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  1. benthere69


    Hey BillBob,

    Thanks for the review. Bi Bi sounds like a nice find. I love cute, petite asian girls. Your contribution is appreciated, but bare in mind that $140 at Ichiban can often get you FS. Don't go overpaying for a CBJ. Happy hunting and let us know what you find.
  2. BillBob


    I haven't posted much here before but I am always lurking around!

    Here's a quick review of my most recent adventure.

    Went to Ichiban in Stamford and saw "Bi Bi". Bi Bi (however you spell that!) has got to be one of the cutest Korean massage girls that I have ever seen! She's 25 (she looks younger) and she weighs about 90 lbs (I'll tell you about how I figured that out in a moment!) and she's got a very pretty face a perky little body. She's probably about 5' 1" or so.

    When I got there I gave her the $60 door fee. The first stop was the sauna where she sat with me for about 5 or 10 minutes...just fondling and chatting. There happened to be a scale in there so I asked her to get on it to see how much she weighed! I know it sounds crazy but, hey, I'm paying for this stuff you know! This is where I found out she weighed 90. After the sauna, then came the shower which scrubbed all the right parts and then we went back to the sauna for a few minutes.

    We then left the sauna and went to the room. Never once did she even mention money...she just began to massage me very nicely and of course began her "work". She left the room for a moment and came back in. Upon closing the door, she took off her nighty and thong and I just looked at this cute little body of hers...WOW! As I was lying on my stomach she moved her body all over my back and legs and licked all over and really went to town on the ass like I've never experienced before!! At this point I turned over and just played and played with that body of hers...I'm not into FS so the raincoat came on and I got an awesome CBJ....she was lying on her back and I was really drilling that thing down her throat...not too hard I guess...but as far down as I could get it! That only last about 5 minutes before the moment of glory!

    Anyway, enough of this story...all I can say is that I highly recommend this place and this girl. She is very playful and she never mentioned money to me even once. Even after it was all over she didn't ask for a tip but I gave her .8 anyway. So...all in all... 1.4 seemed very reasonable.

    Happy hobbying!