Dakar, Senegal/Capetown, South Africa, etc.

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Geezy Muldoon, Sep 4, 2001.

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  1. skagen


    Don't Fool Yourself About HIV/Aids

    ...If you're getting a BBBJ or even FS from a streetwalker anywhere in the North America, you are probably running the same risk. If you see a provider in places with high incidence of IV drug usage eg Vancouver, Seattle, or even good old NYC, you're running a high risk of HIV and hepatitis C. In fact the same goes for Russia, prague etc..

    So beware before you fool yourself about the risk you run in Africa, vs. so called "civilized" places.


    Seriously, I would refrain if I were you and wait until you returned to the States.

    Recently statistics show that 1 in 8 Africans have either AIDS or HIV.

    While you may get lucky, it simply doesn't seem worth it to me.
  3. jras


    bon voyage


    SoAf will afford you with MANY options, a virtual ethnic cornucopia. Addis is a wasteland but trolling for college students in bars might be fun (follow the world sex guide links that Julie's website provides for relatively recent info). But play it safe or don't play at all! Double wrap that rascal ...

  4. Geezy Muldoon

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    Have to travel on business next week to Africa. Lucky me. Think it shouldn't be too much trouble to find something along the lines of what can be had in the U.S. and Europe in Capetown, South Africa due to semi-international status of this city and more "civilized" standards. Am doubtful, however, about Dakar, Senegal and Ethiopia's capitol, where I am more likely to have a few hours to kill. Cannot deal with third world ugliness, truck stop bush whores, near brushes with AIDS, grinding poverty, girls/women who sell their bodies due to physical compulsion, beatings, starvation, etc. (Sensitive soul that I am, it's hard enough for me dealing with the psychological compulsions I have encountered in the U.S.)

    Should I just give it up and bring along the Joyce Carol Oates' books that Candide recommended before she left? Appreciate hearing from anybody with experience in buying commercial sex in Africa.