DATY and Beards

Discussion in 'New York' started by Monk, May 25, 2001.

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  1. jmp


    Bearded DATYTC

    I've partaken in DATY with several women since growing a beard, and haven't received any complaints. Although I've been with a couple of providers who requested I not go down on them, it wasn't clear whether or not it would have been welcome if I were clean shaven.

    One word of warning. My beard needs a good washing after DATY, especially since I tend to get a bit carried away and it becomes DATYTC. I'm not going home to a wife, so I don't need to be that careful about being discovered. If you've got a woman with a good nose at home, it's probably worth staying clean shaven.
  2. fishfry


    Ah Utopia

    Where else but here can one learn about the physics of eating pussy.

    Another possibility is that maybe the guy smelled bad and she just used his beard as an excuse.
  3. akshun


    Hey Monk. I think it is because the hair (which is usually short) hurts the skin when the beard rubs that sometimes sensitive area. Remember how easy it was to break a pencil when it was new, but after the second break it became very difficult to break? The material didn't change (obviously) but the length did. Now torque (turning force) = length x force. If the amount of torque needed to break a pencil (or deflect a hair strand) remains the same but we DECREASE the length of the pencil (or shave our beards) the amount of force needed to deflect or break the object goes up and it hurts our fingers (with the pencil) or sensitive skin (short hair) Notice the difference before and after you shave next time (sorry if this was a too long/too boring post, but I hope it helps and see what the ladies think). Later.
  4. Monk


    I've read on several boards of providers who allow DATY but not from clients with beards. What gives? Is this a hygiene issue? And if so, why not simply insist that he take a shower and wash it off before?

    What about mustaches? And stubble? Where are the lines girls, girls?

    - Monk
    Thinking of growing one, but not if there are consequences