Credit card in amp?

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  1. Bandaid


    Politicians don't go to prostitutes as clients, they go as apprentices. It's sort of an internship thing.
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  2. bob cobb

    bob cobb

    From Wikipedia:

    "Springer was elected to the Cincinnati city council in 1971, at the age of 27, and resigned in 1974 after he visited a prostitute in Newport, Kentucky and came clean about it in a press conference, after it became public that he had written a check to the prostitute."

    Doesn't sound like a good idea...
  3. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    Speaking of a joke, didn't that great politician Jerry Springer once pay a streetwalker with a personal check ?
  4. rodeotofu


    believe me i wasnt saying it was ok at all. im just saying i knew someone who used CC's multiple times. was he planning on running for office? no.

    is that something most mongers do?

    i thought most politicians BECAME mongers, not the other way around. im kidding. that sounds like im sleighting everyone here, and im not. just trying to make a joke.
  5. Bandaid



    No flame. I agree with you in principle, but I think that if you get away with using a card in an AMP for more than a few months nothing is likely to happen, but there's just no upside to using a credit card and a million downsides. Those who say that the cops can't charge you with anything based on a credit card receipt may be accurate but miss the point completely. Nobody wants to field calls from the cops, nobody wants to have mysterious $1,000 charges show up on their bills, nobody wants to leave a trail for whatever reason. (Oh, yeah. Nobody wants to run up $20,000 at Scores on a United Nations credit card, but it happens)

    Using a credit card for mongering is absolutely insane. I can't believe people would even consider it. We have post after post after post about all the dangers of mongering with respect to getting busted, about this or that way you can get in trouble (many of them grossly exaggerated) and then people turn around and talk about buying pussy with a credit card? They're nuts.

    Hey, guys, anything the cops can do to you is pissant compared with what straight society can do. You'd be better off doing six months on a road gang than going through a divorce, or having your name plastered for your co-workers and relatives to see.
  6. barthomer2005


    I can't believe

    that this thread still has useful life... just when you think it was dead, someone else posts that "it's okay to use cc's in an AMP."

    Just a really really bad idea. Any good investigator, whether it be LE or private, can trace your charge back to you, and do it years later. Not talking 2 or 3 years, either... how about 10?

    Some guy tries one of these places on a whim & doesn't realize the $ cost, so he charges it. 10 years later he's now an upstanding citizen and being asked to run for public office. If someone wants to find this stuff, they will.

    Seems far fetched, sure.

    I just can't believe that someone would be so stupid to even ENTERTAIN the idea of using a cc in there.

    Okay now, you can all flame me for posting this.

  7. rodeotofu


    i knew a guy who would use cc's at these places... never had any problems, but then again, why take the extra risk? isnt there enough alreayd?
  8. DaveNJ


    I tried leading my house to water, but it seemed to prefer staying put. It must have been tired that day. Besides, I asked my house to stop drinking years ago and it has never let me down.
  9. weeweegrow


    ANother reason not to use CC, the extra charges, it can go towards gas nowadays.
  10. Spazen

    Spazen banned

    You can charge both. Charging costs more. Saometimes from $10 to $20.

    The Hill is an up & up place. All incarnations.
  11. flabbergasted


    Many of the AMPs and MPs are controlled by "organized crime" and why take a chance for them to use your credit card information for fraud?
  12. bigcecil


    I got in a conversation on this topic a few months ago with a friend of mine in le, and they *do* check cc records. They might not be able to prove that you did anything wrong, but they sure as hell don't mind calling you up, showing up at your house, and hassling you. Bottom line is that most guys get nervous and say something stupid or just cave in and talk.

    I used my cc one time, the very first time I ever went for a massage (and thinking it was a totally up & up place). Even now, years later I still worry about that receipt floating out there sometime. I can't imagine anyone being dumb enough to willingly give out that kind of information, and risk having their identity stolen. Those card swipers are cheap & easy to get. And once they have your info, they can ruin your life.
  13. Bandaid



    Read my post up above. It's got nothing to do with what they can prove. If you have to defend yourself you've lost already. It's the exposure and embarassment you have to worry about. Why would you even consider using a credit card in an AMP?
  14. societyboy


    As far as I know the only thing you charge is the house fee, the tip is still in cash. Even if the cops have a receipt all they can prove is that you were there not that you engaged in any illegal activities.
  15. breastlove


    I would agree- NEVER use a CC at any mongering occasion, you are just inviting trouble.

    Hell, I don't even call AMPs or girls with my Cell phone, the paper trail from that is almost as bad.
  16. gern777


    Yes...but there's a better way.

    All CVS stores and the like sell these "disposable credit cards". They're meant for people to use for buying stuff over the internet, but they are accepted everywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted. You just buy them with cash at any store. They are available in many denominations (I think the brand is "GreenDot Cards") and when the $$$ the card is good for is used gets tossed away. These are the best if you have a thing about carrying cash, but want to avoid the credit card paper trail. They are perfect for cash-less mongering!

    Of course..this is off topic of this thread. Personally, I think you'd have to be nuts to use a normal credit card for ANY mongering activity.

    Cash is King!

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  17. Woolybear


    If you have a strong adversion to using cash get one of the pre-loaded gift cards most of the banks sell.
  18. ForFun



    This goes under the old saying "You can lead a house to water, but you can't make them drink"
  19. RuffToy



    We do everything possible in this hobby to stay anonymous and operate under the radar. Even this board is a bunch of anonymous people. So why the fuck would anyone in their right mind potentially expose themselves by using a credit card for ANYTHING related to this hobby. I can't understand why anyone would think otherwise.

    If you want to use a credit card, take a cash advance at an ATM and use the green to pay the provider.
  20. james


    I agree with HotKarl that CC recipt proves nothing. But why to take risk. It is better safe then sorry.