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Discussion in 'New York' started by Richardrzhpippin, Apr 28, 2001.

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  1. jmcurry

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    25 years places us in the leisure spa era. I suppose I am dating myself, but when I returned from Vietnam, I found the leisure spa scene exciting. Spartacus, Caesar's, Tahiti, to name just a few, offered full service with upscale ambiance. The hobby thrived in those days, with numerous venues, all listed in Screw. Does anyone remember those places, or have they become anachronistic relics in a less permissive age?

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  2. Casper


    Doing the Math, I'm not that old I hope

    Hardly in the hobby for 25 years, more like 15 yrs, on and off, mainly off, but I do recall the areas around Lexington and Park Ave. Those were the days my friends so sad they had to end, but those of us that continued to have the "urge" found alternative sources ie: the net to help us accomplish our goals. Although I've never visited Julie's "yet", I've been to similar places during my more active hobby days and they are like finding a Diamond in a pile of coal. It's a tribute to what someone can accomplish when they have a good product and keep customer service a high priority. That all i have to say about that.

    At this time I'd like to give props to Al Gore for inventing the Internet (lol).

    Peace out
  3. RoosterC74


    Response to Slinky


    Possibly did see you on 32st. However, my main stops were in the 27th-30th Street area around Lexington and Park Ave. Wow-were those the days-John Lindsay/Abe Beame and a whole lot of enjoyable times. Sure as hell was a great deal easier.

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  4. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Damn You.......

    Damn you Slinky.......25 that possible. I thought we where about the same age. I been doing this since I'm 16, which would make it 15 years... What did you start when you were 8.....
  5. Slinky Bender

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    Gee, 25 years, that's about the same as me. Did I see you one night on 32nd Street ???? LOL.
  6. RoosterC74


    Response To Carl About Being Picky

    Right you are, I am quite picky. After being around this hobby for about 25 years (gosh-am I getting old), I really like the few real gems we find. Julie does run a classy place-and although Elanya was not around today-I may need to give her a try. I have heard from several people that I know and trust, and through the Boards, that she gives as good/if not better bbbj's as our little French Princess-Cecilia. That is just about making this Rooster Crow uncontrolably. I wonder if we will be able to walk out of the place at the end of the session?

    And as for you Carl-thanks for all of the recent tips. I truly appreciate them.
  7. jjbond



    I have to agree i have been to julies many times over the years and have had great experiences with the ladies and all the people are friendly julie, tess and beverly its a fun place with nice people.
  8. Carl M

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    Coming from a picky SOB like Mr Cogburn, I take this as the gospel. Looks like I have another place to go to when I get to NYC.
  9. RoosterC74


    Cost Benefit Julies

    Visited Julies for the first time today for a nooner. I had the lovely opportunity to spend an hour with one of Julies finest-Fatima. Fatima is a Canadian Girl with very soft skin, a warm personality, and a true GFE. As for her enjoyment of DATY-well that is very well known. She is a true screamer-and loves every minute of it.

    After some careful screening-all went well. On the way out, I had an opportunity to chat with a couple other of Julies Finest-great lookers. I would certainly recommend the place to friends. For the bucks you can not go wrong.
  10. Monk


    Perhaps Julie's should consider enacting human resources policies that other "legitimate" businesses use to maintain employee loyalty. Like end-of-year bonuses, profit sharing, educational reimbursement, medical insurance, deferred bonuses, etc. :)
  11. HornDogBuddah


    I think Julie does an excellent job of screening her providers and offering a wide enough selection of looks and body types to match most tastes. She is responsive to our comments and suggestions and takes feedback seriously. She clearly has her finger on the pulse of the business and has defined a niche in which she is a market leader.

    I just wish she offered a no smoking section (with providers who are smokin' yet non-smoking, if you get my drift). The new place doesn't offer much in the way of ventilation and the cigarette smoke is quite noticeable. (Query: is it the providers' oral fixations that result in great bbbj?)
  12. DickNervous


    I feel that Julie, and the other girls, can proved a new provider with a great deal of help in getting started and becoming better at what they do.

    It can range from possibly sharing tips on things that "work" better when as far as performance, but most of all attitude.

    What sets Julie's apart is not only the quality of the girls performance, but their attitude as well. That is a very important factor in making the expereince better. To add to it Bev does a great job of making you comfortable when you get there and even hlpeing you decide who would be the best match for you.

