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    At the port entrance you make a left. When you see a gas station, you hang a right. There is a white house about 4 blocks down recessed and you have to walk around to the back. Hidden is a billboard with the sillouette of naked girls. There is an open bar with a roof but with no doors or wall and you can see 4 -7 girls sitting down there.

    They are all in their twenties (and they look older than thatand none are lookers. Clasical whore tourist trap. They all look like mexican milfs and none are thin.

    I had time to kill and picked the thinest of the bunch. Learning my lessons from Belize I asked and paid for an air conditioned room in the complex for $26. The girl fee for Americans that do not know how to negotiate because I had no clue where another place was, is $100/hr.

    The girl disrobes and lets you poke and prod to your hearts content (she is not doing any work so she is fine with that). I than ask her to do a BBJ and they ask for more money and tell her that is part of the cost. The $100 according to the manager is for unlimited time until someone comes. I can last hours and told him such. He doubted it. The girls found out the hard way, the manager was wrong (I have trouble coming with condoms). Cialis and a condom and I can stay there for days.

    BBJs were hand and very little mouth for both girls. This time I had two consecutively. I will explain later. I had her go CG, than doggie and paid $100 more for greek an still could not come. She clearly did greek before. No trouble getting it in, though she was somewhat uncomfortable with it.

    After 30 minutes. She just simply ran out of gas. I was never going to come so had her bring in another girl for another $100. She was more skilled but same thing happenned minus the greek. These girls have bad C-section scars. None are married and all have many children in their twenties.

    I eventually got off with a hand job. They were pleasant enough but was amazed and disgusted by my stamina. One said in Spanish, to the other girl (and not realizing I understood), that I was going to come some time "manana".

    It was fun enough being a tourist. I hope this helps someone else.
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    Going to Cozumel soon anyone have some info? Looking to know where to go and what it wil cost. Thanks