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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Al Kikuras, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. SlickWilly


    have gun -- insert bullet -- pull trigger.
  2. BBGunn


    Even under maximum "risk", there's a far less than 1 out of 6 chance of me getting it - so it's still better odds than Russian Roulette, no matter which way you work it! :D

    Besides, your analogy doesn't work - it's not ever increasing bullets. It's more - switching guns randomly. Sometimes there are no bullets, sometimes there's one, sometimes two. And some of those bullets are rubber.

    Overall, all things considered, tripling a risk of HIV is acceptable for me when the risk is less than 1% in the first place. So I take that whole thing off the table when I measure risk in the first place.

    Like I said, for me, the only real risk (aside from being in SW neighborhoods in the first place) is Herpes. That's the only one I caution aspiring BBFS specialists like myself to consider carefully before embarking. :)
  3. fumpton



    Googled Kassy and all I have to say is damn, what an ass on her. I would love to tap that doggy style. I love those pouty lips too.
  4. benisbig


    Thorn show me where the rate of HIV infection in S.American or African countries is the same between men and women. All the numbers I've seen counter that. The total number of infected people are nearly equally spread across the genders with women slightly higher, however the rate inwhich women are being infected is higher than men now.

    HIV does not survive well outside of the human body because it is very sensative to changes in temperature. Things like infected needles don't carry HIV for very long but in the case where people are passing around needles for herion use it's relatively quick will do so but if you leave the needle around for an hour or so the virus will die.

    As an aside there was a group of men in America who had a faster growth rate then women, Catholic priests. Those numbers are a few years old though.
  5. kassyS


    Thank you, Mr. Thorn, for your nice reply.

    You have described in so many words, what I now do, in my husbands,
    business, for a living.

    It is all about Marketing, creation of an image, and once the perception
    and image is created, it sells itself.

    Now, continuing with the topic matter at hand,
    while doing porn, some companies would not allow you to wear condoms..
    So the participants had to get acceptable STD test results, at least
    In practice, in actuality, they grabbed any Joe Hardy, or Jane Pear Butt, to star.
    Any wonder, why sometimes, the participants are met with early retirement
    or death.

    But life goes on, and more importantly, business goes on.

    Hey, I am a street kid, it will never leave me.
  6. Thorn


    Oh, and for the record, I willl admit here as I have admitted elsewhere...

    I have had BBFS with working gals. Very infrequent, but it has happened.

    Most of the time it is simply a function of they started it and I didn't stop them. On the very rare occassion, because I truly wanted to feel like I was in 'contact'* with someone [and that is very rare indeed], I'd initiate it.

    * Now that is a whole other issue [in my case usually having to do with trust] that johns and providers deal with that ought to be discussed indepth someday, but not today.
  7. Thorn


    So, with all courtesy, would you care to explain the infection numbers for Africa and South America, where it seems that the main form of transmission is hereto-sexual sex? Or that the infection rates among men and women are relatively equal?

    I would think the matter has something to do with cultural aspects, because the biology seems to be the same for the geographical areas defined [that being "the world" in general]. And I don't know of any virus that has respect for international borders, so it isn't that AIDS respects the U.S. and treats it differently than Africa and South America.

    It is a conundrum, is it not?

    But if it is simply cultural differences, meaning such things as the presence of ritual scaring, tattooing with unclean instruments, a life style of very casual sexual mores, particularly among males, etc, that accounts for the much different face of AIDS in Africa and South America, couldn't such behaviors, such as having unprotected sex with multiple partners, particularly those who might have a higher likelihood of other STD's, or be intravenous drug users, etc, place one more in line with the African and S.A. cultural demographics, and make one just as likely to become infected through straight sex as they are?

    Believe me, I am not one to make life choices out of fear, but just something to ponder.
  8. Thorn


    Yes. In fact, the chance of infection where a non-HIV infected person is having bare back sex with another non-HIV infected person is ZERO.

    Let's work it backward though.

    Unprotected sex with an infected person increases the risk.

    If that person has other STD's which cause open sores it increases the risk.

