Diamonds in Port Chester??

Discussion in 'Stripclubs, Strippers and Porn Stars' started by fishfry, Mar 30, 2001.

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  1. robnotbob


    Living in Westchester I often read about the protests in front of the place and the Port Chester higher ups threatening to close it.

    Take a ride to Lace/Stiletto's in Nyack or T&A's in Monsey. All are over the TZ, but (atleast at Lace and Stiletto's) the girls are friendly the drinks are (relative to NYC) inexpensive. Lace topless, Stiletto's full nude.

    No extras AFAIK.
  2. tomatch


    Diamond Club

    Was once a great place where anything could happen (and often DID - I can attest). They lost their liquor license almost 2 years ago and went all nude - things got even wilder!!! However, 2 months ago they were busted and while they remain open I have heard (have not personally been there since) that its air only and most of the hotties have left. These reports come via another board see

    I've heard that no touching policy is now strictly enforced. I doubt anything has changed in a short period but they have been busted before and came back after a while with more liberal policies- but it still may be too soon. If you go please provide an updated status report. The champagne room used to be crazy where hr & sometimes bj was avail. Even the regular lap dance area had lots of mutual promise depending on the individual girl. (Memories!!) Can get expensive also - but WAS worth it back then.

    They also have always had protestors outside at all hours (its not in a residential nabe. but in a shopping ctr.) who sometimes threatened to write down lic. plates (Big Deal!!) Anyway, good luck. Let us know what you find.
  3. fishfry


    A buddy invited me there next week. He says it's a great place. Anybody know anything about it?