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    Thanks Kman...

    This is good stuff. I'm planning on traveling to this area in the next year or so, and this information will come in very handy.
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    Thought I might as well give you all some information on where I am living right now. So here is the quick down and dirty. You have a couple of places to go for information. Further on names in brackets are the Danish spellings or pronunciations.

    Denmark is made up of many islands and a mainland. You have the mainland named Jutland (Jylland), the middle main island called Funin (Fyn) and Zealand (Sjælland). Copenhagen (København) is on Zealand; Odense (where Hans Christian Andersen is from) is on Fyn.

    Starting in Zealand there is a red light district, but not really. It is really a street behind the main rail station that has porno shops.

    I really do not understand why anyone would want to go to any windows there anyway, as prostitution is legal here. The exact wording of the law is opaque though. It says that prostitution is legal, but the selling of it and the purchasing of it are illegal. In real practice it is legal, but pimping is what is illegal. You are not allowed to make a living off of anyone else. Effectively, the providers are all independent, which I sincerely like.

    Almost every town here has at least one brothel. Some are brothels for a woman who is there permanently, but in most cases, a woman has a two week rotation. She works 3 or four days a week in different houses in different towns. You will eventually get the schedules if you read the newspaper often enough. In fact, the town I am living in, which is basically small, has 9 houses. But the brothel is for that one woman only for that day. There are no multiple woman places unless advertised.

    Bigger cities have more houses and selections, naturally.

    If you go into a house, you will see a sign that says either Fri (free) or Optaget (pronounced up-tay-yet which means busy). If the girl is busy, you are free to wait your turn and have a cup of coffee while you wait. If someone comes in and sees you waiting, he’ll say (Undskyld) which means excuse me, and walk out. Normal operating hours are from 11 to 11

    Prices are usually in the neighborhood of DKK 1,600 for an hour (which was a deal when the exchange rate was 9:1. Now it is 6.8:1) Almost everyone in Denmark speaks English so there are no problems (which is good, because I have been living here over a year and my Danish is piss-poor. I can basically go to a restaurant and a store without embarrassment).

    Sources to use are as your starting point. You will get pictures of who is working that day, but it is not 100% reliable. However, you get to see who is probably working in a house or who is open for outcall.

    Once you have perused the above website, check the bible of who is DEFINITELY working at Then youc an compare the one site against the other. Ekstra Bladet (pronounced extra blel) is the main tabloid newspapers, and all the providers advertise where they will be that day. Select their massage and escort section, select the town you will be in, and hit Søg (Search). Tip though – You need to type in the name of the town the way it is spelled in Danish. Copenhagen will return no results. You need to use the extra Å å, Æ æ, Ø ø that are in the Danish language

    Just some terms:

    Babser, Bryster, Barm = Breast
    Pige (pronounced Pee-ye) = girl/woman
    Piger = women
    Misse or Missekat = pussy or pussycat
    Oplevelser = release
    Hygge = cozy

    One of the providers that I have seen also has a website which is http:// She rocks my world (But don’t ask me why there is a space in the web address.

    Anyway, that is the quick down and dirty. If anyone wants more details, let me know.