Cosmopolitan Escorts-Beware!

Discussion in 'New York' started by nychelsea, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. nychelsea


    Tried this agency from the NYC Yellow Pages in my hotel because I did not have my laptop with me. They sent a lady named April, who seemed pretty friendly at first. She wore a black bustier that was sexy and she had a very good body. Pretty woman as well. I would rate her 7-8.

    As the time passed, she seemed reluctant to take off here panties - a bad sign if there ever was one. Bottom line: HJ only, not BJ or FS. Then she copped a major attitude when I asked her to leave. She insisted on staying until the time was up, saying that she couldn't get back into her building!! Turns out this girl was a real loser.

    A horrible experience. I should know better by now than to call an unknown agency after many years of hobbying. Since I put the session on a credit card, I'm going through the protest routine - at least it will give the agency a hassle! I'm better off sticking with the indy massage chicks - they often will provide extras when you get to know them!

    Happy Hunting to all of you - this is my first post in awhile.