    If that person has an immune system already compromised and is thus a breeding ground for the virus to increase its numbers it increases the risk.

    If the other party has, unknowingly, compromised his immune system by coming in contact with other STD's which have left him, at the time of his exposure, with not yet seen lesions on his sex organs the risk has increased again.

    You can work this backward, adding things like unprotected anal sex, etc, until you reach a point of maximum risk.

    Can you think of a scenario where it is most likely that the majority of these risk factors come into play?

    Is it understandable that to remove these factors is to decrease risk?

    There is playing Russian Roulette under the standard rules, with a single bullet in a six chambered revolver. Than there is the version where you put ever increasing bullets in the gun until the ultimate risk approaches 100%.

    I am asking, and the question is serious and non-judgemental in its scope and intent, which version of the game are you playing?
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  9. Thorn


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  10. Thorn


    Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: I am probably not telling you anything that you do not know but just in case.

    You do know that this business is really not much different from other businesses in general [I mean, other than it is illegal]? Most businesses define their potential sales pool as a market, and that market is further separated into segments. No single type of woman crosses all segments and covers an entire market. The client pool has a diversified set of tastes that cover many different types of body types, personalities, etc.

    You have fresh and youthful, two of the largest segments of the market working for you. As a product [and excuse me for referring to you as such], packaged the right way and with the right advertising, you would decidedly appeal to the high end of the "fresh and youthful" market segment.

    You also have a lilith, model like, figure. A "dancers" body [not a stripper's body, which is something entirely altogether different]. You could, again if packaged right and advertised correctly, go for the "glamour" end of the market.

    The game of traveling high end escort is all about word of mouth... Buzz. Generate enough of it and, basically, the sky is the limit. Of course, it has to be managed correctly, because the more buzz you generate the more attention you draw to yourself. That can be problematic. Just ask Heidi Fleiss. [Her girls were pretty, and did all the services in the way the high end market expected, but what sold them in their market segment was that "If they work for Heidi, they must be the best."]

    You find the right market segment to match your particular product [and if you can't find one you create it, but that is another story], generate Buzz, deliver within expectations, build your base and make money. That is the essence of business.

    Anyway... yadda, yadda, and the rest about being better off out of it, etc.

    Believe me, I am not trying to talk you back into providing.

    Being a provider or being a hobbyist [ugh, I really hate those terms] in this country is a lot like being gay. You are on the fringe of sexual conduct the majority of people won't condone, but they will turn their heads the other way and ignore you if you don't bother them about it. That doesn't make it not an uphill climb. :)

    Perhaps not, but I do understand. I won't say how, as that is my business, but I do understand.
  11. benisbig


    Well as long as it's within your acceptable limits. I don't usually partake in that because I'm married and have a steady girl friend and don't want to expose either one of them to any additional risks. Not all STD's are cureable, herpes can be treated but not cured.
  12. BBGunn


    Excellent points, Crisco. I could never bring myself to have BBFSTC if I were a woman - the risks are too great. But as a straight male, it's well within my acceptable limits for the very reasons you've cited!
  13. benisbig


    I haven't read all the posts so bear that in mind. I did read the linked article and some of the first posts.

    The likelihood of any of that woman's clients actually being infected with HIV from sexual contact from her is highly unlikely. Out of the estimated thousands of clients she came in contact with that had BBFS with her less than 1% of them probably got infected. Of course that doesn't preclude other forms of STD's.

    The little spoken of fact is that HIV transmission from female to male through vaginal intercourse or even anal intercourse is nearly unheard of. Please don't throw the name of Magic Johnson up because the statement does take him into account. The virus must be transmitted via an exchange of fluids that carry it, usually blood. How much blood do you get flowing into your penis during regular sex? Why is it heterosexual women the group of the population that is the fastest growing in terms of number of people infected with HIV?
  14. kassyS


    I am a few years beyond twenty.
    I have had two of my kids (the twins) when I was a teen ager.
    and I had one when when I barely turned twenty.

    All product of unprotected intercourse.


    Yeah, I found these pictures. Did that in 2003, now copyrighted 2005?

