's prostitution if there's no camera. These massage parlors should have a camera set up and call it art. Is it still legal if there's no film in the camera?
  7. Jack_Maehoffer


    Wednesday, January 4, 2006


    LODI - Authorities closed down an illegal massage parlor that was posing as a health club after a female employee made a sexual proposition to an undercover officer early Tuesday.

    Although the certificate of occupancy for the Green Forest Health Club on South Main Street says the establishment offers weight training and weight control, there was no evidence that it offered either, said police Capt. Christopher Schrieks.

    "It did have a barbell," Schrieks said. "But that was it."

    At about 11:50 a.m. Tuesday, a woman escorted the undercover officer to a room, then offered to have sex with him, Schrieks said.

    Police arrested Queens residents Wenjuan Shi, 33, and Yin Yu, 42, and charged them with prostitution-related offenses.

    They took three other women - Xu Lianjin, 38, of Queens; Hong Juanli, 40, of Queens, and Liu Li, 32, of Fort Lee - into custody for violating a borough ordinance requiring them to have state certification.

    Schrieks said the establishment, which opened late last year, had six small rooms and a shower. Each room had a massage table and a radio, he said.

    The busts early Tuesday capped a months-long investigation, Schrieks said.

    Last year, Lodi officials adopted an ordinance requiring that such establishments and their employees be state-certified.

    Shi, who was charged with prostitution, was being held on $2,500 bail Tuesday at the Bergen County Jail.

    Police issued summonses to Yu, who was charged with promoting prostitution, and the three other women.

    The investigation was conducted with the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, Schrieks said.