Dallas' Curvy Courtesans welcomes new and frequent"Guests"

Discussion in 'Texas' started by fannyhillusa, Jun 19, 2001.

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  1. CoachKle


    Joining in late

    I have known Fanny for quiet awhile and she only gets better. I have seen both Suzie and Anna and they are wonderful, Fanny trained them well. LOL.
  2. JeffS


    What is a girl like you doing in a place like this? Good to see you here. Looks like Texas is not getting much play on this board. We need to change that, Ms Hill.

  3. fannyhillusa


    Thanks Tex


    Sorry, I did not see this and am delayed in answering. I try to keep up but sometimes I just forget to stop by.

    Feel free to email me if you have further questions.

    TexasNYer answered the question you had but I will add somethings.

    Suzie is not seeing anyone new right now. I am sorry but with school being back in session, she just has enough time to visit Dallas to keep her regs happy.

    If you are still curious JUST to see what she looks like go to http://www.geocities.com/naughtyninausa and look for the link "Suzie". She is a pretty young lady and I hope she can get to Dallas more regularly in the near future.

    Thank you for asking.

  4. TexasNYer


    shhhh we are trying to keep Suzie a secret!


    Since it looks like Fanny has not responded to you, yet, I will see if I can add a feew comments regarding Suzie.

    Suzie is one of a few young ladies Fanny helped get started. She is 19 (I think just turning 19 as Fanny had said she had to wait untill her Bday to start advertsing, guess she wouldnt take any ladies under 19) and a college student.

    Suzie is in College Station, TX. She and Fanny are sorroity sisters, or were since Fanny has graduated. Suzie was in Dallas working with Fanny this summer and travels to Dallas a few weekends a month. She is a more private type and has quiet a few things on her mind about reviews. LOL. She is a hell cat but Fanny set her up with a few regular clients and she does not often see new people. I was lucky enough to meet her on a dinner date at Fanny's place and she agreed to see me in private. BCD was awesome, I would have never thought such a young lady could be so much fun. I do not remember such skill when I was in school. Tight body with natural large breasts. They seem to be larger than her pics and a nice all over tan. She was alot of fun. Because of her views on reviews (and no it is not because she has anything to hide, except from her family) I will try to be a gentleman and leave it at that.

    I have seen a few of Fanny's ladies both the more public ones on her site and those who tend to be more private. Fanny has yet to introduce me to a bad date.

    I have seen Fanny a number of times too. I am not one of those who only see larger ladies or only thin ladies so I saw Fanny based on recommendations from gentlemen I know. She is one of the best providers I have ever spent time with. Attitude and talent on a scale from one to ten would be way off the scale. She is a gem and Dallas is lucky to have her. She is cool also because she has no hang ups and loves to get kinky. If she knows you and you ask her to recommend someone of a certain body type of attitude, she will only refer the best. Like I said she has never steered me wrong. I have not done the famous two girl show with her and Missy but I can not wait to and get my hands on Missy's 44Hs.

    Hope that helps somewhat.
  5. tuchis



    I read somewhere about Suzie, together with a mention that you had arranged for a meeting of someone else with her.
    Can you tell me anything about her?
    I wish I was into the BBW, because you sound great. I unfortunately am not. I do like slimmer women.
    Is there any website where we can see her?
    What are her rates?
    Is she in dallas regularly?
  6. fannyhillusa


    New Ladies added

    I have some new hotties added to the Curvy Courtesan site. Ya'll should go to take a look and welcome them to the "Demi - Mode"....LOL

    Thanks for such kind and flattering words, gentlemen.

  7. BenzDealer


    Agree 100%

    I personally can be a littel demanding. LOL. Fsnny answers my demands in a nice submissive style and seems to enjoy it. Also, her price for regulars is a good deal. She is full figured and not for everyone but I like it and all of her eh --- ASSets. LOL.

    She has some new ladies on her site that I can not wait to test out.

    I have not done the 2 girl show YET but will review in kind when I do.
  8. BobbaLu


    I saw these ladies together the last time I was in Dallas. The word of the day was "WOW". Both are eager and willing to do whatever would please me. I am not too demanding. I have not seen ladies with attitudes like this in the likes of Chicogo or New York. Beauty and brains, could actually hold a conversation. They allowed me to dine on them but I truely do not think I was near as good at it as they were to eachother, so I let them give me a show. They are very much on the bi side but did not leave me out. They allwed just about, everything covered when it mattered. I enjoyed 3 pops and they were very vocal with theirs.

    I have seen Fanny a number of times and she is my favorite in Texas. She has always been a GFE to me. She is generous with her time and likes to have a good time. Very pretty and accomodating. I have done a few overnights with her and she is quiet the nymph.

    I highly recommend both of these ladies.
  9. fannyhillusa


    2 girl shows

    We would love to show some of our friends a new toy we have. I will be posting new girl /girl pics thhis weekend. Come take a look or better yet come see us in person. 400 for an hour and a half in Dallas / FT Worth. This fee is for this w/e only.
  10. fannyhillusa


    Howdy. Hope it is ok to post a little advert here. No one is talking so at least this is a new post. LOL.

    Fanny Hill of Texas
    THE Woman of Pleasure
    is Proud to Present:

    Curvy Courtesans

    They say everything is big in Texas, and that includes our desire to please YOU!!!

    We are the best reviewed Curvy Companions Texas has to offer. Located in the Dallas / Ft Worth Metroplex and able to travel to and with a properly generous gentleman. You will never forget a night with one or more of these Full Figure temporary girlfriends.

    Whether you desire ample busts (one of the lovelies is a 44H!!!), dangerous curves, blonde, brunette, submissive or dominant... We can give you whatever you dream of.

    Our specialty is making fantasies and reality!!! Role-play is a lot of fun....Wanna play with us?

    Missy is a Botticelli Beauty with long full brunette curls while Fanny is a Ruben's masterpiece with very long thick blonde hair. Why not see for yourself why Renoir loved voluptuous subjects for his art. These Master Painters knew a good thing when they painted their women with lush ample curves.

    Call us today for your date in Heaven, we will treat you like a GOD!!!


    214 693-7867

    curvycourtesan@yahoo.com or fannyhillusa@yahoo.com