Craigslist girl in the paper!

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by darryl, May 11, 2006.

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  1. darryl


    LOL... I think all the Brazilians that post on CL have the same disorder! A million posts a day.

    PS Here is my good deed of the day for UG members.
    Never pay the $250 or $300 she asks for. Last time a friend of mine went to see her, he talked her down to $175 w/o too much trouble. From what I heard from him and a couple of others, whether it's $175 or $300, it's wham, bam, thank you ma'am. So it's probably better to talk her down.

    No thank you's necessary. ; )
  2. clicker2659



    she always postin and postin and postin.. she got ADD?? or bad memory??
  3. darryl


    Wednesday, May 3rd was the date of the issue. BTW, she must hurting for $$$ these days. This has been the 1st time I've seen posting pussy shots on CL. Always b4 it was the bikini shots.
  4. madvex


    Where & What is it?

    I understand your concern here... but, it's publicly available information posted in a newspaper anyone can pick up. I can't see how it could be wrong or a bad thing to re-post the text from it in another public forum. But.. I don't make the rules... so...

    Maybe just some more info would be good.. You said it was in the Social Section of the Brazilian Press, but not the date of or volume it was published in. That much info would be enuff if you're unsure of placing the text itself here...

    BTW, I looked for the article but it was not in the most recent BP journal I looked in...
  5. darryl


    My Portuguese isn't perfect but it was under the "Social" section of the paper. It has her name (which I don't know if I'm allowed to write here) and I believe the translation is that "here is ______, always hanging out Friday nights at _______". Guess now there will be a rush on back orders of this issue. Wherever this place is, guess it would be packed if I printed it here now huh?! Everyone trying to get a good rap and get a freebie! ha ha ha!

    Hey, if the Utopia powers that be allowed me to post the article, I'd find a way to post the article. Just didn't know if that was okay/allowed so I just figured I'd let u all in on my find.
  6. kilroywashere


    Why was she in the paper?
    what was the story about?
  7. darryl


    Just thought that some of you who've seen this girl (Adriane or Adrianna...forgot what she uses) previously might enjoy this little tidbit.

    I'm in the Ironbound section of Newark frequently. I picked up this Brazilian newspaper for my chiquita when she hits me with a surprise. (The following translated from Portuguese). "Isn't this the whore u banged awhile ago?". Yes, I ran into Adrianna awhile ago (when I was with my girl) and introduced her. After an argument one day with my girl, I threw in her face that I banged Adrianna before she became a pro (just to get her hot), which is how she knows her.

    If it's still out, just go anywhere in the Ironbound section and pick up a copy of the Brazilian Press, and you will see her photo (and real name) there. Hey, at least now you know her photos are real.

    Maybe if she gets more business because of this, she'll throw me another freebie like back in the day! ha ha!