    So, it is the whole expereince that is important. The 60 minutes you spend with the provider is key, don't get me wrong, but the extras that are wrapped around those 60 minutes help set one place apart from the others.
  13. fishfry


    Attitide is Teachable

    It is definitely the case that good management and training can make a woman provide better service. And it's not just about "acts" such as bbbj or daty.

    Good service includes such factors as how wll the woman pays attention to the guy, making him feel special. It's about a full 60-minute hour. It's about the man feeling that his desires and his comfort are important to the provider.

    A bbbj is only one factor. Hell you can get a bbbj from a street prostitute who sucks your dick and picks your pocket at the same time. [Trust me I learned this the hard way on the streets of San Francisco].

    BBBJs are a woman's personal choice. But you can tell at Julie's that the management is telling the women to pay attention to the guys, to make sure the guys are happy and satisfied, to never ever rush a client, and to make every man feel special.

    I call that great service.
  14. information


    I'm not sure exactly what sort of training a madame can provide. Can Julie really make someone good in bed? A madame can encourage certain kinds of high-risk sexual behaviors, but that hardly deserves to be called training. Everyone understands that lots of guys prefer BBBJ to CBJ. It's just a question of whether the girls is willing to take the risk, is comfortable with the activity etc. I think what makes Julie's such a great place is that she knows how to hire the right kinds of girls. I dobut that she can train a 'sexually incompetent girl' to become a Chloe or Inna. She just finds the kinds of girls that lots of clients like.

    On the issue of loyalty: isn't this pretty simple. Julie offers working girls three basic services:

    a) Access to clients, through regulars, advertisements, etc
    b) A place for girls to engage in sexual activity
    c) Security (from cops and dangerous clients)

    For this she gets about 50% (or whatever it is) of the girls' income. They are buying a-c from her. If they can get a-c in a more profitable setting, it's hardly a lack of loyalty for them to move on.

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  15. roderick007


    look I dont need to called names, for being clean, sorry to all that were bothered by what I said

    so to all of you carry on............
  16. robnotbob


    JJ: now, need to be down on yourself...
  17. JohnJ

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    Volunteer of Service

    Ms. Hunter:

    Slinky is too good looking for the assignment... You need someone butt ugly.... hence........

    I am willingly volunteering my services for this assignment as I have never called on any of the gems of CA and I am butt ugly.


    John J
  18. Slinkybender - be our undercover agent.

    I often wonder who is giving her number out....let's talk for special slealth task operation. We'll call it, "Operation here's-my-number-call-me-directly-next-time". However, if you look anything like an Adonis...the deal is all off! *just kidding*. if you are interested, call me at my office.

    Ms. Hunter
    Chief Operating Officer
  19. wsb


    I don't think there's anything wrong with a discussion of health issues pertaining to providers in general or even specific health concerns pertaining to individual providers or agencies (e.g., xxx provider regularly offers bbfs or I may have gotten an std while visiting yyy agency). Board like this are, after all, supposed to be sources of information on providers, and I would think that would be information in which johns would be interested. I do agree with Justme though that Roderick007 seems to have reduced the issue to a sophmoric level.

    Despite all of the other rhetoric, the regular availability of a bbbj is the main item that sets Julie's apart from the competition. There are plenty of agencies charging comparable rates for OK looking women that will treat you nicely if you do likewise. The main difference is that most won't offer a bbbj. If the girls at Julie's stopped doing so I'm sure if would have an impact on business.

    Of course, I like bbbj's as much as the next guy, but I can't deal with the idea that I might be the 8th or 10th guy who received one from that provider on a given day, which is why I stopped going to incall agencies altogether.

  20. EarlyRiser


    Like most guys, I prefer a bbbj to a covered bj. And I've had some tremendous bbbj's at Julie's. But the reason that Ive been a regular at Julie's for more than 2 years (Since 40th St) ISNT that some of her girls give bbbj's. the girl at Julie's I've seen the largest no. of times (I guess she's really got "under my skin") doesn't do bbbj's, and that won't keep me from seeing her again if she's available. I'm a regular at Julie's because of the way she runs her house and that probably boils down to Julie's (and Bev's) attitude toward the business and the girls and the customers.

    About 2 years ago after a WOW session with Katrina (I think this is the Katrina a guy in the other open thread on Julies is asking about -- and no, she diddn't give me a bbbj, though I did dine @ her Y) I asked her where Julie finds girls like her, and she answered that there's a network. I'd bet that many of the girls who go to work for Julie know more or less what to expect, and while I'm sure there are girls who wouldn't want to work for her, I like the kind of girls who do.