DDs in Mo-town is dead

Discussion in 'Stripclubs, Strippers and Porn Stars' started by robotboy, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Chaz Palmentary

    Chaz Palmentary

    Not for nothin' but Good Riddence to Bad Rubbish! I never liked this place. The girls never even flashed you. The music was WAY loud, and I like loud music but when your there with a couple of friends and can't even say something without shouting to the top of your lungs, give me a break. Lastly, $35 for a LD. Need I say more.
    Happy Mongering,
  2. jyris


    How about Showplace? It's a lot closer to Morristown than T&A's.
  3. JerseyDan


    You are probably talking about Danielle, blonde, petite, large implants. If it's the same girl I saw here around 3 years ago she was smoking and so is her kitten! She was working at Delilahs Den nude not too long ago.
  4. howdynnj


    I've been there a few times in the last few months, nothing spectacular, but its the only option in the area. There was one dancer who was there the tiems I was there who was very flexible, she's do a split, and some other gymastic moves. Very hot, and very freindly.

    What I didn't like was, it seemed that there were some regulars who would get all the attention, and I'd just be sitting there getting no attention.
    I also didn't like that they weren't even topless, but I guess thats all they could do. I used to love the bartop dancing at T&A in Monsey, but it gradually went downhill, and I understand is now closed.
  5. TNA


    off the list

    been there two times in the last three years... never had a good time. 2 visits doesn't make for a thorough sample but my experience w/ those few visits involved no mileage, and a sh-tload of air... nuff said.

    sports bar now? good riddance!
  6. robotboy


    not that it's any great loss to the wandering horndogs, but DDs in morristown has given up and will convert back to a sports bar. Place was never that good from the few times I had been there, and the township just worked them over mercilessly. they added rock and hip hop shows which turned out to be fiascos. anyway, cross one off the list.