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  1. The_Enigmatist


    I travel to Denver every now and again and have searched for Denver boards. The Other Board is the best of the lot at this point. While the reviews are pre-moderated, there is discussion and I have seen negative reviews, etc. is pre-moderated, but doesn't allow ANY details most of the time so is mostly worthless and on top of that, the moderator tends to delete negative things about his advertisors. has very few posts, but the info seems decent when you can find a review.

    There have been a number of reviews of Taylor, all very positive. A review and Ashley and Taylor together was also positive and indicated that Ashley does bbbj, which Taylor does not.
  2. keenez


    Was in Denver for some business and went looking for some action. Found a review board:
    I was skeptical about their reviews since they're moderated.

    Shelley of Xandria's playground immediately caught my eye. After a couple of attempts to set up an appointment, I was told she probably wouldn't be working for a while (I don't think she was busted). Was offered an available girl but the only other girl I wanted from this agency was Samantha and she was booked.

    Went searching and found an agency girl recently gone independent.

    Young, blonde, D's, my kind of girl. She's a bit tall (5'11). I make an appointment and we laugh a little since her spot is just around the corner from my hotel. I get there and I'm shocked at how beautiful she is. Her face is hidden in her photos but she's more beautiful than they suggest. We do some talking. She's intelligent. She designed the layout of her web site, how the photos should look, etc .... (not the "actual" work but design and feel). Others could take lessons from her web-site layout.

    We move to the bedroom. Lots of DFK. MSOG, CBJ, no greek but russian is on the menu.

    It was an intro special of $$.5. If she was in NY, she would be high-end. She's highly recommended.