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  1. paladin


    Multiples are possible

    Through Tantric sex techniques the male can learn how to have very intense orgasms without ejaculating. However, and I really mean however, it take a lot of time and discipline to learn the techniques and it helps when your partner is aware of what you're trying to do and assists. Consider this an "advanced" technique that is not for the casual hobbiest.

    Incidentally, when you have an orgasm this way, you often feel more energized and ready to go again rather than the more common slump that usually follows an ejaculation.

    Happy orgasms to you all...

  2. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    I read about a technique where men can train themselves to have a series of small orgasms without ejaculating, this apprently cant be repeated several times in a session until you are ready to blow. As for me, I have found that if I can be brought or bring myself to the point of ejaculation( communication helps here if you are with someone) and then stop cold until the urge passes, I can then last almost as long as I want to( unless I am with my favorite who insists on quantity over quality).
    take care
  3. justme

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    Not a doorman either.
  4. Bill Furniture

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    Man Threatened By Handjob!

    News at 11!
  5. Slinky Bender

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    "she can threaten me with a handjob"

    She wouldn't happen to be a concierge, would she ?
  6. justme

    justme <i>pop and click tainted</i> Vinyl ( is dead )

    How to manage? Simple enough, you feel yourself starting to come and you slow down or stop.

    I frequent one and gone women for the most part so orgasm management is essential to my getting my money's worth. Sometimes the woman will get a little upset if she realizes what you're up to and you have to be a little insistant. I have a regular providor that has learned that she can threaten me with a handjob to encourage me to hurry up.

    Some people like to masterbate before hand to last longer, but I find that technique usually diminishes the quality of the session.
  7. Carl M

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    Right on the Mark!

    Zuggy you hit it on the head. Thats true GFE if I ever saw one!!
  8. Troutman

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    I have to agree, provided it's freshly ground beans... I tend to find far too many things to do to waste all that time persuing an orgasm. That, pardon the pun, is icing on the cake. The greatest orgasm is the one that takes hours to allow.
  9. JRZug


    I love to have sex. Really. Orgasm, while it makes nice punctuation, isn't what I'm after. Can do that myself, after all. But it interferes, I find, with having sex, particularly with professionals, and especially if you are a freak like I am that will gladly see half a dozen pros in one day.

    Funny thing, I come, the girl wants to stop having sex. Get up, go spit, clean up, remove condom, wander off for ten minutes and return with a cold towel... haven't they ever heard of cuddling?

    Even if the girl is willing, a "second cup" sort, I'm off duty for five or ten minutes; not long really, unless you specialize in half hour sessions. Takes me twenty minutes to get off first time, five minutes of "too sensitive" and even if we start again, thats only five minutes till the knock at the door. And since most ladies that first twenty minutes really was 10 minutes of warmup before action really started, we're looking at 5 or ten minutes out of the 20 minute possible sex time spent in down time mode!

    Add to that my "refraction period" when I'm not capable of orgasm regardless of stimulus; about half an hour (more likely 45 minutes, but a half hour is possible) and you can see that the "two cups of coffee" idea requires multiple hours to pull off under optimal circumstances. Further, when I've tried it, I inevitably find it takes me longer than expected to go the first time!

    Much better, as far as I'm concerned, is not to come until its time to go. One cup of coffee, I'll linger over it, enjoy it, savor it, make it last, rather than bolting it down hardly tasting it in the hopes that I can get another made and poured and swigged down quick on top of the first.

    How to manage this? We'll start with your ideas, its late, I'm off to bed.