Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club - West PA

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  1. etchi ya na

    etchi ya na

    Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club in Darlington, PA (near Beaver Falls) is a great spot. For a $15 cover and $1 non-alcoholic drinks, you get beautiful, completely nude dancers. The real attraction are the ultra small stages (approx. 6'x6') with chairs at the sides, allowing for an up-close-and-personal experience with the dancers. The dancers are very laid back and there is little pressure for tips (unlike Showplace in Dover, NJ). Nude semi-private couch dances are $20/song. There are also two other private rooms: a "bed" room and a champagne suite, neither of which I saw used the two nights I went. No extras as far as I could see, but one of the best strip clubs I've visited.

    I recommend Jaden. This acrobatic girl is tall and has tight abs. One of her tricks, other than swinging from the pole, involves a backward somersault onto the patron's head! She even clamped her thighs around my face while gyrating a very nice shaved pussy in my face. The last time around the stage she bit my nipple and sucked on my ear -- all for a couple singles. Not bad action for a night where I spent fewer than $30!