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    From that bastion of liberal lies, according to some RWUG shitheads.

    The Daily Muck

    By Paul Kiel | bio

    The Washington Post goes front page today with the only Democrat on the Grand Ole Docket: Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), the “bi” in this “bipartisan scandal” you’ve been hearing about.

    Things do not look good for Rep. Jefferson. A former aide of his, Brent Pfeffer, has already pleaded guilty to bribing him and will be sentenced next month. He will be cooperating with prosecutors. In addition to that, another player in the case apparently wore a wire.

    Jefferson faces an almost certain indictment if he does not plead guilty first, and the Post reports that “a plea agreement with the lawmaker is being explored."

    Simply put, Jefferson offered to a help a business deal along in exchange for a cut. Pfeffer’s company was doing business in Nigeria; Jefferson’s part of the deal was to help ensure a loan from the Import-Export Bank of the United States and meet with Nigerian officials. In exchange, he wanted 5 to 7 percent of the Nigerian company and a family member on the payroll for about $2,500 to $5,000 a month.

    Jefferson represents a district of New Orleans, and his troubles are sure to make 2006 an even more interesting race down there: