Disappointing Potential Clients

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by candie, Jul 17, 2001.

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  1. Slinky Bender

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    Hell, I've seen this thread half a dozen times and still keep waiting for it to turn into that !
  2. wsb


    I actually thought this thread was going to be about clients being disappointed upon meeting certain providers (either in their looks, service or both). Oh well...

  3. Re: Rosie

    There's nothing wrong with impulse buying; I'm actually a very big fan because this way I don't have to go through any conscience-wrestling exercises. It's just a matter of a simple, straightforward goal--getting laid--and a variety of strategies and tactics with which to accomplish it.

    The waiting is something I've never been particularly good at. But to echo FF's most recent post : who says you've gotta keep it in your pants?
  4. fishfry


    When I get horny my friend Rosie Palm is on call 24 hours a day on very short notice. And the price is right.
  5. JackStraw


    It's all in the timing - I guess

    For some of us, who are used to the agencies, scheduling more than an hour or so in advance is a new experience.
    Also, summer schedules can be a bit more complicated with vacations et al.
    Guess we all just have to be patient and have a sense of humor about these things.
  6. Tankcommander


    And, what about your dick's neigbor?

    The big *sshole....LOL
  7. Bill Furniture

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    Sometimes my penis will go out for a drive looking for some trim and return home at all hours of the night. One time it had a "head" ache and said the night sucked. He said he was given the shaft and was sick of the 2 nuts who always hang out with him.
  8. nj george

    nj george

    also speaking as someone who has alot of experience in the care and maintainence of a penis, many times i have tried to book with a provider on short notice(some touring, some local) only to be told that there were no openings for my requested time. normally i just shrug my shoulders and move on as i knew going in that there was only a small chance of the girl being available. if anybody takes this "rejection" personally the problem is with them and not with you. try not to let it bother you. unfortunately in this business it is impossible to make everyone happy all of the time. in this situation it is up to the client to try to be more understanding.

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  9. Carl M

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    TNS try this!

    Try my buddy OP, he is good for locating places especially Brooklyn/Queens areas, plus he ias cheapskate- LOL, so you will get a good deal blonde11747@yahoo.com
  10. TuckernotSucker



    Speaking of urges like that, I am trying as I type to line up some activity for late tonight. So Far striking out. But there is always incall houses. Do you know any that are open after 11PM?
  11. Body2see



    giggles....I can understand where you are cumming from.
    Big H&K, B2S
  12. fishfry


    Speaking as the longtime owner/operator of a penis, I can understand how men get a sudden need at the last minute. It's not at all like, "next week I need to get the car washed."

    It's more like they're sitting there thinking of their job or their tax return or their golf game and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, comes this sudden urge for SEX RIGHT NOW!

    And of course with a busy high-end escort, you always need to book in advance and then keep it in your pants till then. So it's a miracle anytime a horny male and a busy escort can hook up.

    That said, there's nothing anybody can do. If he wants to see you he'll get a clue and book ahead. If he can only see somebody on extremely short notice, he'll have to hit one of the always-open incall places.

  13. Body2see


    Don't worry be happy

    Some things are better off waited for. The anticipation can be very stimulating. Maybe your friends that keep missing you, will book as soon you speak of the dates.
    No assembly line nessary, and I am sure that these people are grateful that you don't keep their info around , god forbid someone else would find it.
    Be well sexy lady.

  14. candie


    Its really very frustrating when a potential client gets in touch with a provider to late. This was the third time for this gentleman.

    Some men take this very personally. I feel I am caught in the middle and once again not understood.

    I feel badly but what can I do ? I dont like hounding clients therefore I dont keep lists of who hadn't booked with in a city I am in, but is it my lack of finese that I fail to make it an asembly line? I am sure we would of hit it off nicely but I did not see his email till I was booked!

    venting or ovulating...