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  1. ChuckUFarlie



    That's the one. Hard to really tell what she looks like from those pics. I think her hair may be a little darker than those pics.
  2. April

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    So I guess it's a good thing I left my 4 pomeranians in Florida?
  3. greyfox


    I only see one Dafne on eros-ny.Is that the same one?
  4. miss1971

    miss1971 <b>SILVER</b>


    i WAS jokin' homie!!!
    i'm a dog lover BUT i don't have one...(nikki lives with my mom)
    #1 im too busy
    #2 i don't want any fur-shit-piss-vomit-foul odors etc in my home unless its MINE;)!!!!
    i hear ya!!!
  5. ChuckUFarlie



    You misunderstand, the dog was not particularly dirty or smelly for a dog. It's just a fact that dogs are. As dog person you just don't notice it. Remember just because you have some condition that you feel you need to project human emotions on an animal doesn't mean we all feel the same way. Personally I wish we were without them. Typical you say "poor dogs" how about poor Chuckie!?! Every time there is a breeze, I have to smell their shit from the pack of dogs in my neighbor's yard. When I'm trying to sleep at 3AM I have to hear them barking even if they're inside cause we live in NYC with thin walls and everyone close together. Let's not forget the pleasant sight and smell of dog shit and piss over our streets, always a nice surprise to find on your shoe on the way to an important meeting. Imagine if I presented my neighbors with the same kind of nuisance. Suppose I played my stereo at 3am and presented them with offensive odors that they had to smell when they were outside having their morning coffee. Forget it, they would have my head. But of course they can get away with it cause we value dogs here more than many humans. Oh well I better stop, I'm starting to rant..
    Anyway, I can't really say much of the bad session with her was intentionally her fault except keeping an animal with her. Maybe some of the guys might not mind a huge blotch on her ass. I came off kinda harsh, it may be a ymmv thing. I guess if you don't mind the birth mark and have a big dick I suppose you may have a good time. I still think she is overpriced.
    And Amy please don't start with that ASPCA stuff. You're gonna cause a commotion and have some poor john pinched or something.

    Also, anybody ever notice a lot of the South American providers have some manly features?
  6. ecpaul


    "Well maybe, if Penelope Cruz was hit in the head with a bag of jagged rocks 5 or 6 times. Not very pretty, some harsh features. "

  7. robnotbob


    Jesus, I just passed a bottle of soda out my nose.

    Great stuff. Sorry for your loss.
  8. miss1971

    miss1971 <b>SILVER</b>

    i'm calling the aspca...poor dogs!!...i use to work out of an aprtment in toronto..and bring my dog with me...everytime the buzzer rang..i'd put her in the bathroom...so just the other day..my mom said..nikki..(my dog) is SOOO STRANGE...everytime the bell goes..she runs into the bathroom...i wonder what she's scared of.....THATS MY GIRRRRRL!!!!! i'm going to ***** daphne..she's OBVIOUSLY in need of my grooming services. thanks for the custy CHARLIE....if i can overcharge her for anything I WILL in honor of your BAD SESSION! GOOOOOOOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. MetroJay1


    sorry for the loss. Hopefully your next experience will be better and make up for this one.
  10. vv1000


    You are a trooper for even staying, thanks for the warning
  11. ChuckUFarlie


    Pickings were slim one day a short while ago so I thought I'd take a chance and see Dafne from Eros, NY. She had an incall spot in midtown. Easy enough to get there. She opens the door and her little dog (or rat) starts pawing at me. I'm there 2 minutes and I already have dog hair all over me. She should have said over the phone that she shares her living space with an animal. Generally I don't like being around dog owners, they may not mind the stench of dirty hair, urine and feces in their living space but I rather avoid it.
    Well, we take care of business ($400) and proceed to the bedroom. I've heard Dafne described as a Penelope Cruz type. Well maybe, if Penelope Cruz was hit in the head with a bag of jagged rocks 5 or 6 times. Not very pretty, some harsh features. Unceremoniously clothes are off and she strokes me up and slides on the condom. Then I notice this huge birthmark on her ass cheek. When I say huge, I mean huge, about half of an entire butt cheek. It looked bad. It was a very bad spot for a birth mark, at least I hope it was a birth mark and nothing else. She saw me notice it and said, "Oh it's my beauty mark." Yeah right 'beauty' mark. So we switch to missionary position and I felt nothing. I know I don't have the thickest cock in the world but I don't think I was even hitting the sides. Felt like I was just fucking air. Not a pretty sight either, her pubic hair is kind of unkempt and the entire area is just not that attractive. So I knew this was going nowhere so I slipped the condom off and jacked off on her stomach and left. She was pretty much indifferent to the entire thing. She was polite but you can tell she didn't want to do any more than she had to.
    This was a very disappointing experience and a $400 loss.

    Looks (1-10): I give her a 3. If you don't mind that distracting birth mark maybe you would give her a higher rating.

    Service (1-10): 4 but I don't think it would have been possible for me to enjoy the session cause I didn't like her looks. Maybe you guys with tree trunk cocks would be able to fill her canyon of a pussy. As for me, the head on my neck would be a better fit in that hole than the head of my cock.

    One last thing, when she picks up the phone don't expect a real feminine voice. Her voice is deep and harsh. She sounds like 2 Brazilian frogs died violently down her throat.

    I should have stayed home and jacked off.

    If you still are interested in seeing her, her ad is still up at Eros NY. Search Dafne.