    Got paid over a grand for that shooting, took about two days, six hours per day. Did more shoots than that just shown on that website.

    Everybody in that outfit was professional.
    But we had a party me, the other gals, and the crew.

    Heh, yeah, there was sex involved. Isn't there always?
  15. frlix unger

    frlix unger

    Or even a typical NY office worker without the protrection offered by the Patriot Act.
  16. BBGunn


    Nope. None of the regular female posters, but at least a few who advertise, either independently or through an agency. :D

    Either extra money or heat of the moment gets even the best of them!

    Very true! and the odds of a man in the US getting HIV from an unprotected female pussy are SO small that as far as I'm concerned, it's negligible! Certainly nothing to freak out about the way I see people explode on this board. So unrealistic, hahahaha.

    Also true. It wouldn't be "risky" if nothing bad ever happens! Any potential BBFSers should always be familiar with the case studies of people who were injured in the line of duty! I know guys who caught some pretty nasty bugs that put them out of commission for weeks, though the most common....occupational hazard has nothing to do with STDs. It's getting assaulted by the SW, her pimp, or someone in the area. I worry a lot more about that! :)

    And that's appreciated. I think all BBFS'ers should be made aware that it's not a stroll in the park! But for those with the heart and the nerve, it's the most rewarding thing in the world! Mmmmmm.

    Ah, but you have and you did. ;)

    As have I!

    0% chance of you coming out of retirement? I saw those are SO hot. If I had to draw a picture of my ideal type, she would look exactly like you! Like you were pulled directly out of my thoughts and made flesh!

    Indeed! Part of the occupational hazard! But it could be worse.....I could be in construction. Abestos, lead paint, falling debris, collapses, falling off skyscrapers in high winds...whew! Those guys are crazy!!!!!
  17. manohgod2


    Kassy, I'm curious, If you don't mind me asking how old are you? (on a side note: I know it is not polite to ask for a woman's age, but you speak with a lot of maturity and insight into what it was like back in the day)
  18. kassyS


    Well, this is a little off the topic, but really I am not that good looking.
    The make up artist spent the greater part of that morning I remember
    working on me.

    It should be a great credit to his genius for making me look that way.

    Me, a goofy, scrawny, nearly flat chested girl. Oh, come on,
    would anybody here seriously pay $1000 per hour for that?

    Hey, I am a cheap fuck. I admit to having fucked a lot of men, and on occasion women.

    But that is life, or death, if you are not careful.

    And my career in the sex industry, yeah, did all right, made some
    videos, but most gals that come into this are mostly flash in the pan.
    Here today, gone tomorrow. They are in it for the quick buck,
    as soon as they get a little jingle in their pocket, hey, it's orgy time,
    get bombed time, splurge time, wasted time, whatever.

    Oh, well, guess none of them ever did any walking the streets when it
    was 20 F and did it for hamburgers.

    No, I guess not, that world is beyond them.
  19. Thorn


    White blouse, braids, white socks and sandles, is that you?

    1) I can see how you easily roped a Sugar Daddy in to be hubby.

    2) Your career in the sex industry was mismanaged. You have all the tools to have made some very serious money in this biz.

    That doesn't mean you would have done well in the end. Few do [though some, who truly have their head bolted on securely at the neck, make out]. But as high end traveling escort, $1000/hr up...

    I wouldn't have been a client at those figures, but there are guys who would be [though you'll find few of them on UG :D]. Here the majority of us are cheap fucks. [literally]
  20. Thorn


    In point of fact, cross treatment with retro-viral inhibitors [aka, "The Cocktail"] doesn't work for everyone. The medications can be highly toxic and some people's system just can't handle it [the treatment is more immediately life threatening than the disease]. Others find the effects wear off over time and new drugs need to be administered.

    Than there is the threat of HIV3. Several cases of which have been found in the NYC area. HIV3 is a mutation of the original HIV virus. It is more virulent, spreads easier and has, reportedly, a shorter period before becoming life threatening. It is also resistant to current retroviral inhibitors and thus isn't easy to treat.